Using Thinkific with Invoicebus


Thinkific is an online platform that helps businesses create, market, and deliver courses to their customers or students. It provides tools for course creation, automated payment processing, user management, and more. With Thinkific’s easy-to-use features, businesses can quickly create engaging learning experiences for their customers. 

Invoicebus is an online invoicing service designed to help businesses manage their billing and payments processes efficiently. It simplifies the process of creating invoices and tracking payments by providing a simple interface that allows users to easily manage their invoices with minimal effort. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with Thinkific, so businesses are able to automate the entire process from start to finish without having to manually track invoices or payments. 

Using Invoicebus in conjunction with Thinkific makes it easier for businesses to manage their payment processes efficiently, as all transactions are handled automatically through the integration between the two services. 

This eliminates any manual labor associated with managing payments as well as potential errors that may arise from manual data entry and tracking. Furthermore, Invoicebus also provides detailed reports on each transaction, which can be used for analysis purposes such as identifying trends in customer spending habits and improving the overall financial performance of the business


What is Invoicebus? 

Definition of Invoicebus: 

Invoicebus is an online invoicing platform that allows users to easily create, send and manage invoices for their business transactions. It integrates seamlessly with Thinkific, allowing users to quickly and easily generate invoices within the course builder. 

Explanation of how Invoicebus works: 

Invoicebus makes it easy for Thinkific admins to generate custom invoices within their course builder. Once created, they can then send the invoice via email directly from the platform or download a PDF version to print out or save as a record of the transaction. They can also track payments and view payment history in one place, simplifying the process of managing finances. 

Additionally, Invoicebus features automated reminders allowing users to set up regular reminders for overdue payments so they can stay on top of their financial commitments without manually keeping track of them.


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Benefits of using Invoicebus in Thinkific 

Easy and Automated Payment Processing

Invoicebus simplifies the payment process through its easy-to-use platform. It integrates with several payment gateways, allowing users to quickly and securely pay their invoices online. Additionally, it has an automated system that can be used to set up recurring billing and payments so that businesses don’t have to manually manage them each month.

Streamlined Invoicing and Billing: 

Invoicebus streamlines the entire invoicing process. It generates professional invoices in minutes, eliminating the need for manual data entry or paper invoices. Additionally, it allows users to easily customize their invoices with branding elements such as logos and colors. Furthermore, invoice tracking is simple, with real-time updates on payments received, which helps businesses stay organized and efficient. 

Improved Financial Tracking and Reporting: 

Using Invoicebus in Thinkific provides improved financial tracking capabilities so businesses can better track their finances throughout the year. It offers detailed reports on sales trends, unpaid invoices, taxes paid, expenses incurred and more. This helps businesses make informed decisions about their finances while also providing insight into how they are performing financially over time.


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How to integrate Invoicebus with Thinkific

Step-by-step guide for integration:

  1. To start the process, you’ll need to log in to your Thinkific account and navigate to the Payments tab.
  2. Then click on the “Connect” button next to the Invoicebus option, which will take you directly to their website.
  3. On this page, you’ll be asked for some basic details about your business such as name, address, contact number, and email address.
  4. Once these have been entered and verified by Invoicebus, they’ll provide you with a unique API key that can be used to connect your Thinkific account with their service.
  5. Back in the Payments tab of your Thinkific admin panel, paste this API key into the designated field and hit “Save” so that it’s enabled.
  6. You’re now all set up to use Invoicebus within Thinkific! 

Customization options for Invoicebus in Thinkific: 

With this integration comes some extra customization options available through Invoicebus, which can further enhance how payments are handled within your courses or membership sites hosted on Thinkific. 

These include setting up custom payment pages where customers can make one-off purchases or subscription payments with ease; customizing automatic invoices; creating discount codes; setting up customer notifications; tracking customer orders; as well as being able to accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal and Stripe


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Best Practices for Using Invoicebus with Thinkific 

Setting up Payment Reminders and Notifications: 

  • Automatically send payment reminders to your customers before their payment is due.
  • Utilize custom notification messages to remind customers of the upcoming payment deadline. 
  • Schedule notifications ahead of time to ensure they are received in a timely manner.

Managing Recurring Payments and Subscriptions: 

  • Set up recurring payments or subscriptions that can be automatically charged each month or year. 
  • Create customized plans that will fit your customer’s needs, such as monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. 
  • Automatically charge customers for any new products or services that are added to their subscription plan.

Handling Refunds and Chargebacks: 

  • Easily process refunds using Invoicebus’ simple refund system. 
  • Quickly handle chargebacks by tracking them in real-time and taking the necessary action to resolve the dispute efficiently.   


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Pricing and plans for using Invoicebus with Thinkific

Overview of pricing and plans for Invoicebus: 

  • Invoicebus is a cloud-based invoicing platform that integrates seamlessly with Thinkific. 
  • It offers three different subscription plans—Starter, Pro, and Business—so users can choose the best plan for their business needs. 
  • Each plan has its own features and benefits, such as custom invoices, unlimited team members, payment reminders, automated billing, and more.

Comparison of features and benefits: 

  • The Starter plan includes all the basic features, such as creating unlimited invoices, sending automated payment reminders to customers, tracking payments in real-time, and more. 
  • The Pro plan adds additional features, such as customizable invoice templates and unlimited team members access to customer data and sales reports. 
  • The Business Plan provides even more advanced features, including automatic recurring billing for subscriptions or memberships; custom branding on invoices; integration with third-party tools like QuickBooks Online; priority support from the Invoicebus team; and much more.


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Using Invoicebus with Thinkific provides numerous advantages, including improved security, simplified currency conversion, automated payments, and real-time notifications. These features make it easier to keep track of registered students and their payments while ensuring secure transactions. 

In order to get the most out of your experience with Invoicebus and Thinkific, there are some best practices you should follow, such as setting up automatic billing reminders for upcoming courses in order to ensure that they don’t miss any important deadlines or payment windows. Additionally, make sure to periodically review reports generated by both systems in order to stay on top of any changes or discrepancies. 

Invoicebus is a great way to simplify your payment management process when using Thinkific. By incorporating this tool into your platform, you will be able to reduce administrative tasks associated with collecting payments from students while making sure all transactions are secure and successful.

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