Unlocking Courses in Thinkific By Date: A Step-by-Step Guide 


Are you looking for an easy way to unlock your Thinkific courses on a specific date? Then this guide is perfect for you! 

Thinkific is a powerful online course platform allowing users to easily create, market, and sell their courses. With its built-in drip scheduling feature, it’s also possible to automatically unlock your courses by calendar date so that students can only access them when the correct date arrives. 

In this article, we’ll walk through step-by-step how to set up a drip schedule by date in Thinkific so you can start unlocking your courses at the right time.


How to Set Up a Drip Schedule by Date in Thinkific 

Now that you know what Thinkific is and what a drip schedule is, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to set up a drip schedule by date in Thinkific. Here are the five steps you need to follow: 

Step 1: Log into your Thinkific Account

This step is self-explanatory – just head over to your account page on the Thinkific website and log in using your credentials

Step 2: Choose the Course You Want to Unlock and Select “Drip” from the Menu

Once logged in, select the course you want to unlock by date from your list of courses and then click the “Drip” button at the top of the page. 

Step 3: Select “By Date” from the Options List

Next, select “By Date” from the options list next to each lesson or module within your course content area. This will enable you to set a specific start/end date for each section to be unlocked for students. 


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Step 4: Enter Your Desired Start/End Dates for Your Course Unlocking Periods

Once you’ve selected “By Date” as an option, enter both start/end dates for when each section should become available (or not) for students enrolled in that particular course section or module

Step 5: Save Your Changes and Preview Your Settings Before Publishing The Course! 

Before publishing any changes on this page, save them first (by clicking ‘Save’ at the bottom). Then preview your settings again before officially pushing it live, so everything looks correct and ready to go! 

Unlocking Courses in Thinkific By Date: Conclusion

This article discussed setting up a drip schedule in Thinkific by date. We went over the five steps required to set up your course unlock periods: 

  1. logging into your Thinkific account; 
  2. selecting the course, you want to unlock and choosing “Drip” from the menu; 
  3. selecting “By Date” from the options list; 
  4. entering desired start/end dates for your course unlocking periods; and 
  5. saving changes and previewing settings before publishing. 

With these steps in mind, you can easily set up a drip schedule in Thinkific by date so that students can access courses when they should! 


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