Thinkific vs Gumroad


Thinkific is an all-in-one platform for creating, marketing, and selling online courses. It offers powerful course creation tools, multimedia support, quizzes, surveys, and payment processing capabilities. Gumroad is a digital product distribution platform that enables users to easily sell their digital products, such as ebooks, videos, music files, software applications, etc. 

This article aims to compare two popular course creation platforms – Thinkific vs Gumroad – with regard to their features and pricing. The goal of this comparison is to help users decide which platform best suits their needs when it comes to creating and selling online courses.


Course Creation and Management 

When it comes to course creation and management features, both Thinkific and Gumroad offer a wide range of options to their users. Here is a comparison of the main tools they provide:

Course Templates: 

Thinkific provides an array of customizable templates to help you quickly create your online courses, while Gumroad has limited course templates that are not as customizable.

Multimedia Support: 

Both platforms support multimedia content such as images, audio files, and video files. However, Thinkific allows for more multimedia options compared to Gumroad.

Quizzes and Surveys: 

Thinkific offers powerful quiz and survey-building tools with various customization settings, while Gumroad only has basic quiz creation capabilities.

Overall, Thinkific provides more comprehensive course creation and management features than Gumroad does.


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Design and Customization Options 

Both Thinkific and Gumroad provide a range of design and customization options for their users. Here is a comparison of the two platforms: 


Thinkific provides a wide range of design options, including custom course landing pages, customizable themes, page builders, and site branding tools. It also allows users to easily edit HTML/CSS code to customize their sites even further.


Gumroad offers its users access to basic customization tools such as customizing landing pages and product images. They also offer limited HTML/CSS editing capabilities for more advanced customization needs. 

Overall, Thinkific provides more comprehensive design and customization options than Gumroad does. Users who require more advanced design capabilities will be better served by using Thinkific over Gumroad.


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Marketing and Sales 

Tools When it comes to marketing and sales, both Thinkific and Gumroad offer a variety of tools for promoting courses and products. Here is a comparison of the main features offered by each platform:


Thinkific provides a range of powerful marketing tools, including email automation, coupon codes, upsells, affiliate programs, drip campaigns, integrated payment gateways, and more. It also offers detailed analytics for tracking course performance.


Gumroad has basic marketing capabilities such as discount codes and referral links. It also allows users to create custom landing pages for their products or courses. However, when it comes to automated emails or advanced analytics, Gumroad does not have the same level of features that Thinkific offers. 

Overall, Thinkific is the clear winner in terms of marketing and sales tools due to its comprehensive suite of features that can help you promote your courses or products effectively.


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Pricing and Revenue Share 

When it comes to pricing and revenue share models, both Thinkific and Gumroad have different approaches. Here is a breakdown of their respective plans:


Thinkific offers multiple pricing plans, ranging from free to premium options. The free plan has limited features but provides the basics needed for course creation and management. The premium plans offer more features, such as advanced customization, video hosting, quizzes & surveys, memberships & bundles, etc., at an additional cost. In terms of revenue share models, Thinkific takes a small percentage of each sale (3-5%), depending on the plan chosen.


Gumroad is focused primarily on selling digital products like ebooks, music albums, films/videos, software licenses, etc., rather than online courses. It offers flexible pricing options with no commission fees or subscription costs for sellers. However, in terms of the revenue share model, Gumroad takes 8-12% from each sale depending on the volume sold per month. 

Overall both platforms offer different approaches when it comes to pricing and revenue share models so it ultimately comes down to what best fits your requirement needs.


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Thinkific and Gumroad are both popular online course platforms, but they have different features and capabilities. Thinkific is focused on creating, marketing, and selling courses online, while Gumroad is focused on selling products such as digital downloads, physical goods, memberships, and subscription services. Both platforms allow users to customize their own checkout pages, manage payments securely through third-party processors such as Stripe or PayPal, and offer various pricing plans with varying levels of features included in each plan. 

When deciding which platform to use for your online course needs, it’s important to consider what you need from the platform in terms of features and pricing. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for creating courses with powerful customization options for branding and marketing purposes, then Thinkific may be the better option. However if you’re more interested in simply selling digital downloads or physical goods without needing to create an entire course structure around them, then Gumroad might be the better choice.

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