Analyzing Thinkific’s Impressive Revenue Growth: A Closer Look at the Numbers


Thinkific is a rapidly growing online course platform offering many features for creating, marketing, and selling online courses. Founded in 2012, Thinkific has already established itself as a leading player in the industry by providing a comprehensive suite of tools, including course creation, multimedia support, quizzes, and surveys.

Frequent updates to revenue figures are essential to track the growth of any business, and Thinkific is no exception. By evaluating its annual revenue, we can examine the progress that Thinkific has made since its founding and gain valuable insights into the company’s future. 

Through this analysis, we can better understand the key drivers of Thinkific’s success and the strategies that have enabled it to experience such impressive growth.


Thinkific’s Revenue Growth in 2022

Thinkific experienced impressive growth in revenue in 2022, increasing 35% to $51.5 million. This growth is particularly noteworthy as it represents a return to pre-pandemic revenue levels. 

Factors Driving Revenue Growth

1. Year-over-year Growth in ARPU

Year-over-year Average Revenue per User (ARPU) growth was key to Thinkific’s revenue growth in 2022. ARPU increased by 75%, with growth across all customer sizes. This is indicative of the increasing customer base that is being acquired by Thinkific, as well as their ability to monetize these users.

2. Year-over-year Growth in Total Paying Customers

Another key factor driving Thinkific’s impressive revenue growth is the year-over-year growth in their total number of paying customers. Total paying customers grew by 35% across all customer sizes. This indicates that Thinkific is expanding its presence in the online education space and can maintain its customer base.


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Analysis of Thinkific’s Revenue Increase

Thinkific’s ARPU (average revenue per user) has shown impressive growth over the past few years. This is largely attributed to introduction of new features and pricing plans that have enabled the platform to transition away from the more traditional one-time payment model and towards a subscription-based system. This has enabled Thinkific to capture recurring customer revenue, thus boosting ARPU.

Impact of Total Paying Customers on Revenue 

The total number of paying customers also contributes to Thinkific’s revenue growth. The potential for increased revenue is vast as more users join the platform. This is because there is a larger pool of potential customers to market to, and the company can also capture more recurring revenue from subscribers.

Comparison with Previous Years’ Revenue Growth 

Thinkific’s year-over-year revenue growth has far surpassed most other industry players. In 2020, the platform achieved a 39% increase in revenue over the previous year. This impressive growth rate can be attributed to a combination of factors, such as introducing new features, subscription-based pricing plans, and increasing the total number of users.

Factors Influencing Thinkific’s Revenue

Expansion of Customer Base

Thinkific has experienced sustained and impressive revenue growth over the past few years, and expanding the customer base has been one of the most significant factors contributing to this growth. 

Through the launch of new features, product enhancements, and marketing and promotional strategies, Thinkific has attracted more customers and converted them into paying users. 

New Features and Product Enhancements

Another factor influencing Thinkific’s revenue is the introduction of new features and product enhancements. These include offering niche-specific plans, providing course bundles, enabling course authoring tools, and developing a range of integrations. These features have been designed to meet the customer’s specific needs and help them achieve their online course goals.

Marketing and Promotional Strategies

The marketing and promotional strategies employed by Thinkific have also been instrumental in driving revenue growth. 

These strategies include online advertising campaigns, SEO optimization, content marketing, user engagement campaigns, and email marketing. All of these strategies have been successful in driving more customers and encouraging them to purchase their courses. 


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Future Growth Potential for Thinkific

The online learning and education market is projected to grow rapidly over the coming years. Thinkific is well positioned to take advantage of this growth, as they have already seen significant revenue growth in the past few years. 

The company can capitalize on the increasing demand for online courses by focusing on product innovation, expanding its customer base, and entering new markets. Additionally, there is potential for Thinkific to expand its offering to cover hybrid learning experiences, ranging from in-person classes to virtual and online courses.

Thinkific is in a competitive market and must continue differentiating its offering to succeed. The company is currently positioned as a comprehensive e-learning platform, providing users with tools for creating, marketing, and selling courses. To remain competitive, Thinkific will need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to product features, pricing, and customer service.

Thinkific should consider expanding into new markets or customer segments to drive revenue growth. The company could partner with educational institutions or corporations to provide customized course offerings or expand its product offering to include enterprise or B2B solutions. 

Additionally, Thinkific could consider expanding into new geographic markets, such as Asia or Latin America, where online learning is a rapidly growing industry.


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Thinkific has seen impressive revenue growth in the past year, with the total recorded revenue increasing by over 65% from 2021 to 2022. This was mainly driven by an increase in new users, which increased by 87% and contributed to a 64% increase in the total number of active users. Additionally, there was an increase in course enrollments of 65% and an increase in the total number of customers by 38%.

With the continued advances in technology and the continued growth of the online learning market, Thinkific has the potential for further growth. The company has already increased its presence in the market by expanding into other languages and offering more flexible course options. 

As long as Thinkific continues to offer high-quality services and remains competitive in the market, its revenue growth should remain strong.

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