Thinkific Banner Image Size 


Thinkific is the ideal platform for creating and marketing online courses. Not only does it simplify course creation and registration, but it also ensures your students get the best experience possible with features such as custom banner images. Banner image size should be taken into consideration when creating a course offered on Thinkific so that your course looks great and functions properly on multiple devices, including tablets and phones. 


Banner Image Size for Thinkific 

Optimal Sizing 

When setting up a new course page on Thinkific, designing attractive banners can have a great impact on how your content looks to prospective customers. The optimal size for the header or banner images appearing at the top of each course page is 2000 x 600 pixels, which will look sharp across any device or screen resolution used by learners to access your material. 

Reasons to Adjust Images 

You may want to adjust this size if you are utilizing very specific images that don’t fit within these parameters; however, it’s important to ensure these changes still make sense from an aesthetic standpoint so that potential students are not turned off before they even start learning about your content. Additionally, cropping an image too tightly could leave details missing which defeats the purpose of choosing a carefully selected photo in the first place.


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Working with Banner Images in Thinkific 

Customizing the Appearance in Thinkific Backgrounds and Banners 

As a Thinkific expert, I have found that customizing course page backgrounds and banners is one of the most effective ways to make your courses stand out. By using different colors, fonts, and images on each course page, you can create an eye-catching unique look that will draw people in. 

To get started with this process, you’ll first want to select an image size that works well with your particular course page layout. Depending on how long or short your header/footer areas are, it’s important to choose an image size that won’t be cropped or distorted when displayed in these areas. 

Finding the Right Image Sizes for Thinkific Course Pages 

When choosing which image sizes work best for each of your course pages, I suggest experimenting with a few different options until you find the perfect fit. You should also take into account any elements (such as text headers or footers) which may need to be adjusted so as not to overlap with your images.

It’s always a good idea to use high-quality images as well – there are lots of free stock photo websites out there, so finding great-looking images shouldn’t be too difficult! Once you’ve settled on a few sizes that work well across all devices, it’s time to move on to optimizing them for maximum impact. 


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When it comes to optimizing images specifically for Thinkific platforms, there are a few things that can help ensure they look their best no matter what device they’re viewed from. First off, save them in either JPG or PNG format since those tend to load quicker and have sharper edges than other formats like GIFs or TIFFS.

 Additionally, compress them before uploading by reducing resolution and file size while simultaneously preserving image quality; this helps optimize page loading times while ensuring the visuals remain sharp and appealing! 

Once uploaded onto your course pages, be sure to adjust contrast and brightness levels if needed before publishing – this ensures the colors display accurately across all devices. Finally, don’t forget about alt text – adding keywords here will help sites like Google accurately identify what your pictures represent (improve SEO!).

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