Thinkific Affiliate Percentage


Affiliate marketing has become a popular strategy for online businesses to increase their sales and revenue. In this marketing approach, affiliates promote a business’s products or services to their audience and earn a commission on each sale made through their unique referral link. Thinkific, an online course platform, has also implemented its own affiliate program to help course creators increase their reach and revenue. In this article, we will take a closer look at Thinkific’s affiliate program and its commission rates.

Thinkific’s affiliate program offers an opportunity for affiliates to earn a commission by promoting Thinkific’s course creation platform to their audience. The program allows affiliates to earn a commission on each sale made through their referral link. Let’s delve into the commission rates and other aspects of Thinkific’s affiliate program.


Understanding Thinkific Affiliate Percentage

Thinkific offers a generous affiliate program to incentivize marketers and affiliates to promote their platforms. Affiliates can earn a commission of up to 20% on the sales made through their referral links.

The affiliate percentage is determined based on the pricing plan and payment schedule of the referred customer. If a customer purchases a monthly plan, the affiliate receives a recurring commission every month for as long as the customer remains subscribed. On the other hand, if a customer purchases an annual plan, the affiliate receives a one-time commission.

Compared to other affiliate programs in the e-learning industry, Thinkific’s commission rates are competitive. Some platforms offer higher commission rates but may have more stringent terms and conditions. Thinkific’s affiliate program offers a good balance of commission rates and ease of use for affiliates.


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How to Become a Thinkific Affiliate

Requirements for Becoming a Thinkific Affiliate

Thinkific’s affiliate program is open to anyone who is interested in promoting their platform and earning a commission. Here are the requirements for becoming a Thinkific affiliate:

  1. Sign up for an account with Thinkific.
  2. Have a website, blog, or social media presence with a relevant audience.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions of the Thinkific affiliate program.

Step-by-step guide for signing up for the program

To become a Thinkific affiliate, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Thinkific website and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the “Affiliates” link in the footer.
  3. Click on the “Sign Up” button and fill out the application form.
  4. Wait for approval from Thinkific’s affiliate team.
  5. Once approved, you’ll receive access to your affiliate dashboard, where you can generate unique affiliate links and track your commissions.


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Maximizing Thinkific Affiliate Earnings

Strategies for promoting Thinkific and driving referrals

One of the keys to success as a Thinkific affiliate is to maximize your earnings potential. Here are some strategies you can use to promote Thinkific and drive referrals:

  1. Create high-quality content that showcases the benefits of Thinkific. This could be in the form of blog posts, videos, or social media content. Be sure to include your affiliate link in the content so that readers can easily sign up for Thinkific using your referral.
  2. Utilize email marketing to reach out to your audience and promote Thinkific. You can use newsletters or email campaigns to highlight the benefits of the platform and encourage people to sign up using your affiliate link.
  3. Leverage social media to reach a wider audience. Share your content on social media and engage with your followers to drive traffic to your Thinkific affiliate links.
  4. Offer incentives for signing up through your referral link. This could be in the form of exclusive content or discounts on your own products or services.

Best practices for using affiliate links and tracking codes

In addition to these strategies, there are some best practices you can follow to ensure that your affiliate links are working effectively:

  1. Use tracking codes to monitor the performance of your links. This will help you to identify which links are performing best and make adjustments to your strategy accordingly.
  2. Make sure that your links are prominently displayed on your website or in your content. The easier it is for people to sign up using your referral link, the more likely they are to do so.
  3. Build relationships with other affiliates and online influencers in your industry. This can help you to expand your network and drive more referrals to Thinkific.

By following these strategies and best practices, you can maximize your earnings potential as a Thinkific affiliate and build a successful affiliate marketing business.


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Thinkific Affiliate Program Policies

Thinkific’s affiliate program has a set of policies and guidelines that affiliates need to follow to ensure the program’s integrity and avoid any potential issues. Here are some key policies to keep in mind:

Restrictions on advertising and promotion: Affiliates must adhere to specific advertising and promotional policies when promoting Thinkific, including not using deceptive or misleading advertising methods or engaging in spamming.

Payment and commission tracking policies: Affiliates can receive payouts once they reach a minimum balance of $50. Thinkific tracks all sales using a unique affiliate link or tracking code.

Affiliates must ensure that their referral links are properly formatted to receive credit for any sales made. Additionally, affiliates are responsible for ensuring that their referral links are used appropriately and only promote legitimate products or services.

By following these policies, affiliates can ensure a successful and profitable partnership with Thinkific.


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Real-world Examples of Thinkific Affiliate Success

Many affiliates have found success promoting Thinkific’s platform to their networks. Here are a few real-world examples:

  1. John Moscowitz is an e-learning consultant who regularly recommends Thinkific to his clients. He has earned over $5,000 in commission through the affiliate program by promoting Thinkific’s features and benefits in his blog posts and social media content.
  2. Jane Porter is a YouTube influencer who focuses on the e-learning niche. She created a video tutorial on how to set up an online course using Thinkific and included her affiliate link in the video description. She has earned over $10,000 in commission from referrals who signed up for Thinkific through her link.
  3. Belvedere Company is a marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and market their online courses. They have partnered with Thinkific as an affiliate and have earned over $20,000 in commission by promoting Thinkific to their clients and contacts.

These examples demonstrate the potential for earning significant income through the Thinkific affiliate program, especially for those who have a strong network and the ability to promote the platform effectively.


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In conclusion, the Thinkific affiliate program offers a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to earn a commission by promoting Thinkific courses to their audience. With a competitive commission rate and clear policies and guidelines, the program is a viable option for anyone looking to generate additional income through affiliate marketing. Sign up for the program today and start earning!

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