How to Use Thinkific for Reminders


Reminders play a crucial role in the success of an online course. They can help learners stay on track, remind them of upcoming deadlines and encourage them to engage with the course content. In this article, we will explore the reminder features offered by Thinkific, a popular online course platform.

Thinkific offers a variety of tools to help course creators stay connected with their learners. One of the key features of the platform is the ability to set up automatic reminders for various events throughout the course. These reminders can be sent via email, SMS, or in-app notifications, ensuring that learners never miss an important deadline or update.


Setting Up Reminders in Thinkific

Step-by-step guide for creating reminders in Thinkific

Thinkific has several features that allow you to set up reminders for your online courses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating reminders in Thinkific:

  1. Login to your Thinkific account and go to the “Notifications” tab in the “Settings” section.
  2. Click “New Notification.”
  3. Select “Course Reminder” as the notification type.
  4. Choose the course for which you want to create a reminder.
  5. Choose the time interval for the reminder. You can choose to send reminders before the course starts, during the course, or after the course.
  6. Customize the message for the reminder. You can include variables such as the course name, the student’s name, and the date and time of the course.
  7. Preview the message to ensure it looks and reads the way you want it to.

Customization options for reminders

Customization options for reminders in Thinkific include the ability to add images or files to the reminder, as well as the ability to choose the delivery method for the reminder (email, in-app notification, or both).

Examples of effective reminder messages

Examples of effective reminder messages include personalized messages that use the student’s name and course name, as well as reminders that emphasize the benefits of taking the course or the consequences of not completing it.

Setting up reminders in Thinkific is a straightforward process that can help improve student engagement and completion rates for your online courses.


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Types of Reminders in Thinkific

Thinkific offers different types of reminders to help online course creators stay engaged with their students. These reminders can be automated and customized according to the needs of the course creators. Here are some of the reminders that can be set up in Thinkific:

Course completion reminders

Course completion reminders can be sent to students who have not yet completed their course. These reminders can be scheduled to be sent out at regular intervals, reminding the students to finish their course.

Upcoming course reminders

Upcoming course reminders can be sent out to students who have enrolled in a course that is about to begin. These reminders can include important information about the course, such as the start date, time, and location.

Abandoned cart reminders

Abandoned cart reminders can be sent to students who have added a course to their cart but have not yet completed the checkout process. These reminders can be used to encourage students to complete their purchases and enroll in the course.


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Benefits of Using Reminders in Thinkific

Reminders are a powerful tool for engaging learners and ensuring they complete your course. Here are some of the key benefits of using reminders in Thinkific:

  1. Improved course completion rates: Reminders can help learners stay on track and complete their course in a timely manner. By sending reminders about upcoming deadlines or unfinished modules, you can motivate learners to keep going and finish what they started.
  2. Increased engagement and retention: Regular reminders keep learners engaged with your content and increase the likelihood that they will remember what they have learned. By staying top-of-mind, you can also encourage learners to continue their education with additional courses.
  3. Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty: By sending personalized and timely reminders, you can show learners that you care about their progress and success. This can help build trust and loyalty, leading to positive reviews and referrals for your course.

Overall, using reminders in Thinkific can help you create a more effective and engaging learning experience for your audience.


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Best Practices for Using Reminders in Thinkific

One way to maximize the benefits of using reminders in Thinkific is by following best practices for their use. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Segment your audience for targeted reminders:

Different learners may have different needs and preferences, so consider segmenting your audience to send targeted reminders that speak to their specific interests.

Personalize your reminder messages:

Address learners by name and use language that is friendly and engaging. This can help build a sense of connection and motivate learners to complete their courses.

Time your reminders for maximum effectiveness:

Consider the timing of your reminders to ensure they are sent at a time when learners are most likely to engage with them. For example, sending reminders during the work week may be more effective than on weekends.

By following these best practices, you can increase the effectiveness of your reminders and improve engagement and completion rates for your courses.


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Comparison of Thinkific with Other Platforms for Reminders

When it comes to reminders for online courses, Thinkific is not the only platform that offers this feature. Here are some comparisons with other platforms that also offer reminder options:

Comparison with email marketing platforms:

Email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact can also be used to send reminders for online courses. However, unlike Thinkific, these platforms do not have course completion tracking, which means they cannot automatically send reminders to users who have not completed the course.

Comparison with other online course platforms:

Other online course platforms, such as Udemy or Teachable also offer reminder options. However, the reminder options may not be as comprehensive as those offered by Thinkific. For example, Udemy only sends a reminder email once to users who have not completed the course, while Thinkific allows for more targeted and customized reminders.

Overall, while other platforms may offer similar reminder features, Thinkific’s options and customization capabilities make it a strong choice for those looking to increase course completion rates and engagement.


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Using reminders is essential for any online course to achieve higher completion rates and engagement. With Thinkific’s advanced features for reminders, it is easy to set up and customize various types of reminders, including course completion, upcoming course, and abandoned cart reminders.

By using Thinkific’s reminders, you can increase engagement and retention, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. To maximize the benefits, it is important to segment your audience, personalize your reminder messages, and time your reminders effectively.

When compared with other platforms for reminders, such as email marketing platforms and other online course platforms, Thinkific stands out with its advanced features and ease of use.

Overall, if you want to improve your online course completion rates and engagement, Thinkific’s reminders feature is a must-try.

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