Can You Run Thinkific Courses On An iPad? Exploring the Benefits of Viewing Thinkific Content on Tablet Devices 


As an all-in-one platform for creating, marketing, and selling courses online, Thinkific offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable course creators to easily manage their digital learning products. 

Users can quickly create and launch courses with minimal effort, with an intuitive user interface and an easy setup process. Additionally, Thinkific provides powerful analytics tools to track performance metrics such as student engagement, revenue generated from sales, and time spent on each lesson or module within the course.  

If you’re wondering whether you can access Thinkific content on your tablet, this article is for you! We’ll explore the benefits of viewing Thinkific content on tablet devices like iPads. We will also discuss how you and your students can use tablets effectively to view courses offered through Thinkific. We will highlight some advantages of using tablets for online learning content delivery.


Can Thinkific Run on an iPad or Tablet?

Accessing Thinkific via a Browser

As an online, cloud-based platform, Thinkific can easily access any device with a web browser and internet connection. This includes iPads and other tablet devices, as long as the web browser is current. 

The user interface of Thinkific is optimized for viewing on desktop and mobile browsers so that students can take courses on tablets without issue. Additionally, users can save their progress in the course by creating an account with Thinkific, thus allowing them to pick up where they left off if they switch from one device to another or have to take a break in the middle of a lesson. 

Does Thinkific Have a Mobile or Tablet App?

Currently, there is no dedicated mobile app for accessing Thinkific courses directly through an app store like Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. However, users who would prefer to access their content through an app may be able to do so via third-party applications that integrate with the dashboard of their chosen learning management system (LMS). 

For example, some LMS providers offer apps that allow students to view content from their course library directly within the app while still providing access to the main dashboard whenever needed. 

Limitations to Using an iPad or Tablet with Thinkific 

Although it’s possible to use iPads and tablets for viewing Thinkific courses, there are limitations associated with using these devices due to hardware and software constraints. For example, certain interactive elements, such as quizzes, cannot be completed on tablets due to technical restrictions imposed by Apple’s iOS operating system, which powers most iPad models. 

Additionally, audio/video files may not play correctly, depending on the file format used and whether or not iOS devices support it.


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Benefits of Using iPads and Tablets with Thinkific 

Increased Portability 

One of the main advantages of using iPads and tablets for viewing Thinkific courses is increased portability. Tablets are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be used virtually anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection available. 

With their large display screens and intuitive touch capabilities, tablets offer a more user-friendly experience than traditional desktop computers or laptops. Using devices like these make it easier for students to access content while on the go or in places where they might not have access to a full computer setup. 

Improved Usability Features 

The larger screen sizes of tablets also provide additional usability features such as pinch-to-zoom functionality, allowing users to quickly zoom in and out of sections within courses that may require further detail. Doing so can be especially helpful when viewing text or images too small on smaller devices like smartphones. 

Some Thinkific themes also offer dedicated mobile versions that automatically adjust the layout based on device size so that courses look great no matter what type of device they’re being viewed on.  

Increased Interactivity 

Tablets can also enhance interactivity when taking online courses by allowing students to use their fingers or stylus pens to highlight text, draw diagrams, fill out forms, and more. This added level of interactivity helps keep students engaged throughout their course by providing an immersive learning experience that’s hard to achieve without physical interaction with the content itself. 

More Engaging Learning Experiences 

Finally, iPads and tablets for viewing Thinkific courses also provide more engaging learning experiences due to their larger display screens, making it easier for students to focus on each lesson without distractions from other windows or applications running in the background. 

Additionally, touchscreen capabilities allow users to navigate through lessons easily via taps instead of clicks which can reduce fatigue associated with mouse navigation over extended periods.


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Can You Run Thinkific On An iPad? Conclusion

This article explored the benefits of viewing Thinkific content on tablet devices like iPads. We discussed how tablets could be used effectively to view courses offered through Thinkific and highlighted some advantages of using tablets for online learning content delivery. 

We also examined whether Thinkific can run directly on iPads and other tablet devices. We found that while accessing Thinkific via a web browser is possible, there are certain limitations due to hardware and software constraints. Additionally, users may be able to find third-party apps that integrate with their chosen LMS to access course content from their tablets. 

Finally, viewing Thinkific courses on an iPad or tablet has many advantages compared to a desktop computer or laptop. The convenience of taking your course anywhere, combined with the intuitive user interface, makes it easy for students and instructors.

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