Making a Move: A Step-by-Step Guide for Migrating Your Course to Thinkific


Are you tired of the limitations and high fees of your current online course platform? Do you want to switch to a more user-friendly and cost-effective alternative? 

If you’re looking for a platform that offers more customization and control over your course content, Thinkific might be the solution you’ve been searching for. This step-by-step guide will show you how to transfer your course from Teachable to Thinkific. 

We’ll explore the differences between these two popular course platforms, discuss the benefits of moving, and provide an overview of the migration process. Whether you’re a seasoned course creator or a newbie, this guide will help you seamlessly transition to your new home for online courses.


Pre-Migration Steps

1. Create a Thinkific Account

The first step in the migration process is to create a Thinkific account. You can do this by visiting the Thinkific website and signing up for a new account. Thinkific offers a free trial period, which allows you to test the platform and get a feel for its features and functionality.

2. Export Course Content from Teachable

The next step is to export your course content from Teachable. To do this, log in to your Teachable account and navigate to the course you want to migrate. Select ” Settings ” from the course dashboard and click “Export.” Export “All Course Content” and click “Export” to download the course content as a .zip file.

3. Review and Organize Course Content

Before you import your course content into Thinkific, reviewing and organizing your course materials is important. This will help ensure that your content is structured and organized in a way that makes sense for your students. Create a folder on your computer and organize your course content into subfolders based on topic or module.

Once you’ve completed these pre-migration steps, you can import your course content into Thinkific. In the next section of this guide, we’ll walk you through the migration process step-by-step.


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The Migration Process

1. Import Course Content into Thinkific

To import your course content into Thinkific, log in to your Thinkific account and navigate to the Admin Dashboard. Select “Manage Learning Content” from here and click “Courses.” Next, click “Import” and select the .zip file containing the course content you downloaded from Teachable in the previous step.

Thinkific will begin importing your course content, which may take some time, depending on the size of your course. Once the import is complete, you’ll see your course content displayed in the Thinkific course builder.

2. Review Course Content in Thinkific

The next step is to review your course content in Thinkific. Ensure all your course materials have been imported correctly, including videos, PDFs, quizzes, and other assets. You can use the course builder to make any necessary edits or additions to your content.

3. Customize Course Settings in Thinkific

Now that your course content has been imported into Thinkific, it’s time to customize your course settings. This includes adding a course description, setting the course price, and configuring other course settings such as the course access type, course duration, and course completion certificates.

You can customize your course landing page in Thinkific to make it more visually appealing and engaging for your students. Thinkific offers a variety of templates and design options to help you create a professional-looking course landing page.

Once you’ve completed the migration process and customized your course settings, you’re ready to launch your course on Thinkific.


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Post-Migration Steps

let’s move on to the final section of the article, which will cover the post-migration steps you need to take to ensure a successful launch of your course on Thinkific.

1. Test the Course

Before launching your course on Thinkific, it’s important to test it thoroughly to ensure everything works correctly. This process includes testing all course materials, quizzes, and other assets to ensure they function as intended.

You may enlist the help of beta testers to provide feedback on your course content and identify any issues or bugs that need to be fixed before launch.

2. Make Final Edits to the Course

After testing your course, make any necessary final edits to ensure it is polished and ready for launch. You may edit your course materials, adjust the course price, or fine-tune your course landing page if necessary.

3. Launch the Course on Thinkific

Once you’ve tested your course and made any final edits, it’s time to launch it on Thinkific by making it available for purchase or enrollment, promoting it to your audience, and tracking your course’s performance using Thinkific’s analytics and reporting tools.

Thinkific offers a variety of features to help you market and sell your course, including the ability to create discount codes, offer payment plans, and integrate with third-party email marketing and CRM platforms.

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you should now understand how to migrate your course from Teachable to Thinkific and successfully launch it on the Thinkific platform. Good luck!


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Before we let you go, it’s high time we discuss the benefits of migrating to Thinkific from other course platforms, including Teachable. With Thinkific, you have full control over the design and layout of your course, allowing you to create a branded and professional course experience.

Thinkific offers a wide range of features, including course hosting, payment processing, marketing tools, and analytics, all in one platform. It allows you to create and sell courses in various formats, including video, audio, text, and multimedia, giving you the flexibility to deliver content that works best for you and your audience.

Thinkific offers affordable pricing plans with no hidden fees, making it an accessible platform for course creators of all sizes. By migrating to Thinkific, you can take advantage of these benefits and build a successful course that resonates with your audience.

In conclusion, transferring your course from Teachable to Thinkific may seem daunting. Still, by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition to a more flexible, customizable, and feature-rich course platform.

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