How John Lee Dumas Uses Thinkific Webinars to Teach Entrepreneurs


John Lee Dumas is a highly successful entrepreneur and podcaster. He launched his podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire, in 2012 and has since interviewed over 2400 inspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life. His podcast has been featured in places such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Inc Magazine. 

Dumas is also connected with Thinkific – an online course platform that enables teachers like himself to create courses for their students. With Thinkific’s webinar feature, he can easily host live sessions for his audience, teaching them about entrepreneurship tips and strategies and providing advice on how they can become successful business owners themselves.  

I am a Thinkific expert and an avid follower of John Lee Dumas. In this article, I will discuss how John Lee Dumas uses Thinkific webinars to teach entrepreneurs. 


Who is John Lee Dumas?

John Lee Dumas is a renowned entrepreneur, podcaster, and motivational speaker. He began his career in the military and then worked as a lawyer before transitioning to become an entrepreneur. 

In 2012, he launched Entrepreneurs on Fire – a top-rated podcast featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and Inc Magazine. The show focuses on inspiring conversations with entrepreneurs from various walks of life, such as Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss. 

Entrepreneurs on Fire has become popular among entrepreneurs and business owners who look up to Dumas for advice on succeeding in their respective industries. 

How Does John Lee Dumas Use Thinkific Webinars?

Approach to Teaching Online Using Thinkific

Dumas has used Thinkific to create and launch several online courses for his audience. He also uses the webinar feature to host live sessions, teaching entrepreneurs about productivity, goal setting, and marketing strategies. 

John can provide a more interactive learning experience through these webinars than just an online course. He can answer questions directly from his students in real time and share stories and advice they may be unable to find elsewhere. This helps him build better relationships with his students and creates a strong connection. 

Benefits of Webinars for Promoting Courses

The benefits of using webinars to promote and sell online courses are numerous. They can increase exposure for your courses by creating more engagement with potential customers. 

Additionally, they can be used as lead magnets to capture email addresses from people interested in your topic or product – which you can then use for further marketing efforts down the line. 

Finally, webinars allow you to showcase your expertise and knowledge on a given subject and build trust with your audience before launching any new products or services you may have planned. 

I’ve seen some of the successful webinars Dumas has hosted on Thinkific over the years, so I know firsthand how effective this approach can be. For example, one of his most popular webinars was about how entrepreneurs can maximize their productivity while working remotely – something many business owners were struggling with during 2020 – resulting in thousands of sign-ups within days of its launch! 

The success of this particular webinar shows just how powerful holding regular live sessions on Thinkific can be when it comes to teaching entrepreneurs new skills and strategies that will help them succeed in today’s world. 


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Tips from John Lee Dumas for Hosting Successful Thinkific Webinars

As an experienced user of Thinkific and a follower of John Lee Dumas, I have gathered some tips from his experience in hosting successful webinars. 

Planning Your Webinar

Dumas suggests starting with the end goal in mind when planning your webinar. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with your webinar and develop a plan for how you will get there. This includes deciding who will speak, discussing topics, and how long the session should last. Additionally, he recommends using visuals to keep your audience engaged and make the presentation more memorable. 

Promoting Your Webinar 

John also emphasizes the importance of promoting your webinar beforehand so that people can sign up for it and be aware of it. He advises using emails, social media posts, and other platforms to spread the word about your upcoming event. Additionally, he encourages providing incentives such as discounts or freebies to increase interest in attending your webinar. 

Delivering Your Webinar 

Finally, when delivering your webinar on Thinkific, it’s important to be organized and prepared with everything you need – slides, handouts, audio/visual aids, etc. Also, ensure that you interact with participants regularly during the session by asking questions or inviting comments/feedback from them throughout its duration. Finally, don’t forget to thank attendees at the end of the session! 

Actionable Insights  

By following these tips from Dumas on hosting successful Thinkific webinars – from planning through promotion and delivery – readers can apply them directly in their sessions for maximum success!

Achievements and Results of John Lee Dumas’ Thinkific Webinars

John Lee Dumas has achieved tremendous success from hosting webinars on Thinkific. His courses have been taken by thousands of students, who have gone on to use the strategies he teaches to start their successful businesses. He has also received numerous awards and recognition for his work, including being named one of the Top 100 Podcasters in the World by Inc Magazine

Success Stories from Students Who Have Taken His Courses or Attended His Webinars 

There are many inspiring stories from students who have taken Dumas’ webinars or enrolled in his courses on Thinkific. One student launched a business earning $20,000 a month within three months after attending his webinar! Another student could double their income within six months after taking one of his courses. These success stories show how powerful John’s teachings can be for budding entrepreneurs. 

Awards and Recognition Received for Work on Thinkific 

Dumas’ award-winning work is highly respected in entrepreneurial and digital learning communities. He has been featured multiple times as one of the top 100 podcasters in the world by Inc Magazine and won several awards for his work as an educator, including the “Instructor Excellence Award” at Udemy’s 2020 Annual Conference. 


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This article discussed how John Lee Dumas uses Thinkific webinars to teach entrepreneurs. We explored his background as a successful entrepreneur and podcaster, the connection between him and Thinkific, and some of his notable achievements and results from hosting webinars on the platform. 

We also shared success stories from students who have taken his courses or attended his webinars, as well as awards and recognition he has received for his work on Thinkific. 

The key takeaway is that Thinkific offers an easy-to-use platform for teachers like John to create online courses for their students. Its powerful webinar feature allows teachers to host live sessions with their audience and provide them with valuable insights into entrepreneurship tips and strategies. 

If you want to learn more about John Lee Dumas’ courses on Thinkific or try out the platform yourself, I encourage you to visit the website today! 

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