How to Make a Blog in Thinkific


Thinkific is an all-in-one online course platform that allows users to create, share, and teach engaging educational material with ease. It equips users with the tools and resources necessary for creating interactive courses and hosting live webinars across a variety of topics – all from one location! 

In addition, Thinkific also offers blogging capabilities through which users can curate content that strengthens their knowledge in their field of expertise as well as reach out to potential students or customers who are interested in learning from them more directly. 

Blogging via Thinkific gives creators the means to reach out to a larger audience while showcasing their unique skillset with the help of comprehensive blog posts sorted into easy-to-follow formats. 

Through this feature, they can engage with potential students or customers – allowing them to build reach within an established community while simultaneously demonstrating their understanding of the subject matter they are trying to teach. 

Not only does blogging provide a way for users to increase engagement amongst existing followers, it can also potentially drive more traffic onto their site over time, thus increasing digital authority in the topic they are focused on teaching.


Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Blog on Thinkific 

Set up an Account 

The first step in setting up your blog is creating a free account on Thinkific’s website: simply enter your name, email address, password, company name (optional), and accept their terms of service agreement before clicking “Create My Account” at the bottom of the page. 

Choose a Topic for Your Blog 

Now you need to pick a topic for your blog posts: look for list formats like “top 5” or “10 reasons why” when deciding what content suits your audience best! Try basing it around topics related to your current course material – this can help promote both items at once! 

Decide on the Format for Your Blog Posts 

For each post you write, there needs to be an introduction that states what your article will cover; then several body paragraphs with subsections or bullet points if appropriate; followed by a conclusion wrapping up all other points made previously throughout the body paragraphs respectively; lastly ensure there are questions at the end, so readers have something to chew over after finishing reading! 


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Write and Publish Your First Post 

You’re now ready to begin writing – choose one topic from earlier steps (topic chosen) and start typing away in Notepad (or your preferred text editor). When finished, double-check spelling/grammar, then copy & paste into Thinkific’s admin area under the “Blog” tab > “Add New Post.” Go ahead filling out the necessary details, such as title & featured image, before finally hitting publish button when ready!

Add Images and Videos to Reinforce Your Content 

To add more credibility to blog posts & give them visual appeal, consider adding images or videos where applicable: think about case studies, screenshots, etc., which may better illustrate any point being made within the text – this also helps break up page’s textual monotony every so often too… 

Promote Your Blog On Social Media Platforms

Once published, don’t forget about promoting it across various social media platforms: Twitter, YouTube, etc – use relevant hashtags pertaining directly or indirectly to the subject matter covered in the article, ensuring further potential readers stumble upon post thus boosting overall visibility considerably compared without taking extra few minutes promoting work elsewhere after publication time has come! 


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Creating blogs on Thinkific enables course instructors to access wider audiences while potentially driving more traffic back towards associated products being sold alongside newly established digital presence thanks to its comprehensive suite tools helping achieve such goals rapidly, easily efficiently – getting started process simple, straightforward having a strong online presence will open whole new world possibilities!

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