The Ultimate Guide to Building an Email List that Sells More Thinkific Courses


Are you looking for ways to sell more courses on Thinkific? Then, you need to build an email list! 

Thinkific is a powerful platform for creating and selling online courses, but getting your courses in front of the right people can be challenging. That’s where email marketing comes in. By building an email list, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, provide them with valuable content, and, ultimately, sell more Thinkific courses. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to build an email list effectively to grow your business and increase your revenue. We’ll cover everything from setting up your email list to creating lead magnets, growing your list, and nurturing your subscribers. Let’s get started!


Setting Up Your Email List

To build an email list that sells more Thinkific courses, you must start by setting up your email marketing platform. Here are the three essential steps you need to take.

1. Choose an Email Marketing Platform that Integrates with Thinkific 

Many email marketing platforms are out there, but not all of them integrate with Thinkific. It’s essential to choose a platform that can sync with Thinkific so that you can automate your email marketing campaigns. 

Some popular email marketing platforms integrating with Thinkific include ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign.

2. Create an Opt-in Form to Capture Email Addresses

An opt-in form is a form that allows people to sign up for your email list. You can add an opt-in form to your Thinkific site, landing pages, or blog. 

When creating your opt-in form, ensure it’s easy to use and visually appealing. You should also offer an incentive for people to sign up, such as a free guide, webinar, or discount on your course.

3. Set Up Automation to Welcome New Subscribers 

Once someone signs up for your email list, sending them a welcome email is essential. This email should introduce you, provide some value, and explain what they can expect from your emails. 

You can set up automation to send this welcome email automatically when someone joins your email list. This way, you don’t have to manually send a welcome email whenever someone signs up.

By following these three steps, you’ll be well on your way to building an email list that can sell more Thinkific courses. In the next section, we’ll talk about creating lead magnets to attract more subscribers to your list.


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Creating Lead Magnets

Now that you’ve set up your email list, it’s time to attract subscribers. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating lead magnets.

A lead magnet is an incentive you offer your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. Lead magnets can be in the form of a free ebook, a cheat sheet, a webinar, a free trial, or anything else that provides value to your audience. Lead magnets are essential in building an email list because they give people a reason to sign up for your list.

Examples of Successful Lead Magnets

Lead magnets that work for Thinkific courses provide additional value to your courses. For example, if you have a course on “How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel,” you could offer a free checklist on “10 Essential Steps for Creating a Successful YouTube Channel.” 

Other lead magnet ideas for Thinkific courses include free templates, worksheets, and quizzes.

How to Effectively Create Lead Magnets

To create a lead magnet that’s valuable and relevant to your audience, you need to understand their needs and pain points. Start by researching your audience and understanding what they’re struggling with. Then, create a lead magnet that addresses their needs and provides a solution. 

Ensure your lead magnet is easy to consume and visually appealing. Also, don’t forget to promote your lead magnet on your website, social media, and other marketing channels.


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Growing Your Email List

Several ways to grow your email list include creating more lead magnets, hosting webinars, partnering with other businesses, and running Facebook ads. You can also attend conferences and networking events to meet potential subscribers.

Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation 

Your website is an essential tool for lead generation. To optimize your website for lead generation, make sure you have a clear call-to-action on every page, use pop-ups and slide-ins strategically, and include social proof, such as testimonials and case studies. You should also make sure your website is mobile-friendly and has a fast loading time.

Some successful email list growth strategies include offering exclusive content to email subscribers, hosting contests and giveaways, and creating referral programs. You can also leverage social media to grow your email list by promoting your lead magnets and sharing valuable content.

By implementing these methods, you can grow your email list and sell more Thinkific courses. 


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Nurturing Your Email List

Nurturing your email list is crucial for selling more Thinkific courses. When you take the time to engage with your subscribers and provide them with value, you build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

Doing this is important because it helps you build a relationship with your subscribers. When subscribers feel connected to and trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you. Additionally, nurturing your email list helps keep your subscribers engaged and interested in your courses.

You need to provide valuable content to engage with your subscribers. This can be blog posts, videos, podcasts, or any other content relevant to your audience. You should also personalize your emails and segment your list to send targeted content to each subscriber.

Some successful email campaigns that nurture and convert subscribers include welcome series, educational email series, and sales funnels. 

  • The welcome series is a series of emails that welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your brand. 
  • Educational emails give subscribers valuable information that helps them achieve their goals. 
  • Sales funnels are a series of emails that guide your subscribers through the buying process.


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In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about building an email list that sells more Thinkific courses. We started by discussing the importance of having an email list and how it can help you generate more sales. Then, we walked through the steps for setting up your email list, creating lead magnets, growing your email list, and nurturing your subscribers.

The key takeaways from this guide are:

  • Choose an email marketing platform that integrates with Thinkific
  • Create an opt-in form to capture email addresses
  • Set up automation to welcome new subscribers
  • Use lead magnets to incentivize sign-ups and provide value
  • Use various methods for growing your email list, such as optimizing your website for lead generation
  • Engage with your subscribers and provide them with valuable content to nurture the relationship
  • Measure the success of your email campaigns and optimize them for better results

We encourage you to implement these strategies and start growing your email list today. Building an email list takes time and effort, but the payoff can be huge. By nurturing your subscribers and providing them with valuable content, you can establish yourself as an expert and increase your sales of Thinkific courses.

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