Advertising Thinkific Course on Linkedin


Advertising a Thinkific course on LinkedIn can be an effective way to reach potential customers and increase visibility and sales. With over 500 million users worldwide, LinkedIn offers a massive pool of potential customers for your online course. Additionally, it provides several features that make it easy to target specific audiences with ads and drive more qualified leads.

LinkedIn offers several solutions for promoting courses through their Ads platform, including Sponsored Content Ads, Follow Ads, Text Ads, Video Ads, Conversion Optimization Ads, Lead Gen Forms Ads, Dynamic Ad Campaigns, etc. 

These tools allow you to create tailored campaigns that are designed to reach specific audiences and generate higher engagement rates than traditional advertising methods. 

Additionally, you can use LinkedIn Insights to track the performance of your campaigns in real time and adjust them accordingly. This helps you optimize your campaigns for maximum impact and increase visibility and sales for your online courses.


Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile for Course Advertising

Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Course Advertising:

When advertising your Thinkific course on LinkedIn, it is important to ensure that your profile is optimized and professional-looking. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure your profile photo looks professional and reflects the type, of course, you are offering.
  • Include a summary of yourself and the goals of your course at the top of your profile. This will help potential students understand what they will be learning from you.
  • Highlight any relevant skills or experience related to teaching or running an online business in the Skills & Endorsements section.
  • Keep your resume up to date with any recent projects or achievements related to teaching or running an online business.  
  • Connect with other professionals in the industry who can provide feedback on your course content, as well as promote it through their networks.  

How to Showcase Your Course on Your LinkedIn Profile:

Once you have optimized your profile, you can begin showcasing your Thinkific course by adding links and visuals that highlight its features and benefits. Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Add a link to the course page URL in both the Contact Info section and Summary sections of your profile. This will make it easy for potential students to find out more information about it without having to search through multiple pages on your website.  
  • Include visuals such as screenshots, logos, or photos related to the content of your course in order to grab attention and give potential students an idea of what they can expect when enrolling in it.  
  • Integrate videos into each section of your profile that explain different aspects of the course in more detail (for example, a welcome video explaining what people can learn).

Best Practices for Promoting Your Course on LinkedIn:

Once you have set up a professional-looking profile that showcases all aspects of the Thinkific course, here are some best practices for promoting it effectively on this platform:   

  • Create posts that provide useful information about topics related to teaching or running an online business (such as how-tos) which then link back to product pages where readers can purchase courses from you directly.  
  •  Participate actively in groups within the industry that offer advice and support related topics discussed within them – this way, people who engage with those threads may be interested enough in purchasing one of the courses afterward! •Run ads targeting specific audiences based on their interests/needs – this allows potential customers to seek out solutions tailored towards them to know exactly where they should go look next!


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Creating Ads for Your Thinkific Course on LinkedIn

Overview of LinkedIn ad types and formats:

LinkedIn offers several different types of ads, including sponsored content, sponsored InMail, dynamic ads, and text ads. Each type has its own advantages and limitations when it comes to reaching your target audience.

Sponsored Content:

Sponsored content is a form of advertising that allows you to promote your Thinkific course directly in the newsfeeds of LinkedIn users who may be interested in what you have to offer. It works by targeting specific users based on their interests, job titles, or other criteria.

Sponsored InMail:

Sponsored InMail is a type of direct messaging that allows you to send personalized messages to people who may be interested in what you have to offer. This type of ad is ideal for engaging with potential customers and building relationships with them over time.

Dynamic Ads:

Dynamic ads are similar to sponsored content but allow you to create more personalized messages than traditional static ads would allow. These ads are created using information from user profiles, such as job titles or company sizes, allowing you to tailor the message specifically for each individual user’s needs.

Text Ads:

Text ads are basic text-based advertisements that can appear alongside search results on LinkedIn or as banner ads across the platform. They are generally used as a way to drive traffic back to your website or landing page where potential customers can learn more about your Thinkific course offerings.

How To Create A LinkedIn Ad For Your Thinkific Course:  

Creating an effective ad campaign on any platform requires careful planning and execution – this holds true for creating an ad campaign for your Thinkific course on LinkedIn as well! Here are some tips for getting started with creating effective advertisements for your courses on the platform:  

  • Identify Your Target Audience & Goals – Before launching any ad campaigns, it’s important that you identify both who your target audience is (e.g., professionals in certain industries/locations) and what goals you want these campaigns to achieve (e.g., increase brand awareness or generate leads). This will help ensure that all aspects of the campaign – from selecting the right ad format(s) to crafting compelling copy – remain focused on achieving those goals..  
  • Know Your Budget & Set Limits – Setting limits ensures that you stay within budget while also helping measure effectiveness so that adjustments can be made if needed along the way..  
  • Choose The Right Platform & Ad Type – Selecting appropriate platforms (such as Sponsored Content vs Text Ads) and types (such as Dynamic Ads) will help ensure maximum visibility among potential customers while also keeping costs manageable. 
  • Craft Engaging Copy & Creative – Crafting engaging copy includes utilizing action words like “Learn” or “Discover” instead of generic terms like “Check Out” which typically yield higher click-through rates.. Additionally, creative elements such as images should be relevant yet eye-catching enough so they stand out from other posts in users’ feeds..  

Best Practices For Ad Copy And Creative:   

When crafting copy for an advertisement about one’s Thinkific course, there are a few best practices one should remember when writing their copy. 

Such best practices include using concise language when possible so readers don’t lose interest before finishing reading through all points being made; leveraging keywords throughout ads so readers searching related topics know what advertised material relates to; finally, adding call-to-actions at the end of ads prompting reader engagement once they’ve finished reading through add material. 

Additionally, best practices regarding creative elements should involve picking colors that relate back strongly to the brand aesthetic, finding images that properly convey the message portrayed throughout, adding copy; lastly, animations that draw attention towards adding material without becoming overwhelming should also be considered when designing creatives relating back towards add materials.


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Targeting Your LinkedIn Ads for Maximum Effectiveness

Targeting your LinkedIn ads is essential if you want to get the most out of them and reach the right audience for your course. Here are some best practices to follow when targeting your ads on LinkedIn:

How to target your LinkedIn ads to reach the right audience for your course:

Thinkific provides powerful targeting tools that allow you to customize who sees your ads based on their interests, job title, industry, location, and more. You can also use advanced targeting techniques such as custom audiences, lookalikes audiences, retargeting campaigns, and even A/B testing.

Best practices for audience targeting on LinkedIn:

Start by defining a clear set of goals for each ad campaign and narrow down who you want to target with it. Consider factors like job titles or industries related to your course topic that would be interested in what you’re offering. 

Once you have identified the ideal target group for each campaign, use the available filters in Thinkific’s ad platform to refine it further until it matches exactly what you need. Additionally, test different creative content variations within a single campaign – this will help you find out which ones are working best with the targeted audience and optimize accordingly.

How to track the effectiveness of your LinkedIn ads:

Once an ad campaign is launched on LinkedIn using Thinkific’s platform, it’s important to monitor its performance closely so that any necessary adjustments can be made quickly if needed. 

The platform offers detailed analytics reports that provide useful insights into how well an ad is performing across multiple metrics including impressions, clicks, and conversions rate (CVR). Use these reports regularly throughout a campaign’s duration in order to assess its overall effectiveness and make changes where necessary


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Recap of the main points of the article:

This article has provided an overview of how to effectively advertise a Thinkific course on LinkedIn. It discussed key considerations such as crafting compelling content, targeting the right audience, and optimizing for reach. Additionally, it outlined strategies for boosting engagement and building relationships with potential customers.

Final thoughts and recommendations for advertising your Thinkific course on LinkedIn:

Advertising your Thinkific course on LinkedIn is a great way to reach new audiences and build relationships with potential customers. When crafting content for LinkedIn, focus on creating compelling messages that resonate with users and target the right audience by leveraging advanced segmentation features. Additionally, make sure to optimize your posts for reach by utilizing hashtags and keywords, as well as engaging regularly with your followers to boost engagement.

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