Our Mission

The Peacham Elementary School is a community of learners and teachers dedicated to developing the ability of each individual to think and communicate clearly, to explore the world, to make responsible decisions, and to have concern for the common good.



6/10 6th Grade Graduation

6/11 6th Grade Class Trip to Boston

6/12 Last Day of School!! Dismissal at Noon

July 6-Aug. 7 Summer ELO at Danville

Legos – all kinds
AAA/AA batteries

Dear Parents,
Your children have a well stocked art room, but some of the best art supplies are in our cupboards at home. The following list includes supplies we can use all year. We would greatly appreciate any donations!
Ruth Kaldor
Art Teacher

Art Room Wish List

Thick yarn
Cotton batting or polyester stuffing
Clean nylon stocking
Cardboard tubes from wrapping paper, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
Cereal boxes
Metal coat hangers
Hair Dryer
“How to” art books for our Free Draw corner
Men’s dress shirts (for smocks)
Needle nose pliers for wire sculpture
Wallpaper books
Bubble wrapum.