Troubleshooting Missing Last Name Field when Integrating Zapier, ClickFunnels to Thinkific


The purpose of this article is to explain how to use the Zapier automation tool to connect ClickFunnels and Thinkific. It will also discuss the issue of missing the last name field in Thinkific when using Zapier. 

Zapier is an automation tool that can be used with many different software applications and websites, allowing you to automate tasks between them. For example, it can be used to connect ClickFunnels and Thinkific, allowing you to automatically send data from one platform to the other. 

When using Zapier to connect ClickFunnels and Thinkific, there is an issue where the last name field is missing in Thinkfic when the user’s information is transferred over from ClickFunnels. This means that any users who do not provide a last name on their Clickfunnel form will have their data incomplete in Thinkfic, resulting in incomplete customer records for your business.


Setting up Zapier Integration 

Creating a Zapier Account: 

Creating a Zapier account is an easy process, and it can be done quickly by signing up with your email address. The website will walk you through the steps necessary to create an account, including entering your name and choosing a password. Once you have successfully created an account, you are ready to begin setting up the integration between ClickFunnels and Thinkific. 

Connecting ClickFunnels and Thinkific to Zapier: 

Once you have signed up for a Zapier account, it’s time to connect both ClickFunnels and Thinkific to the platform so that data can be exchanged between them. To do this, log into your Zapier dashboard and search for “ClickFunnels” in the search bar. From there, click on the icon for connecting ClickFunnels to your account and follow the instructions on how to add it as a source application in your workflow. Then repeat this process, but instead of searching for “ClickFunnels,” search for “Thinkific” instead, following all of the same steps until both applications are set up in your workflow inside Zapier. 

Configuring the Zapier Integration For Sending Data Between ClickFunnels and Thinkific:

 Now that both applications are connected together in Zapier, it’s time to configure how data will be sent between them when triggered by certain events or actions within either program. To do this, first go into the settings of each application connected in the workflow within Zapier; then customize what fields from one application will send over data into another when triggered (e.g., if someone fills out their last name field in ClickFunnel, that information should copy over automatically as part of their profile information when they sign up with Thinkific). Once all fields have been selected/set up correctly, save these changes so that any future triggers will use these settings when exchanging data between applications.


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Troubleshooting the Missing Last Name Field Issue 

Explanation of the Missing Last Name Field Issue in Thinkific: 

The missing last name field issue is a common problem encountered when users are trying to connect their ClickFunnels account with their Thinkific account. This issue can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as incorrect settings in the integration or a mismatch between the two systems.

Identifying the Root Cause of the Issue: 

In order to effectively troubleshoot this issue, it is important to identify the root cause. The first step is to check that all settings in both accounts are correct and up-to-date. If everything looks good, then try checking whether or not there is an API key present on either side (ClickFunnels or Thinkific). If no API key exists, then it may be necessary to generate one manually and enter it into both accounts.

Potential Solutions for Resolving the Missing Last Name Field Issue: 

If none of these steps resolves the issue, then another potential solution is to use Zapier to create a bridge between ClickFunnels and Thinkific. Zapier allows users to quickly and easily integrate multiple services together without having to manually configure any settings or install additional software. By using Zapier, users can ensure that all data from ClickFunnels will be transferred over accurately and reliably into their Thinkific account without any issues related to missing last name fields.

Workarounds for Missing Last Name Field 

Using custom fields in Thinkific to Capture Last Name Information: 

One way to capture last name information from customers is by utilizing the custom field feature of Thinkific. With this feature, you can create a new field specifically for capturing last names and add it to your checkout form or profile page. This will ensure that all customers provide their last name when signing up, and you’ll have the data you need without needing any additional workarounds. 

Using Zapier Filters To Split Full Names Into First and Last Names: 

If you are using ClickFunnels with Thinkific but don’t have access to a last name field in ClickFunnels, another workaround would be to utilize Zapier filters to split full names into first and last names. By setting up the filter, Zapier will automatically extract the customer’s first and last name from their full name entry on ClickFunnels so that it can be sent to Thinkific with the correct formatting. This is a great way to make sure that all of your customer’s data is properly captured, even if they don’t provide their last name separately in ClickFunnels.

Other Potential Workarounds for Capturing Last Name Information: 

In addition to using custom fields in Thinkific or Zapier filters to split full names into first and last names, there may be other potential workarounds for capturing missing information, such as creating an extra question at checkout asking customers for their full name or pre-filling empty fields with placeholder values until they are filled out correctly by customers during checkout. Depending on your specific use case, these alternative solutions could help capture missing information while still providing an easy user experience during checkout.


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Best Practices for Data Management 

Importance of Maintaining Accurate and Complete Data in Online Courses: 

Maintaining accurate and complete data is essential when running an online course. It’s important to make sure the data you collect is accurate and up-to-date so that you can accurately measure success or failure, track progress, monitor student engagement, and identify areas where improvement can be made. Integrating ClickFunnels with Thinkific ensures that all data collected across both platforms are consistent and up-to-date.

Tips for Data Management with ClickFunnels and Thinkific integration: 

Using Zapier to connect ClickFunnels to Thinkific is a great way to automate the process of collecting data from your customers and transferring it into your Thinkific account. However, if you are missing a last name field in either platform, it could cause problems with the accuracy of your data. To avoid this issue, make sure that each form includes a last name field prior to enabling the Zapier integration. Additionally, double-check that all fields match on both platforms before turning on Zapier integration. This will ensure that all information is correctly transferred between the two systems without any errors or issues related to missing fields or mismatched formats.


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In this article, we discussed the issue of missing last name fields when integrating Zapier with ClickFunnels and Thinkific. We examined the causes of this issue, as well as potential solutions, like ensuring that all required fields are filled out in ClickFunnels before attempting to connect to Thinkific via Zapier. We also suggested using an alternative integration method, such as an API call or webhooks, if more control over data is needed.

Our recommendation for resolving the missing last name field issue is to ensure that all required fields in ClickFunnels are filled out properly before attempting to connect to Thinkific via Zapier. Additionally, if more control over data is needed, course creators should use an alternative integration method, such as an API call or webhooks. 

We invite course creators to utilize best practices for data management when integrating their courses with third-party software solutions such as ClickFunnels and Thinkific via Zapier. Doing so will ensure that all necessary information is captured properly so you can get the most out of your course creation journey!

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