Everything You Need to Know About Thinkific’s Bandwidth Limit on the Free Plan


Thinkific is a popular platform among course creators looking for a reliable and user-friendly way to sell their courses online. 

One of the great things about Thinkific is that it offers a free plan, which makes it accessible to anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of online course creation. This article will focus specifically on one aspect of the Thinkific free plan: bandwidth. We’ll explore what bandwidth is, how it affects the performance of your online course and everything you need to know about the bandwidth limit on Thinkific’s free plan. 

By the end of this article, you’ll better understand how to optimize your course content and stay within the limits of the free plan’s bandwidth usage.

Understanding Thinkific Bandwidth


Understanding Thinkific Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a term that refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted over an internet connection. In the context of online courses, bandwidth usage is an important consideration, as it can impact the performance of your course. When students access your course content, their computers or devices must download data from your Thinkific site. The more data they download, the more bandwidth is used.

Thinkific measures bandwidth usage by tracking students’ data when accessing your course content. The platform offers a certain amount of bandwidth for free on its free plan, which is usually sufficient for most course creators. However, if you exceed the bandwidth limit, there are consequences to be aware of.

If you exceed your allotted bandwidth, Thinkific will notify you and allow you to upgrade to a paid plan with more bandwidth. If you don’t upgrade and continue to exceed your limit, your course may become unavailable to students until the start of the next billing cycle. 

Monitoring your bandwidth usage is important to avoid interruptions in your course’s availability. In the next section, we’ll explore how much bandwidth you get on Thinkific’s free plan and how to monitor your usage.

How Much Bandwidth Does Thinkific’s Free Plan Offer?

Thinkific’s free plan offers a bandwidth limit of 5GB per month. This limit includes all aspects of your course content, including videos, audio files, images, and documents. For most course creators, this should accommodate their course content and student traffic.

However, if you’re reaching your bandwidth limit regularly or are concerned about running out, upgrade to one of Thinkific’s paid plans to get more bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth offered on the paid plans varies depending on your plan, but it ranges from 25GB to 250GB per month.

To monitor your bandwidth usage on Thinkific, navigate to your dashboard’s “Reports” section and select the “Bandwidth” report. This report provides an overview of your bandwidth usage, including the amount of bandwidth used, the percentage of your limit used, and a breakdown of bandwidth usage by content type. 

By regularly monitoring your bandwidth usage, you can ensure you’re staying within the limits of the free plan and avoid any interruptions in your course’s availability.


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Tips for Staying Within Your Bandwidth Limit

You can take several steps to stay within your bandwidth limit on Thinkific’s free plan. It is possible to optimize your course content and reduce bandwidth usage:

Compress Images and Videos

Large images and videos can significantly impact your bandwidth usage. To reduce their size, consider compressing them before uploading them to your course.

Use Streaming Video Services

Instead of hosting videos on Thinkific, consider using a streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo. This can significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth used by your course.

Use PDFs Instead of Images

If you have documents containing many images, consider converting them to PDFs. PDFs are smaller than images and can help reduce bandwidth usage.

Remove Unused Content

Regularly review your course content and remove any unused or outdated content. This can help reduce your overall bandwidth usage.

To monitor your bandwidth usage and stay within the limit on the free plan, you can use Thinkific’s bandwidth report to track your usage regularly. Additionally, you can enable the “Bandwidth Warning Emails” feature in your account settings to receive email notifications when you’re nearing your bandwidth limit. 


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In summary, Thinkific’s free plan offers a bandwidth limit of 5GB per month, which should be sufficient for most course creators. Understanding how bandwidth works and monitoring your usage can help you stay within the limit and avoid interruptions in your course’s availability. 

Optimizing your course content by compressing images and videos, using streaming video services, and removing unused content can reduce bandwidth usage.

Thinkific’s free plan provides a great opportunity for course creators to test the platform and start their online courses without any upfront costs. By understanding how bandwidth works and following the tips discussed in this article, you can make the most of the free plan and create a successful online course. 

Overall, Thinkific is a great platform for creating and selling online courses, and the free plan offers a lot of value for new course creators.

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