Where to Paste Thinkific Widget in WordPress


Thinkific widget is a powerful tool that allows you to display your Thinkific courses on your WordPress site. By adding a Thinkific widget to your WordPress website, you can easily promote your courses and increase enrollments.

The purpose of this article is to guide you on where to paste the Thinkific widget in WordPress so that you can seamlessly integrate your Thinkific courses into your website.


Getting Started

If you’re new to Thinkific, you’ll first need to create an account and create a course to generate a widget. Then, you’ll need to install the Thinkific WordPress plugin.

Creating a Thinkific Account

To create a Thinkific account, go to the Thinkific website and click the “Get Started” button. Enter your email address and choose a password. Then, follow the prompts to set up your account.

Creating a Course in Thinkific

Once you’ve set up your Thinkific account, you can create a course. Click the “Create a Course” button and follow the prompts to add your course content.

Setting up the Thinkific WordPress plugin

To set up the Thinkific WordPress plugin, go to the “Plugins” section of your WordPress dashboard and click “Add New”. Search for “Thinkific” and click “Install Now” on the Thinkific plugin. Once installed, activate the plugin and connect your Thinkific account by entering your API key.


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Where to Paste the Thinkific Widget

If you want to add a Thinkific widget to your WordPress site, there are a few different places where you can paste the code. Here are the most common options:

Accessing the WordPress Dashboard 

First, log in to your WordPress dashboard. This is the back-end of your website, where you can make changes to your site’s settings and content.

Adding the Thinkific Widget to a Page or Post 

If you want to embed a Thinkific widget on a specific page or post on your site, you can paste the widget code directly into the page or post editor. To do this, create a new page or post, or open an existing one. Then, switch to the “Text” or “HTML” editor mode (instead of the visual editor) and paste the widget code where you want it to appear. When you switch back to the visual editor, you should see the embedded widget.

Adding the Thinkific Widget to the Sidebar or Footer 

If you want the Thinkific widget to appear on every page of your site, you can add it to your site’s sidebar or footer. To do this, go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets” in your WordPress dashboard. Then, drag a “Text” widget from the left side of the screen to the “Sidebar” or “Footer” section on the right side. Finally, paste the Thinkific widget code into the text box of the “Text” widget. Save your changes, and the widget should now appear in the sidebar or footer of your site.


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Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues while adding the Thinkific widget to your WordPress site, don’t worry. Here are some common issues that users face and how to troubleshoot them.

Widget not displaying: 

If you’ve added the Thinkific widget to your page or post but it’s not displaying, make sure that the widget is enabled in the WordPress dashboard. You should also check that the widget code is correctly pasted in the text editor.

Layout issues: 

Sometimes, the layout of the Thinkific widget may not match your WordPress site’s theme. You can adjust the widget’s dimensions in the widget code to better match your site’s layout. You may also need to adjust your site’s theme or template to better accommodate the Thinkific widget.

Plugin conflicts: 

If you have other plugins installed on your WordPress site, they may sometimes conflict with the Thinkific plugin. In this case, you can try disabling other plugins one by one to see if the issue is resolved. You can also check the Thinkific plugin’s support forum for solutions to common plugin conflicts.

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If you followed the steps outlined in this article, you should now have the Thinkific widget displaying on your WordPress site. Here’s a quick recap of what we covered:

  • We explained what the Thinkific widget is and its purpose.
  • We showed you how to create a Thinkific account, create a course, and set up the Thinkific WordPress plugin.
  • We discussed where to paste the Thinkific widget, including adding it to a page, post, sidebar, or footer.
  • We covered some common issues you may encounter and how to troubleshoot them.

Now that you know how to integrate Thinkific into your WordPress site, the possibilities are endless. You can use Thinkific to create and sell courses, offer memberships, and much more. So don’t be afraid to get creative and explore all the ways you can use Thinkific to grow your business. Good luck!

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