Thinkific vs Rise


Thinkific is an online platform that enables anybody to create, market, and sell their own courses. It’s a feature-rich platform designed to make course creation easy and efficient. Rise is a learning management system (LMS) built on the Thinkific platform. It allows you to manage, deliver, and measure the success of your digital training program. Together, Thinkific and Rise provide users with powerful tools for creating interactive, unique learning experiences for customers or employees. 


Definition of Thinkific and Rise 

Thinkific provides users with all the necessary features to create engaging courses from start to finish, such as adding videos, quizzes, surveys, and more – no coding or tech skills are required! Additionally, it provides comprehensive marketing features like email campaigns and autoresponders so you can easily share your content with learners. On the backend side of things, it includes powerful analytics so you can track learner progress over time. 

Rise is an LMS built on top of Thinkfic’s core technology that empowers organizations to train their employees or students more effectively with meaningful learning pathways. It offers both self-paced and instructor-led courses that are customized based on user interests. 

Additionally, it has advanced reporting capabilities that enable instructors to gain insights into student performance, helping them identify areas where additional support may be needed quickly so remedial action can be taken sooner rather than later if needed.. 

Overall Goals for Both Platforms 

The goal of both platforms is to provide users with the ability to create interactive courses easily that engage learners while also providing instructors the tools they need in order to measure success through comprehensive analytics toolsets available within each respective platform. 

This enables course creators to further refine their products in order to ensure successful outcomes down the road, whether they are getting paid customers or training internal teams at scale without having any limitations on how much content they can produce or who they reach out to!


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Thinkific vs. Rise: Comparing Features 

Course Creation Process 

The course creation process on both Thinkific and Rise is straightforward; they both have user-friendly dashboards with simple drag-and-drop tools so you can upload content, create modules, and customize the look of your courses quickly and easily. With both platforms, you can also easily incorporate videos, audio files, quizzes, links to external websites, and more into your course.

Evaluating Pricing Packages 

Thinkific offers three pricing tiers to suit the needs of different users — Free, Basic ($49 per month), and Pro ($99 per month). Rise’s pricing structure is slightly different; it has two tiers — Base ($49 per month) and Advanced ($99 per month). Both Base plans offer unlimited courses/students as well as advanced features such as creating custom reports for student progress tracking or setting up an affiliate program for greater reach; however, the latter does come with additional features like priority support which may be beneficial for more established businesses. 

Discussing Learning Management System (LMS) Offerings 

Thinkific’s LMS packages offer robust features, including advanced student enrollment management tools such as sifting through student data or tracking their individual progress throughout a course or multiple courses in a bundle, allowing students to jump between courses within a bundle seamlessly; gamification capabilities such as awarding badges when learners complete certain activities; prerequisites so students must complete certain tasks before moving onto other topics/QUIZZES, etc., 

The Advanced Plan also includes customizable automated reminders & drip email campaigns that allow users to set triggers when specific actions are taken (or not taken) by learning participants (e.g: welcome emails sent out when someone enrolls in your course). 

There are also private discussion forums accessible only to people enrolled in the same course/bundle package, which encourages collaboration among peers! Regarding Rise – while there are no LMS offerings in its Base package yet—it is reportedly working on adding this feature soon!

Examining Integrations & Add-Ons Available 

Both Thinkific and Rise provide integrations with third-party services such as Zapier®, Stripe®, PayPal®, etc.. enabling customers to quickly link up their online store with these payment systems without having any coding knowledge required – great if you’d rather focus on building your business than having technical knowhow!

Additionally, they each have add-ons that can further enhance their respective core functionality – from Thinkifics marketing automation suite, which helps optimize promotional efforts using AI technology, to Rises HubSpot integration which provides access to powerful segmentation & targeting capabilities. 

Exploring Support Options 

Both platforms provide extensive customer service options ranging from dedicated onboarding programs for new users all the way through 24/7 email support – ensuring help at every step along the way! In addition – there are always lots of helpful resource materials available, too, from how-to guides covering basic instructions on how set up particular elements of your platform all the way through detailed blog posts about various aspects of eLearning best practices.


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Pros & Cons of Thinkific and Rise 

Pros of Thinkific: 

  •  Easy to use platform 
  • Diverse features for course creation and marketing – Affordable pricing options with no transaction fees 
  • Ability to customize the look and feel of any page 

Cons of Thinkific: 

  • Limited options for email automation and marketing analytics
  • Course bundles are not available 
  • Lack of detailed reporting on events such as user abandonment rates or time spent on a course page 

Pros of Rise:

  • Detailed reporting capabilities, including Abandonment reports to understand why people leave your site or funnel.
  • Ability to embed external links and surveys into lessons that can be used in marketing campaigns.
  • A/B testing support allows users to optimize their funnels. 

Cons of Rise:

  • More expensive compared to other eLearning platforms
  • Limited customization abilities compared to other eLearning platforms


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Thinkific and Rise both offer comprehensive online course platforms for educators, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike. Each platform offers a variety of features that make it easier for users to create engaging content for their students. 

When considering Thinkific and Rise, the key differences come down to pricing structure, integrations, user experience, and marketing tools. 

Thinkific provides a wide range of features in its free plans to get educators started quickly. However, if you want access to additional themes and customization options, the best option is their Pro Plan which includes unlimited courses and advanced student management capabilities. 

Rise has an attractive interface that makes creating content easy with drag-and-drop capabilities as well as hundreds of customization options available on all plans. While their Learning Paths feature is great for creating learning experiences that combine multiple courses together in one place, it is only included on their Team Plan or above, which start at $99/month compared to Thinkific’s Pro plan at $79/month.

Overall, when selecting between Thinkific or Rise, it will depend on individual needs such as budget constraints as well as desired features like user experience or marketing tools. By carefully weighing the pros and cons discussed in this article, you can decide which platform works best for your teaching goals.

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