Understanding Thinkific’s Core Values – Thinkific Values Review 


Looking to start an online course or teach your passion to the world? Then you’ve probably heard of Thinkific, a powerful online course platform that has helped millions of people create, market, and sell their courses to eager learners all over the globe. 

But what sets Thinkific apart from other e-learning platforms? Their unwavering commitment to their core values – empowerment, impact, excellence, and integrity – drives everything they do as a company focused on education. 

In this article, we’ll explore Thinkific’s core values and how they guide its operations, providing insight into what makes Thinkific stand out as a values-driven company in the e-learning industry. So, join us as we dive into Thinkific and uncover the secrets behind its success as a company driven by values!


Thinkific’s Core Values

At the core of Thinkific’s success lies its four core values – empowerment, impact, excellence, and integrity. These values guide its operations and define its culture as a company focused on education.


At Thinkific, empowering their employees is a top priority. They create a supportive environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and ownership by trusting their team members. This approach allows for greater autonomy in work and enables team members to take ownership of their projects and responsibilities. 

Furthermore, the company provides resources and support to ensure its employees have everything they need to succeed. For example, Thinkific offers professional development programs, mentorship opportunities, and a robust benefits package.


Thinkific’s focus on impact is driven by its desire to create positive outcomes for its customers, students, and society. 

Their platform is designed to prioritize outcomes, with features such as gamification, analytics, and course completion certificates. It strives to continuously improve the student experience by gathering feedback, engaging with customers, and offering high-quality courses that provide real value. 

Additionally, the company is committed to giving back to society through various social responsibility initiatives.


To achieve excellence, Thinkific embraces continuous learning and encourages its team members to pursue quality and innovation. 

They are always looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the curve, whether attending industry events, conducting market research, or investing in new technologies. They also foster a culture of feedback, where team members are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, and everyone is open to constructive criticism.


At Thinkific, acting ethically and transparently is a key part of their value system. They understand that trust is critical in any business and work hard to build it with their stakeholders. 

These instances include following legal and regulatory requirements, communicating transparently with customers and partners, and keeping their promises. The team behind Thinkific believes that by operating with integrity, they create a positive environment for their team members and a foundation of trust for their customers.


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How Thinkific’s Values are Reflected in its Operations

Thinkific’s commitment to its core values of empowerment, impact, excellence, and integrity is not just a set of ideals on paper – it’s reflected in everything they do as a company focused on education. Each value shapes how Thinkific operates and serves its customers, from its platform features to its company culture.


Thinkific’s value of empowerment is reflected it gives its employees. They trust their team members to make important decisions and take ownership of their work, which fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their projects. 

Thinkific also offers employee development programs that provide opportunities for growth and advancement, whether through mentorship, training, or access to industry events. Additionally, Thinkific creates a supportive work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.


At Thinkific, their value of impact is reflected in how they prioritize their customers’ needs. They understand that their success depends on their customer’s success, so they offer features and resources to help them achieve their goals. 

They also practice sustainable business practices, such as reducing their carbon footprint, to contribute to society and minimize their environmental impact. Thinkific also has various social responsibility initiatives, including partnering with nonprofits and supporting charitable causes.


Thinkific’s focus on excellence is reflected in its constant product innovation. They are always looking for ways to improve their platform, whether developing new features, enhancing existing ones, or offering more integrations. They also have a continuous improvement process involving gathering feedback from customers and stakeholders and using it to make data-driven decisions. 

Furthermore, Thinkific encourages a learning culture by offering resources and opportunities for professional development, such as access to online courses, workshops, and industry events.


Thinkific’s value of integrity is reflected in its ethical business practices. They are committed to transparency and open communication with their stakeholders, including customers, partners, and investors. 

They also adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring that they operate within the boundaries of the law. Thinkific values honesty and trust, and they believe that these values are critical in building and maintaining relationships with their stakeholders.


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Examples of Thinkific’s Values in Action

Thinkific’s core values are not just words on paper but are reflected in every aspect of its operations. Here are some examples of how Thinkific’s values are put into action:


  1. Employee-led initiatives: Thinkific encourages employees to develop new ideas and initiatives that benefit the company and its customers. For instance, employees can suggest new features or improvements for the platform, and the company often implements those suggestions.
  2. Flexible work arrangements: Thinkific believes in the importance of work-life balance, and it offers flexible work arrangements such as remote work options, flexible working hours, and unlimited vacation time.
  3. Inclusivity and diversity programs: Thinkific values inclusivity. With that in mind, several programs are in place to ensure everyone feels welcome and valued. The company has an Inclusivity and Diversity Task Force and sponsors events and initiatives promoting inclusivity and diversity.


  1. Student success stories: Thinkific is focused on helping its customers succeed and shares its success stories on its website and social media channels. By highlighting its customers’ success, Thinkific shows its platform’s impact on people’s lives.
  2. Community engagement programs: Thinkific is committed to giving back to the community and has several programs in place to support local organizations and charities. For example, Thinkific supports the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and sponsors events like the Vancouver Pride Parade.
  3. Sustainable business practices in action: Thinkific is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, taking several steps to reduce waste and conserve resources. For instance, the company uses renewable energy sources and encourages its employees to use public transportation or carpool.


  1. Industry awards and recognition: Thinkific’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous awards and recognitions it has received over the years. The company has won several industry awards, including the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology and SIIA CODiE awards.
  2. Continuous product development and innovation: Thinkific is always looking for ways to improve its platform and stay ahead of the competition. The company invests heavily in research and development and regularly releases new features and improvements.
  3. Thought leadership and industry events: Thinkific is a thought leader in the online education industry, and it shares its knowledge and expertise through its blog, webinars, and industry events. By staying at the forefront of the industry, Thinkific helps its customers stay ahead of the curve.


  1. Trustworthy business practices and policies: Thinkific is committed to acting ethically and transparently in all its dealings. The company has several policies to ensure that it complies with legal and ethical standards and regularly reviews and updates those policies.
  2. Open communication with stakeholders: Thinkific believes in the importance of open and honest communication with its stakeholders, including its customers, employees, and investors. The company regularly solicits feedback from its stakeholders and considers their input when making decisions.
  3. Compliance with legal and ethical standards: Thinkific takes its legal and ethical responsibilities seriously, ensuring all its operations comply with applicable laws and regulations. The company’s dedicated legal and compliance team complies with all relevant laws and regulations.


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In conclusion, Thinkific’s values of empowerment, impact, excellence, and integrity are deeply ingrained in the company’s operations and culture. From its commitment to employee autonomy and development to its focus on customer needs and ethical business practices, Thinkific is a shining example of a values-driven company.

The importance of such a culture cannot be overstated in modern business, where consumers and employees seek companies that align with their values and priorities. By staying true to its core values, Thinkific has not only created a positive impact on its stakeholders but has also achieved remarkable success as a business.

As we look to the future of business, it’s clear that a values-driven approach will be essential for companies to thrive and make a meaningful difference in the world. Thinkific’s success is an inspiring example of what’s possible when a company is committed to its values and uses them to guide all aspects of its operations.

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