Thinkific Summits: A Comprehensive Guide to the Educational Events that Changed the Online Course Game


Thinkific is a well-known online course creation platform that has helped countless educators and entrepreneurs build successful e-learning businesses. One of the ways that Thinkific has become a leader in the industry is through its annual summits. These events unite some top minds in online course creation to share insights, strategies, and best practices for building successful and impactful courses. 

In this article, we’ll look at Thinkific’s organized summits and their impact on the online course creation industry. We’ll explore each summit’s themes and focus areas, highlight some notable speakers and presentations, and discuss how attendees have used the knowledge gained from these events to improve their courses. 

So whether you’re a seasoned online course creator or starting, keep reading to learn more about how Thinkific summits can help take your e-learning business to the next level.


Thinkific’s First Summit

In 2017, Thinkific held its inaugural summit, a game-changer for the online course creation industry. The summit was held in Vancouver, Canada, bringing together hundreds of educators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to share their knowledge and experience.

The summit aimed to provide a platform for online course creators to connect, learn, and grow. The event was designed to inspire attendees to create impactful courses and provide them with the tools and resources needed to succeed.

Some of the keynote speakers at the event included Thinkific CEO Greg Smith, marketing expert Pat Flynn, and online course creator Sunny Lenarduzzi. The summit covered various topics, including course creation strategies, marketing tactics, and best practices for engaging with students.

Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in the industry. The summit’s impact was felt throughout the online course community. Many attendees implemented the strategies and techniques they learned at the event to improve their courses and grow their businesses.

In summary, Thinkific’s first summit was a huge success and set the standard for the company’s future events. The event brought together some of the industry’s most innovative and creative minds and paved the way for future summits that would help shape the online course creation landscape.


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Subsequent Thinkific Summits

Since the success of its inaugural summit, Thinkific has continued to organize annual events that bring together the brightest minds in online course creation. Here is a brief overview of the subsequent summits organized by Thinkific:

Thinkific Summit 2018

The 2018 Thinkific summit in Vancouver, Canada, focused on “Impact.” The event included presentations on creating courses that positively impact students’ lives, using storytelling to enhance course content, and strategies for building an engaged community of learners

Notable speakers at the event included marketing guru Rand Fishkin, author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau, and branding expert Mel Abraham.

Thinkific Summit 2019

The 2019 Thinkific summit, held in San Diego, California, focused on the theme of “Thrive.” The event included presentations on using video to enhance course content, building effective sales funnels, and creating engaging quizzes and assessments. 

Notable speakers at the event included author and entrepreneur Dorie Clark, e-learning expert Connie Malamed, and marketing strategist Ryan Deiss.

Thinkific Summit 2020

The 2020 Thinkific summit was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic and focused on “Accelerate.” 

The event included presentations on building successful courses in uncertain times, using data to optimize course performance, and creating effective social media marketing campaigns. Notable speakers at the event included digital marketing expert Neil Patel, online course creator Kari Sayers, and entrepreneur and author David Siteman Garland.

Thinkific Summit 2021

The 2021 Thinkific summit, also held virtually, focused on the theme of “Grow.” The event included presentations on creating successful membership sites, using email marketing to build and nurture a community of students, and scaling a course business for long-term success. 

Notable speakers at the event included social media strategist Jasmine Star, online course creator, author Jacques Hopkins, and branding expert Phil Pallen.

Each summit provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge and insights into the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the online course creation industry. Notable speakers at each event shared their experiences and expertise, providing valuable advice and inspiration for attendees. 

From using storytelling to enhance course content to building effective sales funnels, these events covered a wide range of topics that were relevant to online course creators at all stages of their businesses. Course creators could gain new ideas and insights by attending these summits, building relationships with other creators, and taking their courses to the next level.


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Thinkific Summits: Attendee Feedback

One of the most notable aspects of the Thinkific Summits is the overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. Course creators worldwide have praised these events for their high-quality content, engaging speakers, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Common feedback from attendees across all summits includes:

  • The high caliber of speakers: Attendees consistently praise the quality of the speakers and presenters at Thinkific Summits. Many noted that the speakers were experts in their fields and provided valuable insights and advice on course creation and marketing.
  • The actionable content: Attendees appreciate the practical advice presented at Thinkific Summits. Rather than just theoretical concepts, speakers shared specific strategies and techniques that attendees could immediately apply to their online courses.
  • The networking opportunities: Many attendees noted that the Thinkific Summits provided valuable opportunities to connect with other course creators, industry experts, and potential collaborators. The events were a great way to build relationships and learn from others in the field.

Several attendees have shared specific instances of using the knowledge gained from Thinkific Summits to improve their online courses. For example, one attendee reported implementing several new course promotion and marketing strategies that they learned at a Thinkific Summit. As a result, they were able to attract more students and increase revenue.

Another attendee shared how they incorporated storytelling techniques learned at a Thinkific Summit into their course content, resulting in higher engagement and better student retention.

These examples are just a few instances where attendees have applied the knowledge gained at Thinkific Summits to their online courses. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and real-world results demonstrate the immense value of these educational events for course creators.


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Thinkific Summits: Conclusion

Thinkific Summits have played a significant role in the online course creation industry by providing course creators with valuable insights, practical strategies, and networking opportunities. Since the inaugural summit, Thinkific has organized multiple summits with diverse themes and focuses, featuring keynote speakers and presenters who are experts in their fields. Attendees have consistently praised the quality of content, actionable advice, and opportunities for collaboration and networking.

The impact of Thinkific Summits on the online course creation industry cannot be overstated. These events have created a community of like-minded individuals committed to creating and delivering high-quality online courses by bringing together course creators and industry experts worldwide. Through sharing insights, strategies, and experiences, Thinkific Summits have enabled course creators to elevate their skills and improve the overall quality of online courses.

If you’re a course creator looking to improve your skills and network with other professionals in the industry, attending a Thinkific Summit should be at the top of your list. With an impressive track record of high-quality content and networking opportunities, these events have proven to be a valuable investment for course creators of all levels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and take your online courses to the next level.

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