Thinkific Stock


Thinkific is a powerful and easy-to-use online course platform that enables users to create, market, and sell their courses. It has features such as course templates, multimedia support, quizzes, surveys, and video hosting capabilities. It has become increasingly popular in recent years and is used by thousands of businesses and individuals around the world. 

Thinkific stock refers to the company’s stock performance, meaning how it is doing financially and how its stock is performing on the public markets. It is important to understand Thinkific’s stock performance because it gives investors insight into how well the company is doing. 

Understanding Thinkific’s stock performance is important for investors because it can help them make decisions about whether or not to invest in the company. It can also give insight into the company’s growth prospects and how it is managing its finances. Knowing the stock performance can also help investors identify any potential risks or opportunities that may arise due to changes in the stock price.


Thinkific’s stock history

IPO Details

Thinkific went public on April 28, 2021, and traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The initial public offering price was $10 per share, and the company raised $100 million in gross proceeds.

Initial Stock Performance

The IPO was well-received by investors, and the stock opened for trading at $13.90. This was a 39% increase from the IPO price, representing a strong initial performance for the company.

Stock Performance Over Time

Since the IPO, the stock has continued to perform strongly and is up more than 40% from the opening price. The stock has seen some volatility, but the long-term outlook remains positive.


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Factors influencing Thinkific’s stock performance

Company financials and earnings reports

The performance of Thinkific’s stock can be affected by a variety of factors, such as company financials and earnings reports, market trends, and industry competition, and changes in company leadership or strategy.

Market trends and industry competition

Market trends and industry competition can have a significant impact on Thinkific’s stock performance. Factors such as global economic conditions, changes in consumer spending, and the introduction of new competitors can all influence the stock price.

Changes in company leadership or strategy

Changes in company leadership or strategy can also influence Thinkific’s stock performance. For example, an announcement of a new CEO, changes in the company’s long-term strategy, or a major acquisition can all have an effect on the stock price.


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Analyst opinions and rating

Overview of analyst coverage

Thinkific’s stock has been extensively covered by analysts and has earned a wide variety of ratings. Of the leading investment banks, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Raymond James have all given Thinkific a ‘buy’ rating, while Credit Suisse and UBS have an ‘outperform’ rating. A Deutsche Bank research report has rated the stock a ‘hold’ and a Citi Research report has given it a ‘sell’ rating.

Analyst opinions on Thinkific’s stock

Analysts have generally spoken positively about Thinkific’s stock in terms of its growth potential. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Raymond James have expressed the most enthusiasm for Thinkific’s stock, citing the company’s strong revenue growth, expanding customer base and innovative platform. The Deutsche Bank report, in particular, highlighted Thinkific’s potential to disrupt the traditional e-learning market as well as its impressive track record of revenue growth.

Comparison with industry averages

When comparing analyst ratings to the industry average, Thinkific’s stock stands out as a standout performer. According to data from, Thinkific’s stock has an average analyst rating of ‘outperform’, compared to the industry average of ‘hold’. This suggests that analysts are more positive on Thinkific’s stock than the industry as a whole.


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The future outlook for Thinkific’s stock

Company Growth Prospects

As the demand for digital learning solutions continues to grow, Thinkific has the potential to capitalize on this rising trend. The company has experienced steady growth in recent years and is well-positioned to benefit from the increased adoption of digital learning solutions and the expansion of its global presence. The company has also been expanding its product offering, which should help grow its customer base.

Emerging Industry Trends

The online learning industry is evolving rapidly, with advances in technology creating new opportunities for companies like Thinkific. New trends, such as gamification and personalized learning, have the potential to increase engagement and improve learning outcomes, and companies like Thinkific are well-positioned to benefit from these emerging trends.

Potential Risks and Challenges

As with any investment, there are potential risks and challenges associated with investing in Thinkific stock. The company’s reliance on third-party payment processors, for example, could be a potential source of risk if those processors experience outages or other issues. Additionally, the emergence of new competitors in the online learning space could have a negative impact on Thinkific’s market share.


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Investing in Thinkific’s stock

How to invest in Thinkific stock

Thinkific’s stock can be purchased through online stockbrokers and traditional stockbrokers. Online brokers offer the convenience of trading from home, while traditional brokers provide personalized advice and access to a wide range of investment products. The first step in investing in Thinkific’s stock is to open an account with a broker. Once the account is open, the investor can place an order to buy shares of Thinkific stock. 

Potential risks and benefits of investing

Investing in Thinkific’s stock carry the same risks and benefits as investing in stocks in general. While there is a potential for a higher return on investment, there is also the potential for losses if the stock price decreases. Additionally, investors should be aware of the company’s financial situation and potential risks to its future performance.

Comparison with other investment options

Investing in Thinkific’s stock can be compared with other investment options, such as mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Investing in stocks carries higher risk than investing in mutual funds, but also offers the potential for higher returns. Exchange-traded funds are also a viable option, as they can provide diversification and are generally easier to buy and sell than individual stocks.


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Thinkific’s stock has been performing well since its initial public offering in February 2021, with its stock prices increasing by over 100% since then. The company’s performance has been bolstered by strong demand for its services, as well as its ability to tap into the growing demand for online course platforms.

Thinkific is a well-established online course platform that has a track record of success and a bright future. Its stock has been performing well, and it appears poised to continue to grow in value. For those looking to invest in online course platforms, Thinkific is an excellent option with the potential for long-term growth.

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