How to Access Your Thinkific RSS Feed Introduction


RSS feeds are a way of syndicating website content so that it can be easily consumed by readers. RSS feeds are a great way of distributing content such as blog posts, news articles, and other types of content. This helps content reach the right audience and helps drive more traffic to the website.

Thinkific is an online course platform that allows users to create, market, and sell courses online. It has a range of features, including course bundles, memberships and subscriptions, course customization, multimedia support, quizzes and surveys, and more.


What is a Thinkific RSS feed?

Definition and purpose of an RSS feed

RSS stand for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a type of web-based feed used to make content available to subscribers. RSS feeds allow people to subscribe to blogs and other types of content, so they can be notified whenever new content is posted. It is an efficient way to stay up to date with a wide range of content sources.

How Thinkific generates an RSS feed for your course content

Thinkific provides the ability to generate an RSS feed for your course content, including lessons, quizzes, and discussions. This allows you to automatically share your course content with subscribers without having to manually promote it.

Examples of how RSS feeds can be used to distribute content

RSS feeds can be used for a wide range of purposes, including the distribution of course content, blog posts, podcasts, and more. They are an efficient way to keep subscribers up to date with the latest content, as well as to promote new content. RSS feeds can also be used to syndicate content to other websites or platforms.


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How to access your Thinkific RSS feed

Step-by-step instructions for finding your RSS feed URL

Thinkific provides an RSS feed URL, which can be used to syndicate your course content and notifications to external services such as email clients, social media channels, and RSS readers. Here are the steps to access your Thinkific RSS feed URL:

1. Log in to your Thinkific dashboard and click on “Profile” at the top right of the page.

2. On the Profile page, click on “Feeds & Syndication” in the left menu.

3. On the Feeds & Syndication page, you will see an RSS Feed URL, which you can copy and use to access your RSS feed.

Troubleshooting common issues with accessing your RSS feed

If you’re having trouble accessing your RSS feed, the following steps may help: 

1. Make sure you’re logged into the same account that owns the course associated with the RSS feed.

2. Ensure that the RSS feed is enabled for the course – you can check this by navigating to the “Settings” section of the course and enabling the “Enable RSS” checkbox.

3. Make sure the RSS feed URL is correctly entered into the service that you’re trying to syndicate the content to.

If you’re still having trouble accessing your RSS feed after completing these steps, you can always contact Thinkific Support for help.


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Best practices for using your Thinkific RSS feed

Tips for Optimizing Your RSS Feed Content

When using a Thinkific RSS feed, there are certain tips and best practices that can help ensure your content is optimally distributed. First, try to include relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your items, as this will help with SEO. Additionally, make sure that the content of the feed is optimized for your target audience and not overly promotional. Lastly, ensure that the images used in the feed are correctly sized, as this can affect the performance of the feed.

Strategies for Using RSS Feeds to Distribute Your Course Content

RSS feeds can be used to effectively distribute course content to a wide audience. One strategy is to publish a “taster” or teaser of the course to attract potential buyers. This can be done by including excerpts, images, or videos from the actual course in the feed. Additionally, RSS feeds can be used to push notifications when a course is updated or when new courses are released. Finally, RSS feeds can be used to create mailing list campaigns that can help with course promotion.


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RSS feeds are an important way to distribute content automatically. They allow you to easily syndicate your content to other websites, blogs and news sites, which can drastically increase your reach and help you get more attention. They are also useful for notifying your followers and subscribers when you have new content available. 

Using Thinkific’s RSS feed can help you get more eyes on your content and get more engagement. To get the most out of your Thinkific RSS feed, make sure to properly configure your settings and customize your feed. Additionally, make sure to promote your feed, so more people are aware of it and can subscribe to it. Finally, be sure to update your feed regularly with new content to keep your subscribers engaged.

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