How to Keep Students Informed and Engaged with Thinkific Payment Reminders


Running an online course can be incredibly rewarding but comes with challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is ensuring students stay engaged and up-to-date with course payments. 

Late or missed payments can disrupt your course and affect your revenue. That’s where Thinkific’s weekly reminder email feature comes in handy. 

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of payment reminders in online courses and show you how to keep your students informed and engaged with the Thinkific payment reminder feature. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to increase revenue, improve student retention, and create a more satisfying learning experience for your students.


How to Set Up Payment Reminders in Thinkific

If you want to streamline your course payments and keep students informed, setting up payment reminders in Thinkific is the way to go. With Thinkific’s payment reminder feature, you can customize and automate emails to students who have outstanding payments or upcoming payments due.

Enabling Payment Reminders in Thinkific

To start using Thinkific’s payment reminder feature, you’ll need to enable it in your course settings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Thinkific account and navigate to your course dashboard.
  2. Click on “Settings” and then “Billing.”
  3. Scroll to the “Payment Reminders” section and click “Enable Payment Reminders.”
  4. Once enabled, you’ll be able to access the payment reminder settings.

Setting the Frequency of Payment Reminders

Thinkific allows you to set the frequency of payment reminders sent to your students. You can choose to send reminders weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Here’s how to set the frequency:

  1. Select the frequency from the drop-down menu in your payment reminder settings.
  2. Save your settings.

Customizing Reminder Emails in Thinkific

Customizing payment reminder emails is essential to making them effective. In Thinkific, you can edit the content and appearance of your payment reminder emails to match your brand and message. Here’s how to do it:

  1. In your payment reminder settings, click “Customize Payment Reminder Emails.”
  2. Use the email editor to add your text, images, and links.
  3. Preview your email to see how it looks.
  4. Save your settings.

Adding Merge Tags to Payment Reminder Emails for Personalization

To make your payment reminder emails even more effective, you can use merge tags to personalize them for each student. Merge tags allow you to automatically insert student-specific information into the email, like their name or the course they’re enrolled in. Here’s how to add merge tags to your payment reminder emails:

  1. Click “Insert Merge Tag” in your email editor to see a list of available tags.
  2. Select the tag you want to use, which you will insert into your email.
  3. Save your settings.

By enabling payment reminders, setting the frequency, customizing your emails, and adding merge tags for personalization, you can create a streamlined payment process for your students while keeping them informed and engaged in your course.


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Benefits of Using Payment Reminders in Thinkific

Payment reminders can be a powerful tool to keep your students informed and engaged in your course, leading to increased revenue, student retention, and satisfaction. Here are some benefits of using payment reminders in Thinkific:

Increased Revenue and Student Retention

Sending payment reminders to students who have outstanding payments or upcoming payments due can significantly increase your revenue and student retention rates. 

When students receive timely reminders about payments due, they’re more likely to make their payments on time and continue their enrollment in your course. It leads to increased revenue for your business and improved retention rates for your course.

Reduced Customer Support Requests

Payment reminders can also reduce the number of customer support requests you receive related to payments. 

When students receive timely reminders about their payments, they’re less likely to forget about them or become confused about their payment status. It leads to fewer payment support requests, allowing you to focus on providing support in other areas.

Improved Student Experience and Satisfaction

Using payment reminders can improve your course’s overall student experience and satisfaction. By informing students about their payments, you provide them with a clear and transparent payment process. It leads to increased trust in your course and improved satisfaction with the overall experience.


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Best Practices for Using Payment Reminders in Thinkific

While payment reminders can be a powerful tool to keep your students informed and engaged, it’s important to use them strategically to maximize their effectiveness. Here are some best practices for using payment reminders in Thinkific:

Timing Payment Reminders Strategically

When sending payment reminders, it’s important to time them strategically to ensure they’re effective. For example, sending a payment reminder too early may not be helpful as students may not have the funds available. 

Conversely, sending a payment reminder too late may result in missed payments. Thinkific allows you to customize the frequency of payment reminders to choose the best timing for your course and students.

Using Clear and Concise Language in Payment Reminder Emails

When sending payment reminders, it’s important to use clear and concise language to ensure students understand the payment process and their payment status. Use simple language and avoid technical jargon that may confuse students. 

Thinkific also allows you to customize payment reminder emails to include relevant information and instructions for payment.

Offering Payment Plan Options for Students Who May Be Struggling to Pay

In some cases, students may struggle to pay for your course in full, resulting in missed payments and decreased student retention. Payment plan options help alleviate this issue and keep students engaged in your course. 

Thinkific offers flexible payment plan options that allow you to customize payment schedules and payment amounts to meet the needs of your students.


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Tips for Creating Effective Payment Reminder Emails in Thinkific

Creating effective payment reminder emails in Thinkific is important to running a successful online course. Here are several tips to help you make sure your payment reminder emails are effective and engaging for your students: 

Keeping Payment Reminder Emails Short and to the Point

Long, drawn-out emails can be overwhelming for students and may cause them to miss key information or lose interest in reading the entire email. Keep payment reminder emails concise and only include necessary information.

Using Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Students receive dozens of emails daily, so standing out from the crowd with an attention-grabbing subject line is important to draw their attention. Ensure the subject line accurately reflects what’s included in the email so they don’t delete it before opening it! 

Including a Call-to-Action in Payment Reminder Emails

It’s not enough to remind students about payments—you also need to give them clear instructions on how to pay immediately! Include a call-to-action such as “Click here to pay now” at the end of each payment reminder email, so they know what steps to take next. 

Making Payment Options Clear and Easy To Access

One common issue among online courses is that students have trouble finding where to make payments or input their payment details, resulting in delayed or no payments. Ensure you provide clear directions on where and how students can access their payment options within each email and any other relevant information, such as deadlines for making payments or discounts available if they pay quickly. 

By using these tips for creating effective payment reminders in Thinkific, you can ensure your students stay informed about upcoming payments and remain engaged with your course materials!


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Payment reminders are an essential tool for online course instructors, and Thinkific offers a convenient way to send these reminders out every week. By setting up payment reminders in Thinkific, instructors can inform their students about upcoming payments and increase revenue and student retention. Customizing payment reminder emails with merge tags also helps make them more personalized and engaging for students. 

Using payment reminders in Thinkific is a great way to ensure students stay informed about their payments and remain engaged with your course materials. It’s important to remember that creating effective payment reminder emails requires careful planning and attention to detail—so follow the tips outlined in this article for the best results! 

Good luck, and happy teaching!

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