How to Set Up Thinkific Payment Plans for Your Courses


Thinkific is a powerful platform that allows creators to build and sell their online courses and other digital products, such as memberships and bundles. One key feature of Thinkific is the ability to set up monthly payment plans for these offerings. 

If you want to increase your course sales and customer satisfaction, you might want to consider setting up monthly payment plans on Thinkific. With this feature, you can offer your customers flexible payment options and reduce financial barriers to entry. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating payment plans on Thinkific, discuss the benefits of this feature, and provide solutions to potential challenges. Whether you’re a course creator or an online business owner, this article will help you make the most of Thinkific’s payment plans feature.


Setting Up Monthly Payment Plans on Thinkific

Setting up monthly payment plans for your Thinkific courses is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting you started.

Overview of Thinkific’s Payment Options

Thinkific offers multiple payment options, including one-time payments, subscriptions, and payment plans. Payment plans allow users to pay for their courses and products over time, making them an excellent choice for those who can’t afford to pay for everything upfront.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Monthly Payment Plans

  1. Choose a payment gateway – Thinkific integrates with several payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal. Choose one that suits your business and follow the integration process.
  2. Select or create a product – Once you find your chosen payment provider, you will need to create a payment plan for your product. To get started, you can select from your list of existing courses. Otherwise, create a new product. 
  3. Create the payment plan option – Once you’re in the Course Builder for your chosen product, select the “Pricing” tab, then choose the “Monthly payment plan” option. 
  4. Set the payment intervals and pricing – You can set the amount per payment and how many months you want the installment to last. You can also set the number of days a student will be enrolled in the course as an option. 
  5. Save and manage monthly payment plan orders – Once satisfied with the changes, click “Save.” Once a customer signs up for your course through your monthly payment plan, you can manage their orders, send them reminders, and track their payments.


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Benefits of Using Payment Plans on Thinkific

Using payment plans on Thinkific can provide numerous benefits for course creators and business owners. Here are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Improved Course Sales and Revenue

By offering payment plans, you can make your courses and products more accessible to a broader audience, increasing sales and revenue. Payment plans also allow customers to save more than purchasing the entire course once.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Offering payment plans can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by giving them greater flexibility in how they pay for courses or products. Customers appreciate the option to pay in installments and may be more likely to return to your business.

  • Reduced Financial Barriers for Customers

Payment plans can help reduce financial barriers for customers who cannot pay for everything upfront. You can open your courses and products to a broader range of customers by offering payment plans.


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Potential Challenges and Concerns

Despite the many benefits of Thinkific’s payment plans, there are potential challenges that course creators and business owners should be aware of. 

Managing Payment Plan Cancellations and Refunds

Customers may want to cancel their payment plans or request refunds for various reasons. Having a clear refund policy and communicating it effectively to your customers is crucial to avoid losing revenue or customers.

Dealing with Non-Payment and Delinquent Accounts

Some customers may fail to make their payments on time, leading to delinquent accounts. To manage this, consider sending out payment reminders or following up with customers who miss payments. Sometimes, you may need to suspend or cancel a customer’s payment plan to protect your business’s financial stability.

Changing the Pricing of the Payment Plan

Since payment plans are paid monthly, what happens if you change the cost of the course all of a sudden? As with Thinkific’s subscription pricing, changing or updating your payment plan will not affect existing users and will only apply to new enrollments moving forward. 


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In conclusion, setting up monthly payment plans on Thinkific can benefit course creators and their students. By offering a flexible payment option, you can attract more students and make your courses more accessible. Remember to choose the right payment gateway, set up a clear cancellation and refund policy, and consider other tips and notes while setting up a monthly plan for your courses and other products.

By following these recommendations, you can successfully offer payment plans that benefit you and your students. For further reading, check Thinkific’s Help Center or contact its team through its customer service section. They offer valuable resources and support for course creators like you.

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