Thinkific Marketing Features and Tools – Promote and Market Your Online Courses


Are you an online course creator looking to boost revenue and reach a wider audience? Look no further than Thinkific, the leading platform for creating and selling online courses. 

But creating a course is only half the battle. To succeed, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. That’s why in this article, we’ll explore the marketing features that Thinkific has to offer. From email marketing and landing pages to affiliate programs and ad campaigns, we’ll cover everything you need to know to effectively promote your courses and drive sales. 

Get ready to take your online course business to the next level with Thinkific’s powerful marketing tools.


Overview of Thinkific’s Marketing Tools

Thinkific provides a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to help you reach your target audience and grow your online course business. From email marketing and landing pages to affiliate programs and ad campaigns, Thinkific has everything you need to effectively promote your courses and drive sales.

Using Thinkific’s marketing tools can provide numerous benefits for your business. For example, Thinkific’s email marketing tool allows you to create and send customized email campaigns to your subscribers, helping you to nurture leads and keep your audience engaged. Meanwhile, Thinkific’s landing pages make it easy to create high-converting pages that showcase your courses and encourage visitors to enroll.

In addition to these features, Thinkific also offers an affiliate program that enables you to incentivize others to promote your courses and earn commissions on sales. Thinkific’s ad manager is another powerful tool that allows you to create and run targeted ad campaigns on social media and other platforms.

One of the greatest benefits of using Thinkific’s marketing tools is their integration with other popular marketing tools. For example, you can integrate your Thinkific account with your favorite email marketing platform, Mailchimp or Constant Contact, to streamline your marketing efforts and save time.

Overall, Thinkific’s marketing tools are necessary for anyone looking to effectively promote and grow their online course business. Stay tuned for more detailed explanations of each tool in the following sections.


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Email Marketing with Thinkific

As a leading platform for creating and selling online courses, Thinkific offers a robust email marketing tool to help you effectively reach your target audience. Some of the key features of Thinkific’s email marketing tool include the ability to create and send customized email campaigns, track email performance metrics, and segment your audience based on various criteria.

How to Set Up Email Campaigns

To set up an email campaign in Thinkific, you must create a new campaign, select your recipients, and craft your message. Thinkific offers a wide range of email templates, making creating professional-looking emails without design skills easy. You can also personalize your messages with merge tags, which automatically populate with recipient-specific information like their name or course progress.

Email Marketing Tips

Regarding best practices for email marketing with Thinkific, there are a few key things to remember. First, ensure your emails are relevant and engaging to your audience. Consider segmenting your audience based on interests, behavior, or other criteria to ensure you send targeted messages. It’s also important to use clear, attention-grabbing subject lines and test different email elements to see what works best.

Integrations with Popular Email Marketing Tools

For a more streamlined email marketing experience, Thinkific lets you connect with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign through the Thinkific App Store. Doing so allows you to seamlessly transfer your Thinkific contact list to your email marketing platform of choice and vice versa, making it easy to manage your contacts and campaigns all in one place.


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Thinkific Landing Pages

As a course creator, having a high-converting landing page is crucial for capturing leads and driving sales. With Thinkific’s landing page builder, you can easily create professional-looking pages that showcase your courses and entice visitors to enroll. Some key features of Thinkific’s landing page builder include customizable templates, drag-and-drop editing, and integrations with popular marketing tools.

Customizing Landing Pages

To create a landing page in Thinkific, simply select a template that fits your brand and customize it to your liking. You can easily add text, images, videos, testimonials, and other elements to create a compelling page highlighting your courses’ benefits. Thinkific’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to rearrange elements and tweak the design until you’re happy with the result.

Optimizing Landing Pages for SEO

Another key feature of Thinkific’s landing page builder is its ability to optimize your pages for SEO. Including relevant keywords and meta descriptions can improve your page’s search engine ranking and attract more organic traffic. Thinkific also allows you to track page views and conversions, so you can see how your pages perform and adjust as needed.

Third-party Landing Page Tool Apps

If you prefer to use third-party landing page tools, Thinkific also offers integrations with popular platforms like Leadpages and Unbounce. This allows you to create landing pages outside of Thinkific and seamlessly link them to your course pages, providing a cohesive user experience for your visitors.


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Thinkific Webinar Marketing

Webinars are a popular and effective way to promote your online courses, and Thinkific offers a variety of features to help you create and host them. You can use them to build your email list, generate leads, provide value to your audience, and ultimately drive sales of your Thinkific courses. 

To use webinars effectively, you’ll need to choose a topic that resonates with your audience, create a compelling registration page, deliver a high-quality presentation, and make a compelling offer to your attendees.

Thinkific’s Built-in Webinar Features

Thinkific’s webinar features include creating custom registration pages, hosting live webinars or pre-recorded webinars, interacting with attendees via chat and polls, and integrating with popular webinar tools like Zoom and WebinarJam.

Tips for a Successful Webinar Campaign

To run successful webinars with Thinkific, choosing a topic that aligns with your course content is important. You can also promote your webinar through your email list and social media channels, deliver a high-quality presentation that provides value to your audience, and follow up with attendees after the webinar to nurture leads and close sales.

Third-party Webinar Integrations

Thinkific integrates with various popular webinar tools, including Zoom, WebinarJam, and GoToWebinar, to provide a seamless experience for your attendees and make it easy to manage your webinars.


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Thinkific Affiliate Program

The Thinkific affiliate program is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to partner with affiliates who promote your courses in exchange for a commission on sales. It allows you to set a commission rate for affiliates who refer customers to your courses. 

Affiliates can promote your courses through their website, social media, email list, or other channels, using unique tracking links to ensure they get credit for any sales they generate. You can track affiliate performance, manage payouts, and communicate with your affiliates using the Thinkific platform.

How to Set Up an Affiliate Program

To set up an affiliate program in Thinkific, simply navigate to the “Affiliates” tab in your dashboard and follow the prompts to create a new program. You’ll need to set a commission rate, determine the length of the tracking cookie, and customize the program terms and conditions. You can also create marketing materials and tracking links for your affiliates.

Tips for Running an Affiliate Program

To make the most of your affiliate program, you should choose the right commission rate and recruit affiliates who align with your brand and audience. Not only that, but you should also provide them with the resources they need to promote your courses effectively and track their performance regularly to identify top performers and areas for improvement.

Successful Examples

Many Thinkific course creators have succeeded with affiliate marketing, using it to drive traffic and sales to their courses. For example, some have partnered with influencers in their niche to promote their courses to their followers. In contrast, others have recruited past students or customers to become affiliates and spread the word. 

By offering a commission on sales and providing affiliates with the tools and resources they need to succeed, these creators have scaled their marketing efforts and increased their revenue.


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Thinkific Ads Manager

Thinkific’s Ads Manager allows you to create and manage advertising campaigns for your courses on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. With detailed targeting options and performance tracking, you can maximize the impact of your ad spend and drive more sales.

How to Create Ads

To create ads on Thinkific, you’ll need to first set up a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics account and link it to your Thinkific site. From there, you can create ad campaigns targeting specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behavior. You can also create different types of ads, such as video or carousel ads, and choose from various ad formats and placements.

Best Practices for a Better Ad Campaign

It’s important to get the most out of your advertising campaigns on Thinkific by choosing the right targeting options, creating compelling ad copy and visuals, setting a budget that aligns with your goals, and tracking your performance to make data-driven decisions. It’s also crucial to continually test and optimize your ads to improve their effectiveness.

Examples of Successful Ad Campaigns

Many Thinkific users have successfully used the platform’s Ads Manager to drive significant results for their courses. Some successful campaigns include using retargeting ads to reach people who have previously engaged with your content, creating video ads that showcase the benefits of your courses, and using social proof like testimonials to boost ad performance.

Thinkific’s Ads Manager provides a powerful tool for promoting your courses to a wider audience. Using this powerful feature to create targeted and effective advertising campaigns, you can drive more traffic and sales to your courses and grow your online business.


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Thinkific Marketing Features and Tools – Conclusion

Thinkific’s marketing tools provide comprehensive features to help course creators market their courses effectively. Using each key feature we have mentioned, you can create targeted campaigns to reach your ideal audience and drive more sales for your courses. Plus, integrating with popular marketing tools and providing best practices, Thinkific makes it easy to develop effective marketing strategies that work for your business.

In conclusion, Thinkific’s marketing tools offer a range of benefits, including increased visibility, higher conversion rates, and better engagement with your audience. Utilizing these tools allows you to take your online course business to the next level and achieve your goals more effectively.

We recommend exploring the various marketing tools offered by Thinkific and implementing them into your overall marketing strategy to see the best results. With Thinkific’s user-friendly interface and expert guidance, you can be on your way to creating successful marketing campaigns for your online courses.

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