Thinkific Goes Mobile: A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming App


Thinkific allows course creators to easily create, promote, sell, and deliver online courses without the required coding knowledge. It provides multiple features such as automated emails, payment processing options, customizable themes, analytics tools, and much more, making creating courses easier than ever.  

Mobile learning has gained more traction recently as the technology has become increasingly accessible on mobile devices. It’s a great way to reach new audiences and make content more accessible than ever before. This is why mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among many businesses and organizations. 

With that in mind, you may wonder whether Thinkific offers a mobile app. Well, don’t fret! While there isn’t a mobile app available for Thinkific users yet, the company is working hard behind the scenes to develop one. The upcoming mobile app will be released soon, giving users access to all their courses on the go!


Thinkific Mobile: An Overview

Recently, Thinkific announced the upcoming release of its official mobile app. This new development will be great for those looking to take their course content on the go.

The upcoming Thinkific Mobile app will provide users access to courses and content from anywhere using only their mobile devices. It will allow them to add and edit content, view analytics, manage students, create course bundles and promotions, process payments, and more. Users can also track student progress and engagement and send notifications whenever new materials or updates become available. 

Once again, Thinkific Mobile is a great development for course creators and learners. The Thinkific Mobile app will make it easier for users to keep up with their courses and stay productive on the go!

Thinkific’s Current Mobile Capabilities

Although a mobile app isn’t available for Thinkific users yet, it is still possible to access the platform on a mobile device. 

Students can access the Thinkific website through any web browser optimized for desktop and mobile devices so that users can access their courses from anywhere. This option makes it easy to manage courses and keep track of student progress no matter where you are. 

However, there are some limitations to using Thinkific on mobile devices. For example, some features may not be available or work as expected due to smaller devices’ lack of screen space. 

Additionally, the user interface may not be as intuitive or user-friendly as if accessed through a desktop computer. Finally, certain activities, such as uploading files or creating content, can be more difficult from a mobile device. 


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Why Thinkific Doesn’t Currently Offer a Mobile App

Thinkific has been around since 2012 and has become a popular platform for creating and selling online courses. Despite its success, the company chose not to develop a mobile app. There are several reasons why this decision was made, as developing a mobile app for an LMS isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. 

The main reason Thinkific decided against creating a mobile app is due to the project’s complexity. Developing an effective mobile app requires significant resources regarding man-hours, money, and technology. The team at Thinkific wanted to focus their energy on other aspects of the product that would provide more value to users without taking away from existing features or sacrificing quality. 

Another challenge when developing a mobile app for an LMS such as Thinkific is ensuring it meets all the necessary security requirements. A lot of sensitive data, such as credit card information and user accounts, must be protected from threats like hackers or malicious software. Any mobile app created must be secure enough to keep this data safe while providing users with easy access to their course material whenever needed. 

What Thinkific Mobile Means for Users

Benefits of Thinkific Mobile

The upcoming mobile app from Thinkific will be a great addition to the platform. It will give users more convenience and access to their courses on the go. Here are some of the benefits that Thinkific Mobile can bring to users: 

A Penchant for Convenience

With Thinkific Mobile, users can easily access their courses and content while out and about. They won’t have to be tied to a computer or laptop to work on their course content. They’ll be able to learn whenever, wherever they want! 

Increased Engagement

The ability for users to access their courses anytime and anywhere makes it easier for them to stay engaged with their learning material which is important for retaining information. Plus, having all their course materials in one place makes it easier for them to keep track of what they’ve learned so far and what still needs work. 

Excellent Efficiency

Thinkific Mobile will also make it easier for creators to manage multiple courses simultaneously and track student progress quickly and efficiently. This means more time saved for both students and creators when managing learning materials. 

Thinkific’s mobile app will significantly impact the e-learning industry, making online learning much more accessible than ever before. By providing an easy way for people around the world to access high-quality educational resources through mobile devices, this app has the potential to revolutionize how we learn today.


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Thinkific Goes Mobile: Conclusion

This article has looked at the upcoming Thinkific mobile app, which promises to revolutionize the way we learn. We explored the popularity of mobile learning and how it can benefit users and creators. We also discussed how Thinkific is leading the way in making online learning more accessible on mobile devices. 

The Thinkific mobile app will be a great addition to the platform, providing users more convenience, engagement, and efficiency when accessing their courses and content. It will greatly impact the e-learning industry, making online learning much more accessible than ever before. 

The future of mobile learning looks very promising indeed! With companies like Thinkific leading the charge in developing innovative solutions that make education more accessible worldwide, there’s no telling what we could achieve in this space in years to come.  

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