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A free preview period, also known as a “free trial” or “try before you buy,” is a time period during which potential customers can use a product, such as an online course, for free before they decide whether or not to purchase it. This allows them to test out the product and see if it meets their needs before making an investment.

Free previews are especially important for online course platforms like Thinkific since they provide potential customers with the opportunity to get an up-close look at what the platform has to offer without having to invest any money beforehand. This helps ensure that customers only purchase courses that will meet their needs and help them reach their learning goals.

This article will cover how Thinkific’s free preview periods work and how long users have access to courses during those periods. Additionally, we’ll discuss strategies for using Thinkific’s free previews most effectively so that potential customers can maximize the value of their experience and make informed decisions about whether or not to purchase courses.


Thinkific Free Preview Period Overview

The Thinkific free preview period is a feature that allows course creators to give potential students a free trial of their online course. This allows prospects to get a feel for the content and quality of the course before deciding to purchase it, which can be beneficial for both the student and instructor.

How the Free Preview Period Works on Thinkific:

Thinkific’s free preview period is easy to set up, allowing users to select how many days they want their prospective students to have access to their course content, as well as what type of content they would like them to see (e.g. videos, quizzes, etc.). 

Once activated, prospective students will only be able to view the designated preview material until the end of the trial period. After this time has elapsed, they will need to purchase the full version in order to continue viewing or participating in any further materials.

Comparison of Thinkific’s Free Preview Period To Other Online Course Platforms:

Thinkific’s free preview period offers more flexibility than some other online course platforms when it comes to setting up trials for potential students. For example, some platforms may require payment upfront before granting access – whereas with Thinkific there is no upfront cost required during the trial period and access is granted immediately upon registration. 

Additionally, compared with other platforms that might only offer an abbreviated trial window (e.g., one hour), Thinkific provides much longer periods (upwards of 30 days) which allows more time for prospective customers to experience and evaluate courses before committing financially.


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Thinkific Free Preview Period Length

Overview of the length of the Thinkific free preview period:

Thinkific allows course creators to offer a free preview period of up to 14 days for their courses. This gives potential students the opportunity to try out a course before committing to purchasing it.

Explanation of how the length of the free preview period impacts course creators and students:

The length of the free preview period can have both positive and negative effects on both course creators and potential students. For course creators, a longer free preview period will give more people an opportunity to view their courses and decide if they want to purchase them, potentially leading to more sales. 

On the other hand, it could also lead to fewer sales since some people may take advantage of the free preview period without ever making a purchase. For potential students, a longer free preview period gives them more time to evaluate a course before making a decision, but it also means they might wait too long and miss out on buying it.

Comparison of the length of the Thinkific free preview period to other online course platforms:

When compared with other online course platforms like Udemy or Teachable, Thinkific’s 14-day free trial is relatively short in comparison—Udemy offers a 30-day trial and Teachable offers an unlimited trial—but it still provides enough time for potential students to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to buy a particular course.


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Best Practices for Using the Thinkific Free Preview Period

Tips and best practices for using the Thinkific free preview period effectively:

The Thinkific free preview period is a great way to give potential students an opportunity to try out your course before they commit to purchasing it. Here are some tips and best practices for making the most of this feature:

  • Keep your free preview short – The ideal length of time for a free preview is 7 days or less. This allows potential students to get a good taste of the course without feeling overwhelmed by too much material.
  • Focus on high-value topics – You should focus your free previews on the highest-value topics in your course so that potential students can get a feel for what you’re offering.
  • Include video content – Video content is one of the most effective ways to engage potential students and keep them interested in your course, so be sure to include as much video content as possible in your free previews.  
  • Promote heavily – To make sure that you get as many people taking advantage of the free preview period as possible, be sure to promote it heavily across all your channels (social media, email list, etc.).

Examples of successful use of the free preview period on Thinkific:

Thinkific has seen great success with courses utilizing their free preview feature. For example, one user saw their conversion rate increase from 2% before using their preview period to 24% after implementing it! Another user saw their revenue double when they began offering previews of their courses. These examples show just how powerful this feature can be when used correctly.

Explanation of how the free preview period can improve the student experience:

Not only does offering a free trial help increase conversions, but it also helps create better experiences for students who purchase courses through Thinkific. By giving them an opportunity to “try before they buy”, you are helping them ensure that they are investing in something worth their time and money which leads to higher satisfaction rates among users who take advantage of this offer.


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This article has outlined the features, pricing, and potential benefits of using either Thinkific or Vimeo to create and manage online courses. Specifically, we have discussed the free preview period offered by Thinkific for course creators.

In summary, Thinkific offers a 14-day free preview period for course creators to showcase their content and attract more customers. This feature allows course creators to get a sense of how their course is received before requiring payment from students. Additionally, this feature can be used as an effective marketing tool for increasing sales conversions.

Finally, it is important that course creators on Thinkific take advantage of the free preview period in order to maximize their profits and reach more potential customers. This feature can be used to increase visibility for courses, build trust with students, and ultimately drive higher sales conversions.

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