Inside Thinkific’s Workplace Culture: An Inside Look at Thinkific’s Employee Count


Thinkific is an online learning platform enabling users to create and sell online courses. It has provided exceptional services to its customers since its inception in 2012. 

The platform has grown significantly over the years and has achieved remarkable milestones in the industry. As of 2023, Thinkific’s employee base has also grown stronger despite the challenges it faced over recent years. In this article, we’ll explore the growth of Thinkific, its current employee count, and the significance of this number. 

We’ll also delve into Thinkific’s organizational structure, workplace culture, and the opportunities it offers for employment and growth. So let’s dive in and learn more about Thinkific and its employees.


Thinkific’s Growth

Thinkific was founded in 2012 by Greg Smith, Matt Payne, and Miranda Lievers in Vancouver, Canada. The platform started as a tool to help Greg Smith create and sell his online courses. However, they quickly realized that there was a high demand for an easy-to-use platform for people who wanted to create their online courses.

Since its inception, Thinkific has achieved significant milestones and has grown into one of the leading online learning platforms in the industry. 

One of the platform’s most notable achievements was its recognition as a top-ranked online course platform by G2, a leading business software review website. In 2021, Thinkific was also named the Best Online Course Platform for Small Business by the U.S. News & World Report.

Factors that Contributed to Thinkific’s Growth

The growth of Thinkific can be attributed to several factors, including its user-friendly platform, focus on customer success, and dedication to constantly improving its services. Thinkific’s platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for people with no technical experience. The platform also provides exceptional customer support, with a team of experts available to help users at every step of the way.

Another factor contributing to Thinkific’s growth is its focus on customer success. Thinkific is committed to helping its users succeed. It provides them with the tools and resources to create and sell successful online courses, such as customizable landing pages, email marketing integrations, and the ability to create quizzes and surveys.

Finally, Thinkific’s dedication to improving its services has also been crucial to its growth. The platform is constantly evolving, with new features and improvements added regularly to keep up with the changing needs of its users. This dedication to improvement has helped Thinkific stay ahead of its competitors and maintain its position as one of the leading online learning platforms in the industry.

In the next section, we’ll look at the current number of employees at Thinkific and how it has contributed to the platform’s growth.


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Thinkific’s Current Number of Employees

As of 2023, Thinkific has approximately 350 employees, according to recent reports. 350 employees is a significant decrease from the company’s previous number of employees before the 2022 layoffs, around 499. The layoffs were part of a restructuring effort to streamline the company’s operations and ensure its long-term sustainability.

Despite the decreased employee count, Thinkific’s workforce remains highly skilled and committed to the platform’s success. Thinkific has always prioritized hiring top talent, which remains crucial to its growth strategy. The platform’s workforce includes experts in various fields, including product development, customer success, marketing, and sales.

While the decrease in employee count may seem alarming, it’s important to note that Thinkific’s growth rate has remained consistent. The company has continued to expand its services and improve its platform, even with fewer employees. This is a testament to the company’s commitment to efficiency and its focus on hiring top talent.

Thinkific’s employee growth rate is also worth analyzing. While the company’s employee count has decreased since the 2022 layoffs, its growth rate has remained relatively stable. It can be attributed to several factors, including the company’s dedication to its employees and its commitment to providing them with opportunities for growth and development.


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Thinkific’s Organizational Structure

Management Division

Thinkific has a well-defined organizational structure, with a management team that oversees various departments responsible for the platform’s day-to-day operations. The management team is led by CEO and co-founder Greg Smith, who is responsible for the company’s overall strategy and direction. Other key management team members include the Chief Product Officer, the Chief Revenue Officer, and the Chief Financial Officer.

Thinkific Departments

The different departments at Thinkific include Product Development, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Human Resources. Each department has specific responsibilities that contribute to the platform’s success. 

For instance, the Product Development department creates and improves Thinkific’s platform. In contrast, the Customer Success department ensures users have a positive experience and achieve their goals.

Thinkific’s employees have clear roles and responsibilities, defined based on their department and job function. For instance, employees in the Product Development department may be responsible for designing and developing new features for the platform. In contrast, employees in the Sales department may be responsible for generating new business and increasing revenue.

Despite the clear organizational structure, Thinkific also fosters a culture of collaboration and cross-functional teamwork. This practice allows employees from different departments to work together to achieve common goals and ensures everyone is aligned with the company’s mission and vision.


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Thinkific’s Workplace Culture

Thinkific’s workplace culture is an essential part of the company’s success. The company is committed to creating a positive, inclusive work environment fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth. Here are some of how Thinkific’s workplace culture stands out:

Workplace Values

Thinkific’s values center around putting customers first, being curious and innovative, working with integrity, and fostering community and inclusivity. These values guide the company’s decision-making processes and help employees stay aligned with the company’s mission.

Employee Benefits and Perks

Thinkific offers a range of employee benefits and perks that contribute to a positive work-life balance. These include health and wellness benefits, flexible work hours, unlimited vacation time, and professional development opportunities.

Employee Feedback and Reviews

Thinkific’s workplace culture has received positive employee feedback, with many highlighting the company’s supportive work environment and commitment to diversity and inclusion. In reviews on websites such as Glassdoor, employees have praised Thinkific’s leadership team and the company’s positive work-life balance.

Overall, Thinkific’s workplace culture is key to the company’s success. The company’s values, employee benefits, and commitment to creating a positive work environment have contributed to high employee satisfaction and retention levels. This phenomenon, in turn, has helped the company attract top talent and foster a culture of innovation and growth.


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Future of Thinkific

As of 2023, Thinkific is expanding and growing, with plans to further scale its platform and reach more customers. The company has identified e-learning as a key growth market and is investing in new technologies and features to stay ahead of the competition.

Thinkific’s current number of employees is key to the company’s future plans. The company recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong and engaged workforce and is committed to providing opportunities for employee growth and development.

For job seekers, there are a variety of opportunities available at Thinkific. The company is actively hiring for roles in engineering, product management, marketing, sales, and customer success, among others. Thinkific offers a dynamic and innovative work environment, competitive salaries and benefits, and professional growth and advancement opportunities.


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Inside Thinkific’s Workplace Culture: Conclusion

Thinkific is a dynamic and innovative company committed to its employees and customers. The company’s growth and success are a testament to its focus on innovation, customer success, and employee engagement, and its future plans indicate its continued commitment to these values.

As Thinkific continues to expand and evolve, it will be interesting to see how its employee growth and organizational structure evolves to support its ongoing success. For now, one thing is clear: Thinkific is a company committed to providing a positive and inclusive work environment for its employees and will undoubtedly continue to thrive.

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