What is Thinkific current_collection_slug?


Online course platforms have become increasingly popular over the years, providing people with a flexible way to learn new skills and knowledge. Among the popular online course platforms, Thinkific stands out with its user-friendly interface and versatile course creation tools. Thinkific allows creators to structure their courses in a variety of ways to best suit their needs. In this article, we’ll explore one such component of Thinkific’s course organization, the current_collection_slug.


Thinkific’s Course Structure and Organization

Thinkific provides a variety of tools to help creators organize their courses in a way that makes sense for their content and their learners. Courses can be broken down into sections and lessons, with options to include quizzes, surveys, and assignments. Creators can also use course categories to group related courses together and help learners easily find what they’re looking for.

Overview of current_collection_slug and Its Function in Thinkific

One element of Thinkific’s course organization is the current_collection_slug. The current_collection_slug is a variable in the URL structure that helps creators to identify which course or category a student is currently viewing.

For example, if you have a course called “Social Media Marketing” and a lesson called “Facebook Ads,” the URL might look something like this:


The current_collection_slug at the end of the URL indicates that the student is currently viewing a lesson within the “Social Media Marketing” course. This information can be useful for tracking student progress, analyzing course engagement, and optimizing the course experience.

Overall, the current_collection_slug provides a simple and effective way for creators to keep track of where their students are in the course and tailor their learning experience accordingly. By using this tool, creators can gain insights into how students engage with their courses and make data-driven decisions to improve the learning experience.


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Why is current_collection_slug useful for course creators?

When it comes to organizing and managing courses, course creators need to ensure that their content is easy to navigate for their students. That’s where current_collection_slug comes in. It serves as a unique identifier for each collection in your course and helps ensure that your course content is structured in a way that is easy to navigate for your students.

By using current_collection_slug, course creators can more easily manage their course content and make it more accessible to their students. With this feature, course creators can create a clear and organized structure for their course, making it easy for students to find what they need and track their progress.

One of the most significant benefits of using current_collection_slug is the ability to organize course content into collections. This feature helps course creators to create distinct units within their courses and make the content more digestible and less overwhelming for their students.

Course creators can also use current_collection_slug to personalize their course content for their students. For example, they can create unique paths for students based on their experience levels or learning goals. By doing so, they can provide a more tailored and engaging learning experience, which can lead to better student retention and completion rates.

Overall, current_collection_slug is an essential tool for course creators who want to create a more structured and organized course experience for their students. It allows them to better manage and personalize their course content, leading to a better learning experience for students.

How to find and use current_collection_slug in Thinkific

As a course creator, you may want to leverage current_collection_slug to better organize your courses and provide a more streamlined experience for your students. Here’s how to find and use current_collection_slug in Thinkific:

  1. Log in to your Thinkific account and navigate to your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Settings tab, and select Site Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Site Details section and look for the Current Collection Slug field.
  4. Copy the current_collection_slug code and paste it wherever you need it.

Using current_collection_slug in Thinkific is a great way to organize your courses and improve the student experience. Here are some examples of how you can use it:

  1. Customizing your course URL: You can use current_collection_slug in your course URL to make it more personalized and user-friendly. For example, if your course is in the collection “marketing,” you can use the current_collection_slug code to create a URL like “www.yourcourse.com/marketing/course-name.”
  2. Customizing your site navigation: You can use current_collection_slug to create custom site navigation menus for each collection of courses. This makes it easier for students to find the courses they are looking for and improves the overall navigation of your site.
  3. Customizing your site theme: You can use current_collection_slug in your site theme to create custom designs for each collection of courses. This can help you to create a more professional and cohesive look for your site.

In conclusion, current_collection_slug is a powerful tool that can help course creators to organize their courses and provide a better experience for their students. With its many uses in Thinkific, it is definitely worth exploring how to use this feature to improve your online courses.


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After exploring current_collection_slug and its function in Thinkific, it is clear that it offers numerous benefits to course creators looking to improve the organization and management of their courses. By using current_collection_slug, course creators can easily categorize and organize their courses, making it easier for students to find the content they need.

In addition, using current_collection_slug in conjunction with other Thinkific features, such as site settings, themes, and integrations, can provide an even more streamlined and cohesive student experience.

Overall, current_collection_slug is a useful tool for Thinkific course creators looking to create well-organized and engaging courses for their students. By taking advantage of this feature, course creators can improve their course offerings and increase student engagement and satisfaction.

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