Does Thinkific Blur Course Screen Videos When Recording? A Thinkific Course Experience Guide


Are you looking to create an online course but wondering if the video quality of your course screens will be affected when using Thinkific? 

Thinkific is a popular online learning platform thousands of businesses and educators use worldwide. But does it blur the video content of their course screens when recording? 

In this article, we’ll explore how to use Thinkific for recording videos, discuss potential issues with video quality on the platform, and answer whether or not Thinkific blurs course screen videos during the recording process.


How to Use Thinkific for Video Recording 

Creating online courses with Thinkific is a great way to expand your reach and engage with more students. But if you want the best video quality from your course screens, it’s important to understand how Thinkific works for recordings. 

In this section, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide for recording videos using Thinkific, offer some tips to get the best quality videos from the platform, and, finally, discuss potential issues with the quality of the video. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Video Recording with Thinkific 

Thinkific’s user interface makes it easy to record high-quality videos of your course material. 

First, you’ll need to log into your account and select ‘Create Course’ in the top right corner of your dashboard. From there, you can choose between creating a new course or importing content from another source like YouTube or Vimeo

Once you’ve selected a content source for your course material, you can begin recording. Simply click on ‘Record Video’ in the toolbar at the top of the page and follow the instructions provided by Thinkific’s guided tour feature. You’ll then be ready to start recording! 

Tips for Getting The Best Quality Videos from Thinkific 

To ensure that you get high-quality videos from Thinkfic’s platform, you must use an external microphone when recording audio instead of relying on built-in device microphones, which can often produce poor sound quality. 

Additionally, ensure that all lighting is consistent throughout each recording session, as this will help improve video clarity and reduce glare or distractions caused by changing light levels while filming. 

Finally, always preview any recordings before they are uploaded onto Thinkific. This allows you to check whether audio or visual flaws need adjusting before going live with them on your site.  

Potential Issues with Video Quality on Thinkific 

Although Thinkfic provides users with an intuitive setup for recording the content of their courses quickly and easily, certain elements may affect video quality. Such factors include inadequate lighting sources, which can cause grainy visuals, or overuse of digital zooming, which can reduce overall clarity when viewing back recorded sessions later on down the line. 

Therefore, users should closely review their recordings before uploading them onto their site to identify any potential issues regarding video quality that might impact their overall course experience negatively if left unchecked.


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Does Thinkific Blur Course Screen Videos When Recording?

When creating a course on Thinkific, instructors can record their own video lectures and lessons for their students. 

The process is quite simple; instructors click ‘record’ from the dashboard to start recording, then select their webcam or desktop window as the source and begin delivering their content. After recording, they can save it and move on to other tasks if needed. 

Thinkific does not blur any part of the recorded video during the recording process. Thinkific will save all recordings produced in full HD with 1080p resolution output. Therefore, users can rest assured that when creating courses using this platform, blurring or obscuring will not impact the video quality during the recording process.


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This article has explored the recording capabilities and features available through Thinkific and has answered the question of whether or not Thinkific blurs course screen videos when recording. 

While Thinkific does not blur or obscure any part of a recorded video during the recording process, all recordings produced through this platform will be saved in full HD quality with 1080p resolution output.  

Now that you better understand how Thinkific works to record content for courses, you can confidently create engaging online course material that your students will enjoy. With its easy-to-use interface and high-quality recordings, you can rest assured that your course materials will be up to par with industry standards. 

So start creating today!

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