How to Remove Powered by Thinkific Branding


“Powered by Thinkific” is a common branding statement that appears on the bottom of Thinkific-powered online courses. It signifies that the course is created and hosted on the Thinkific platform. While the statement may be helpful for Thinkific’s marketing purposes, some course creators may want to remove it for branding reasons or to create a more customized experience for their students. In this article, we will discuss how to remove “Powered by Thinkific” from your online courses.


Reasons to Remove “Powered by Thinkific”

If you’re using Thinkific’s platform to build your online course, you may be wondering whether or not to display the “Powered by Thinkific” badge on your site. While the badge can provide credibility and help attract new students, some users may have valid reasons for wanting to remove it.

Potential negative impact on branding and appearance

One reason to consider removing the “Powered by Thinkific” badge is the potential negative impact it may have on your branding and appearance. Depending on the design of your site, the badge may clash with your color scheme or overall aesthetic, which can be off-putting to visitors. Additionally, displaying the badge can sometimes make your site appear less professional, which can be especially problematic if you’re trying to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Desire for a more professional or customized look

Another reason why some users may choose to remove the badge is the desire for a more professional or customized look. By removing the badge, you can create a cleaner, more streamlined appearance that better reflects your brand identity. This can help you stand out from other online course creators and create a more cohesive user experience for your students.

Concerns about advertising a third-party platform

Finally, some users may have concerns about advertising a third-party platform on their site. By displaying the “Powered by Thinkific” badge, you’re essentially promoting Thinkific to your visitors, which can be a turn-off for some users. If you’re trying to build your own brand and establish yourself as an authority in your field, you may prefer not to advertise a third-party platform on your site. In this case, removing the badge can help you maintain a consistent brand message and avoid distracting visitors with external promotions.


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How to Remove “Powered by Thinkific”

Step-by-step instructions for removing the branding on a Thinkific site

If you’ve decided to remove the “Powered by Thinkific” badge from your site, the good news is that it’s a relatively straightforward process. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to your Thinkific account and navigate to the “Site Builder” section.
  2. Click on the “Theme” tab and select the “Code Editor” option.
  3. Look for the “footer.liquid” file and click to open it.
  4. Search for the “Powered by Thinkific” code within the file and delete it.
  5. Save your changes and publish your site.

Potential drawbacks or limitations of removing the branding

While removing the “Powered by Thinkific” badge can help you achieve a more professional and customized look, it’s important to note that there may be some potential drawbacks or limitations. For example, if you’re using Thinkific’s free plan, removing the badge may violate the terms of service, which require users to display the branding.

Additionally, some visitors may view the badge as a sign of credibility or legitimacy, and removing it may make them question the quality of your course. To address this concern, you may want to consider adding your own logo or other branding elements to your site to establish your authority and expertise.

Acknowledgment Alternatives

If you’re not comfortable completely removing the “Powered by Thinkific” badge, there are alternatives you can consider. For example, you could modify the badge to better match your branding or move it to a less prominent location on your site. Alternatively, you could add a simple text credit to the footer of your site that acknowledges Thinkific’s role in powering your course. This can help you maintain a good relationship with Thinkific while still maintaining control over your site’s appearance and branding.


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Deciding whether or not to remove the “Powered by Thinkific” badge from your site is a personal choice that depends on a variety of factors, including your branding goals, aesthetic preferences, and the overall user experience you’re trying to create.

However, it’s important to consider the potential impact on your branding and appearance before making this decision. While removing the badge can help you achieve a more professional and customized look, it may also have some potential drawbacks, such as making your site appear less credible or violating the terms of service.

Ultimately, the decision to remove or keep the “Powered by Thinkific” badge should be based on what’s best for your brand and your students. If you do choose to remove the badge, be sure to follow the proper steps and consider alternative ways to acknowledge Thinkific’s role in powering your course.

No matter what you decide, remember that the quality of your content and the value you provide to your students are ultimately what matter most. By focusing on creating a great course and delivering an excellent user experience, you can build a successful online business that stands out from the crowd.

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