Redirecting Thinkific to Leadpages


Thinkific is a comprehensive platform that allows users to create, market, and sell online courses. It has powerful course creation tools, such as customizable course templates, multimedia support, quizzes, and surveys. It also offers a range of features for marketing and promoting courses, such as email automation, affiliate tracking, and discounts.

Leadpages is one of the most popular landing page builders on the market. It offers a range of tools for building, customizing, and optimizing online forms, landing pages, and websites. It also has powerful integrations with a range of popular services, such as email marketing tools and payment processors.

When it comes to redirecting users from Thinkific to Leadpages, it is important to provide a seamless user experience. Redirecting users to a different platform can be jarring and may cause users to become confused or frustrated. By providing a seamless transition from Thinkific to Leadpages, users can be sure that they are still on the same platform and that the same level of quality will be maintained. As such, it is important to ensure that the redirecting process is smooth and user-friendly.


Benefits of Redirecting Thinkific to Leadpages

Customizable Landing Pages

Design Flexibility: Redirecting Thinkific to Leadpages gives users the ability to create custom landing pages that are tailored to their unique needs. With Leadpages, users can easily customize page designs, choose from premade templates, and even create A/B testing campaigns to maximize conversion rates.

Increased Conversion Rates: Leadpages offers features such as dynamic text replacement and click-through rates that can help increase conversions. In addition, its drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to create effective pages that are optimized for conversions.

Enhanced Lead Generation and Sales Funnel

Capturing Leads Through Opt-In Forms: Leadpages allow users to capture leads quickly and easily through opt-in forms. This can be used to build an email list, capture customer information, or even track campaign results.

Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities: Redirecting Thinkific to Leadpages also provides users with the ability to upsell and cross-sell products. This is done by creating customized offers for specific products or services, which can be linked directly from the landing page. This can help to increase overall sales and profits.

Setting Up the Redirect

Creating a Landing Page in Leadpages

1. Choosing a Template: 

The first step in setting up a redirect from Thinkific to Leadpages is to create a landing page in Leadpages. The user will need to choose a template that best suits their needs. Leadpages offers a range of templates that can be used to create well-designed, mobile-responsive pages.

2. Customizing the Page: 

Once the user has chosen a template, they will need to customize the page to match their specific requirements. This includes adding content, images, and videos, as well as configuring other elements, such as opt-in forms and CTA buttons.

Configuring the Redirect in Thinkific

1. Creating a Custom URL:

The user will then need to create a custom URL for the landing page in Leadpages. This custom URL can then be used to redirect traffic from Thinkific to the Leadpages landing page.

2. Setting up the Redirect in Thinkific’s Site Settings:

Once the custom URL has been created, the user will need to configure the redirect in Thinkific’s site settings. This involves entering the custom URL in the Site URL field and setting the redirect type to “Forward to External URL”. Once the configuration is completed, the redirect will be live and ready to use.


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Managing the Redirect and Measuring Results

Ensuring the redirect is working properly

1. Testing the custom URL

When redirecting Thinkific to Leadpages, it is essential to test the custom URL to ensure that it is working correctly. To do this, open the web browser and input the URL into the address bar. If the redirect is successful, you will be directed to the Leadpages landing page.

2. Troubleshooting common issues

If the redirect is not working properly, there are several potential causes. These include incorrect URL links, browser caches, or issues with the redirect settings. It is best to troubleshoot any issues as soon as they arise to ensure the smooth transition of traffic to the Leadpages landing page.

Measuring the success of the redirect

1. Analyzing traffic and conversion rates

Once you have successfully redirected Thinkific to Leadpages, the next step is to measure the success of the redirect. This can include analyzing how much traffic is being directed to the Leadpages landing page, as well as tracking any conversions associated with the redirect.

2. Adjusting the landing page and redirect as needed

It is also important to evaluate the effectiveness of the redirect and make any necessary adjustments. This could include tweaking the landing page for better performance, as well as optimizing the redirect settings for better results.


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In this article, we discussed redirecting Thinkific to Leadpages for a better user experience and increased conversions. We explored the main features of each platform, how they can be combined to create compelling digital products and the benefits they offer. 

Overall, combining Thinkific and Leadpages is a great way to enhance the customer experience by creating an integrated product that can increase conversions. Thinkific offers great course creation and management tools, while Leadpages provides powerful landing page and funnel creation capabilities. By redirecting Thinkific to Leadpages, you can create a seamless customer experience and maximize your returns.

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