How to Recalculate Course Progress in Thinkific: A Step-by-Step Guide


In Thinkific, recalculating progress is updating a student’s progress within a course or bundle. This process can be done manually or automatically, depending on your settings for the course/bundle. 

Accurate tracking of student progress is vital when running a successful online program as it helps to understand how they’re doing and where they need extra help or support. It also enables you to identify gaps in student understanding and adjust your teaching approach accordingly. Without accurate tracking, measuring student success rates and creating reports showing engagement levels across different courses/bundles would be difficult. 

I’m an experienced user of Thinkific, and I’ll provide a step-by-step guide to recalculating course progress. This article will provide an overview of what recalculating course progress means in Thinkific, why it’s important for accurate tracking, and then go through each step involved in doing so manually or automatically (depending on your settings). 

After reading this article, you should better understand how to track student progress more effectively using Thinkific’s tools and features!  


Reasons for Recalculating Progress

Having done this process before, I’ve found several reasons you might need to recalculate course progress. 

Inaccurate Tracking Due to Technical Glitches

When using any platform, technical glitches can occur, which can cause inaccurate tracking of student progress. For example, if a student completes a lesson and their progress isn’t updated due to an error or internet problems, this must be addressed ASAP.

Recalculating the course progress manually or automatically (depending on your settings) will ensure that accurate data is recorded for each student enrolled in that particular course/bundle. 

Student Re-engagement After a Period of Inactivity

If a student has been inactive for some time and then decides to re-engage with their course/bundle, it’s important to recalculate their progress so they can pick up where they left off. By doing so, they don’t have to start from scratch again, and it encourages them to stay engaged with your content! 

Updating Course Content 

If you make changes or updates to your courses/bundles often, it’s important to recalculate the students’ progress after these changes have been made. Updating ensures that all students access the most up-to-date version of your content and helps avoid confusion when trying to work through their lessons. 

Instructor-Initiated Recalculations 

Sometimes instructors may want or need to update all students’ progress at once – perhaps after introducing new material or implementing different strategies into their teaching approach – which is when instructor-initiated recalculation comes in handy. This allows instructors greater control over how much information is being tracked for each student enrolled in their programs! 


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Steps to Recalculate Progress

1. Logging into Your Thinkific Account

To begin, I’ll need to access my Thinkific account. I’ll open the login page and enter my email address and password to do this. Once logged in, I can move on to the next step — navigating to the course dashboard. 

2. Navigating to the Course Dashboard 

From my Thinkific dashboard, I’ll select ‘Courses’ from the left-hand menu. It will take me to a list of all courses on my platform. From here, I can click on a specific course or bundle whose progress needs updating.  

3. Accessing the Course Progress Page 

Once on the course/bundle page, I’ll click ‘Progress’ to access a list of students enrolled in this particular program and their progress within it so far. This step is where I can view which milestones each student has completed and how long they have until completion.

4. Selecting the Student or Students Whose Progress Needs to be Recalculated    

On the progress page, an option at the top right is labeled ‘Recalculate Progress for All Students.’ Clicking this will initiate recalculation for every student enrolled in this particular course/bundle (you should only use this option if you want to update everyone’s progress). Alternatively, if you want to update just one student’s progress, select them from the list and hit ‘Recalculate.’  

5. Initiating the Recalculation Process       

Once you’ve selected who you’d like to recalculate (all students or just one), hit ‘Recalculate’ and confirm your selection when prompted by Thinkific. The system will now begin recalculating their progress automatically! 

6. Monitoring The Progress Update 

The process may take some time, depending on how many students are being updated. However, once complete, any changes will be visible immediately on both your dashboard and theirs (if they have an active account). 

You can monitor any changes as they occur by checking back frequently — when all updates have been completed successfully, everything has been successfully recalculated!


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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Recalculation Process Not Starting

If the recalculation process doesn’t start when you hit the “Recalculate Progress” button, you can try a few things. First, check to ensure that your course or bundle is set up correctly – this includes ensuring that all of the content and activities are connected in the right order.

If everything looks good, but the process still isn’t starting, it may be because a student has an incomplete activity that they must complete before recalculation. 

Progress Update Taking Longer Than Expected 

The progress update may take longer than expected for a variety of reasons. If you have many students enrolled in your course/bundle or are particularly active within it (e.g., completing lots of activities), then it could take some time to update their progress. 

Additionally, suppose any of your students have incomplete activities that they must complete before their progress can be recalculated. In that case, this will also increase the overall time for the process to finish. 

Recalculated Progress Not Reflecting On The Student’s End 

Suppose your recalculated progress doesn’t reflect on your student’s end after correctly running through all steps. In that case, there is likely an issue with either their account settings or their browser settings causing them not to be able to see their new updates correctly. 

To troubleshoot this issue: 

  1. Check with them if they’ve recently cleared out cookies and other site data from their browser.
  2. Ask them if they’re using incognito mode.
  3. Check with them if they’ve enabled pop-ups from Thinkific in their browser settings.
  4. Try re-syncing/re-linking any integrations related to Thinkific (such as email marketing tools), which could cause issues displaying updates accurately on the student’s end.  


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Best Practices for Accurate Progress Tracking

Encouraging Student Engagement 

As an online instructor, it is important to encourage students to participate in your course. You can provide engaging content, respond promptly to inquiries, and actively participate in discussions or activities. 

Regular Course Updates and Content Refreshment 

You must also keep your content updated with the latest industry trends and news so that learners are up-to-date on all relevant topics. Additionally, refresh existing content as needed so learners remain engaged throughout the course. 

Monitoring Student Progress and Addressing Concerns Proactively 

You should regularly monitor student progress within your courses/bundles to ensure they stay on track with their learning objectives. If you notice any issues or concerns, address them proactively so that students receive the support they need promptly. 

Periodic Recalculations to Ensure Accuracy 

Finally, it is important to recalculate progress periodically (manually or automatically, depending on your settings) within each course/bundle in Thinkific. Recalculation helps ensure accuracy when tracking student progress, enabling you to measure success rates and create reports showing engagement levels across different courses/bundles more easily. 


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In this article, I have discussed the importance of recalculating progress in Thinkific. Accurate tracking of student progress is vital for running a successful online program as it helps to understand how they’re doing and where they need extra help or support. 

I’ve also provided a step-by-step guide to recalculating course progress in Thinkific which includes: an overview of what recalculating course progress means; encouraging student engagement, regular course updates and content refreshment; monitoring student progress and addressing concerns proactively; and periodic recalculations to ensure accuracy.  

My final thoughts are that while many helpful tools within Thinkific make tracking student progress easier, it is important to remember that manual intervention is sometimes needed to ensure accuracy when tracking performance across multiple courses/bundles. Therefore, recalculating course/bundle progress periodically, manually, or automatically (depending on your settings) so that you can accurately measure success rates and create reports showing engagement levels more easily! 

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