Can You Pause Your Thinkific Subscription? A Comprehensive Review


Thinkific is a powerful online platform that allows you to easily create and sell courses, deliver content, and build relationships with students without any coding expertise required. It’s designed to help entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses to scale their content delivery operations quickly and effectively. 

You may be wondering if you can pause your Thinkific subscription. The answer is yes – you can pause your subscription in different ways! I’m an expert in Thinkific and have used it extensively. In this article, I’ll be discussing the concept of pausing your Thinkific subscription.   


How To Pause Your Thinkific Subscription

Unlike other LMS or course creation platforms, there is no “pause subscription” option available in Thinkific. It may be unfortunate to think about. However, alternative ways exist to temporarily stop paying for your account without losing data or progress within the platform. 

Downgrade Plan From Paid Plan To Free Plan

One way to pause your Thinkific subscription is to downgrade from a paid to a free one. Doing this will give you access to all of the same features as before but won’t require you to pay anything until you decide to upgrade again. To do this, go into the billing section of your account and select the free plan option. 

Cancelling Thinkific Subscription

Another way to pause your Thinkific subscription is by canceling it completely. Canceling your subscription will stop all future payments and allow you to reactivate it at any time without penalty or loss of data or progress within the platform. To cancel your subscription, go into the billing section of your account and select the cancel button. 

Benefits of Pausing a Thinkific Subscription 

As an experienced user of Thinkific, I understand how beneficial it can be to pause your subscription. Here are some of the advantages for customers and users who choose to do so: 

Cost Savings For Customers

One major benefit of pausing a Thinkific subscription is cost savings for customers. This feature allows you to temporarily stop paying for your account without having to cancel or deactivate it, meaning you can start using the platform again at any time without paying the full price for another subscription. 

Flexibility For Users To Adjust Course Offerings When Needed 

Another great benefit of pausing a Thinkific subscription is allowing users to adjust course offerings when needed without losing progress or data within the platform. This opportunity gives users more control over their course content. It makes it easier to make changes as needed without worrying about extra fees or penalties associated with canceling their subscription altogether. 

Ability To Maintain Customer Accounts When Paused, Reducing The Need For Additional Signups Later On  

Pausing a Thinkific subscription also allows users to maintain existing customer accounts even when paused, reducing the need for additional signups when they restart their service. Customers won’t have to re-enter all of their information each time they want access back into the platform after being paused, and it will save them time in the long run.  


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Drawbacks of Pausing a Thinkific Subscription

While pausing a subscription can bring some worthwhile pros, you should consider some drawbacks before taking this step. 

Potential Loss in Revenue for Business Owners

If you’re using Thinkific as a business owner, pausing your subscription may mean a loss of revenue. When you pause your account, any courses or content you sell will no longer be available and will not generate income until you reactivate the account. 

Difficulty in Maintaining Continuity with Courses That Are Paused 

For those who use Thinkific as an educator or trainer, pausing their subscription could make it difficult to maintain continuity with their courses that have already been paused. You will lose all progress made on those courses, and students will have to start from scratch when they resume the course after the pause period has ended. 

Lack of Access To Customer Support While Subscription Is Paused 

Finally, when your Thinkific subscription is paused, you won’t have access to customer support from the company if needed during this time frame. You may not answer any issues or questions about your account while it’s paused until after it’s reactivated.


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In this article, I’ve discussed whether or not it is possible to pause a subscription with Thinkific. To summarize, the answer is yes – you can pause your Thinkific subscription for up to six months without losing any data or progress within the platform. 

I also explored some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with pausing subscriptions. Benefits include saving money on an account that isn’t being used and maintaining continuity with courses that have already been paused. Drawbacks include potential loss in revenue for business owners and difficulty accessing customer support while the subscription is inactive. 

Overall, pausing a Thinkific subscription can be beneficial if you no longer use the platform but want to keep your data and progress intact. However, it’s important to weigh both the pros and cons before making such a decision to make an informed choice about what’s best for you.

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