Pathwright vs Thinkific


Online courses have become increasingly popular, and online course platforms such as Pathwright and Thinkific have made it easier for educators to create and share their courses. In this article, we will compare and contrast Pathwright and Thinkific to help you decide which platform is the best fit for you.


Features of Pathwright and Thinkific

When considering an online course platform, it’s important to evaluate the features and capabilities of each option. Here are some key features of Pathwright and Thinkific to consider:

Course creation and customization

Both Pathwright and Thinkific offer easy-to-use course creation tools that allow you to create and customize your courses. However, Pathwright offers more advanced customization options, such as the ability to create unique course paths for each student based on their needs and progress.

Course delivery and student engagement

Pathwright emphasizes a student-centered approach to learning, with features such as personalized learning paths, interactive assignments, and a social learning community. Thinkific offers a more straightforward course delivery experience, but also includes tools such as quizzes, surveys, and completion certificates to engage students.

Payment and pricing options

Both platforms offer flexible pricing and payment options, including the ability to set up subscription-based or one-time payment courses. However, Pathwright also offers the ability to create custom pricing plans based on different user groups or usage levels.

Reporting and analytics

Both Pathwright and Thinkific offer detailed reporting and analytics, allowing you to track student progress, course performance, and other key metrics. However, Pathwright offers more advanced analytics tools, including the ability to track individual student behavior and engagement over time.


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User Interface and Ease of Use

When choosing an online course platform, it’s essential to consider the user interface and ease of use for both instructors and students. Let’s take a closer look at Pathwright and Thinkific.

Design and Layout of Pathwright and Thinkific

Pathwright’s design is simple and straightforward. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for instructors to navigate and create courses. The design is also visually appealing, providing an excellent user experience for students.

Thinkific also has an intuitive design, making it easy for instructors to create and manage courses. The platform offers a range of customization options, allowing instructors to tailor their courses to their needs.

User Experience for Both Instructors and Students

Pathwright offers a seamless user experience for both instructors and students. The platform is easy to use, making it easy for instructors to manage their courses and for students to navigate and access course content.

Similarly, Thinkific provides an excellent user experience for both instructors and students. The platform is easy to use and provides a range of features to enhance the learning experience for students.

Both Pathwright and Thinkific prioritize ease of use and a positive user experience, making them great options for online course creation and delivery.

Integrations and Add-Ons

Online course platforms are typically not standalone products, and they often need to integrate with other tools and services to maximize their functionality. Both Pathwright and Thinkific offer a range of integrations and add-ons to help instructors achieve their goals.

Third-party integrations available for Pathwright and Thinkific

Pathwright provide integrations with Zapier, Stripe, PayPal, and Google Analytics. Zapier allows you to connect Pathwright to over 2000 other apps, while Stripe and PayPal provide payment processing for your courses. Google Analytics integration helps you track your course’s performance, including student engagement, retention, and drop-out rates.

Thinkific also has integrations with Zapier, Stripe, PayPal, and Google Analytics, as well as with more than 100 other tools such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Shopify. This allows you to connect Thinkific to your existing tools for email marketing, e-commerce, and more.

Comparison of available add-ons and their usefulness

Pathwright offers add-ons such as Course Certificates and Course Catalogs, which can help you promote your courses and boost student engagement. Thinkific, on the other hand, offers a broader range of add-ons, including Advanced Gamification, Communities, and Affiliate Management. These add-ons provide you with more ways to engage your students, build communities, and grow your business.


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Customer Support and Resources

Overview of Pathwright and Thinkific customer support

When it comes to customer support, Pathwright and Thinkific offer different options for their users.

Pathwright offers 24/7 support via email, as well as a live chat feature during business hours. They also have an extensive knowledge base that covers a wide range of topics related to using their platform.

Thinkific also offers 24/7 email support, but they also have a phone support option available for their higher-tier plans. They also have a community forum and a knowledge base with articles, video tutorials, and webinars to help users learn how to use the platform.

Comparison of available resources

Both Pathwright and Thinkific offer a range of resources to help users create and deliver successful online courses.

Pathwright offers a library of pre-built courses and templates that users can customize to fit their needs. They also have a course creation checklist to help users ensure they haven’t missed any important steps.

Thinkific offers a course creation guide as well as a free webinar series on how to create and sell online courses. They also have a blog with articles on best practices for online course creation and marketing.

Overall, both platforms offer a variety of resources and customer support options, though the exact features may vary depending on the plan a user has selected.

Pricing and Value

Online course platforms can vary in pricing and features, making it important to consider the cost and value of each option. Here, we’ll compare the pricing and value of Pathwright and Thinkific.

Cost comparison of Pathwright and Thinkific plans 

Pathwright offers a monthly subscription plan based on the number of active students and the features you need. For example, their “Core” plan starts at $99 per month for up to 50 active students and includes features like course creation and customization, email support, and basic reporting.

Thinkific offers a free plan as well as three paid plans starting at $49 per month. Their Basic plan includes features like unlimited courses, quizzes and surveys, and drip content. Their Pro and Premier plans include additional features like advanced customization, affiliate reporting, and priority customer support.

Assessment of the value of each platform 

When it comes to value, it ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals. Pathwright’s pricing model allows for more flexibility and may be a better fit for smaller businesses or those with a smaller audience. Thinkific’s paid plans offer more features and scalability, making it a better fit for larger businesses or those with a larger audience.

Ultimately, it’s important to weigh the cost and features of each platform to determine which option will provide the most value for your specific needs.


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Pathwright and Thinkific are both excellent online course platforms that provide a range of features and tools to help instructors create, manage, and deliver online courses.

While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and course requirements. It is recommended to carefully assess both platforms and try out their free trials before making a decision.

We encourage you to try Pathwright and Thinkific and see for yourself which platform best suits your needs.

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