How to Integrate Thinkific with Typeform: Step-by-step Guide


If you want to create an engaging online course, Thinkific is a popular platform for creating and selling your courses. On the other hand, if you want to create interactive quizzes or surveys, Typeform is a leading platform that makes the process simple and fun.

But why limit yourself to just one platform when you can integrate them? Connecting Thinkific with Typeform allows you to take your online courses to the next level by providing your students with an interactive and engaging experience.

This article will explore the best way to integrate Thinkific with Typeform. We’ll show you how to connect the two platforms and customize the integration to suit your specific needs. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to create a seamless user experience for your students, automate your enrollment process, and much more. So let’s get started!


Installing Typeform within the Thinkific App Store

Installing Typeform within the Thinkific App Store is a simple and efficient way to integrate the two platforms. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Accessing the Thinkific App Store

To access the Thinkific App Store, log in to your Thinkific account and navigate to the Admin Dashboard. From there, click on the Apps tab and then select App Store. Doing so will take you to the App Store, where you can browse the available apps.

Step 2: Finding and Installing the Typeform App

Once you’re in the App Store, search for the Typeform app. Once you find it, click on the app to view more information. Here, you can see the app’s features and pricing information. If you’re happy with what you see, click the Install button to begin the installation process.

Step 3: Connecting the Typeform App to Your Thinkific Account

Once the installation is complete, the next step is to connect the Typeform app to your Thinkific account. To do this, navigate to the Apps tab in your Thinkific account and click on the Typeform app. You must enter your Typeform account credentials to connect the two platforms.

With the Typeform app installed and connected to your Thinkific account, you can start customizing the integration. The Typeform app offers a range of settings and options that allow you to tailor the integration to suit your specific needs. 

You can map Typeform fields to Thinkific fields, set up automation, and more from here. The Typeform app is a powerful tool that can take your online courses to the next level by providing an interactive and engaging experience for your students.


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Creating a Typeform

It’s important to note that you will also need a Typeform account on top of your Thinkific account to make the integration successful. If you’ve used this platform before, you may skip this step, but if this is your first time, creating a Typeform is essential in integrating the two platforms. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Sign Up and Log In to Typeform

To create a Typeform, you must sign up and log in to your Typeform account. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one for free on the Typeform website.

Step 2: Creating a New Form

Once logged in to your Typeform account, you can create a new form by clicking the New Typeform button on the dashboard. You can select a template or create a form from scratch.

Step 3: Customizing the Form to Fit the Thinkific Platform

Customizing the form to fit the platform is important to ensure the Typeform integrates seamlessly with Thinkific. For instance, you can choose a color scheme that matches your Thinkific course, add your branding, and include any necessary fields.

Step 4: Adding Necessary Fields

To make sure the Typeform collects all the necessary information, you’ll need to add the required fields. This may include the student’s name, email address, and course preferences.

Once you’ve created the Typeform and added all the necessary fields, you can integrate it with Thinkific. Connecting Thinkific with Typeform lets you automate your enrollment process, create a seamless user experience for your students, and much more. 

As mentioned earlier, the Typeform app in the Thinkific App Store provides powerful tools for customizing the integration to suit your specific needs. With a little customization and setup, you can take your online courses to the next level and provide your students with an engaging and interactive learning experience.


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Customizing the Typeform Integration

Customizing the Typeform integration ensures a seamless connection between Thinkific and Typeform. After installing the Typeform app within Thinkific, you must configure the settings for smooth integration. The configuration includes choosing which course(s) the Typeform will apply to, setting up any custom rules or workflows, and selecting the specific Typeform form you want to use.

Mapping Typeform Fields to Thinkific Fields

To ensure that the data collected in your Typeform is accurately synced with your Thinkific account, you’ll need to map the fields in Typeform to their corresponding fields in Thinkific. This step involves selecting which fields in the Typeform should be mapped to which fields in Thinkific. 

For example, map the student’s name field in Typeform to the first name and last name fields in Thinkific.

Testing the Integration

Before launching your Typeform integration, it’s important to test it thoroughly to ensure everything works as expected. These tests include filling out the Typeform form as a student, checking that the data is synced with your Thinkific account properly, and verifying that any custom rules or workflows function correctly.


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Enhancing the Integration

Enhancing the integration between Thinkific and Typeform can involve adding advanced features, incorporating webhooks, and customizing the integration to fit specific business needs. Here are some ways to achieve this:

Adding Advanced Features

You can add several advanced features to the Thinkific-Typeform integration to make it more efficient and effective. These features include adding conditional logic, creating multi-page forms, using hidden fields, adding payment processing options, and more. 

Adding these features allows you to create a seamless enrollment process that meets your specific needs.

Incorporating Webhooks and Integrations with Other Platforms

Webhooks are an excellent way to enhance the integration between Thinkific and Typeform. Webhooks allow you to automate tasks like updating user profiles or sending emails. 

By incorporating webhooks into the integration, you can streamline the enrollment process further. In addition to webhooks, you can integrate Thinkific and Typeform with other platforms, such as Zapier or Google Sheets, to create a more robust and automated workflow.

Customizing the Integration to Fit Specific Business Needs

Every business has unique needs and requirements. Therefore, it is essential to customize the integration between Thinkific and Typeform to meet those needs. For example, you can customize the branding and design of your enrollment form to match your website or create custom fields to collect additional information from your students. 

By customizing the integration, you can create a more personalized and streamlined enrollment process for your students.


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How to Integrate Thinkific with Typeform: Conclusion

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to integrate Thinkific with Typeform. Combining these two powerful platforms allows you to create a seamless and automated learning experience for your students. With the benefits of customization, automation, and streamlined enrollment processes, you can now take your online courses to the next level.

The integration process involves installing Typeform within the Thinkific App Store, creating a Typeform, customizing the Typeform integration, automating the enrollment process, and enhancing the integration with advanced features.

Our final recommendation is to always stay open to experimenting with different integrations and tools to find the best combination that works for your specific business needs. So explore the endless possibilities of integrating Thinkific and Typeform to create a unique and personalized learning experience for your students.

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