Boost Your Marketing and Sales: How to Integrate Paperform and Thinkific


Are you looking for ways to improve your online course creation process? Integrating Thinkific with Paperform is the solution you’ve been searching for! 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of integrating these two powerful platforms and show you how to connect them seamlessly using Zapier. 

Whether you’re a course creator, educator, or business owner, integrating Thinkific with Paperform can help you streamline your workflow, enhance user experience, and ultimately boost your bottom line. So, let’s dive in and discover the magic of Thinkific-Paperform integration!


What is Paperform?

Paperform is an intuitive online form builder that enables users to create customizable forms, surveys, and quizzes without coding or design skills. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can easily add text, images, videos, and payment integrations to their forms, making them engaging and interactive. Paperform offers various features, such as conditional logic, email notifications, and webhooks, allowing users to automate their workflows and capture accurate data.

Paperform has many use cases, making it an excellent tool for businesses, educators, and individuals. For example, businesses can use Paperform to collect customer feedback, conduct market research, and generate leads. Educators can use Paperform to create quizzes, tests, and surveys for students. 

Individuals can use Paperform to create event registration forms, RSVPs, and contact forms. Whatever your needs, Paperform offers a flexible solution to create professional-looking forms and boost your online presence.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a powerful platform that enables users to create and sell online courses, membership sites, and digital products. Its user-friendly interface allows users to create and publish their courses without any technical expertise. 

Thinkific offers various features like custom branding, course analytics, and student management tools that help users create engaging and interactive courses. Thinkific also provides marketing tools such as sales pages, coupons, and email marketing integrations, enabling users to sell their courses and grow their audience.

Thinkific has diverse use cases, making it an excellent platform for course creators, educators, coaches, and businesses. Course creators can use Thinkific to create and sell courses on any topic, from fitness to business to art. Meanwhile, educators can use its course-creation tools to develop impactful content for their students. Coaches can make and sell coaching programs online using its stellar marketing and sales tools. 

Businesses can use Thinkific to create employee training courses and share their knowledge with their team. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, Thinkific offers a powerful solution to create and sell online courses and reach a global audience.


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Why Integrate Thinkific with Paperform?

Integrating Thinkific with Paperform can benefit course creators, educators, and businesses. Here are some of the advantages of integrating these two platforms:

Enhance User Experience

By integrating Thinkific with Paperform, you can create seamless user experiences for your students. For example, you can use Paperform to create engaging quizzes and surveys that complement your Thinkific courses or use Thinkific to create customized landing pages that link to your Paperform forms.

Automate Workflows

The integration allows you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow. For example, you can use Zapier to automatically enroll students in Thinkific courses when they fill out a Paperform registration form or send a confirmation email to students when they complete a course.

Capture Accurate Data

Connecting Thinkific with Paperform lets you capture accurate data from your forms and courses, giving you valuable insights into your students’ needs and preferences. For example, you can use Paperform to collect student feedback on your courses or use Thinkific analytics to track student progress and engagement.

Grow Your Audience

The integration allows you to expand your reach and grow your audience. For example, you can use Paperform to create lead-generation forms that capture potential students’ contact information or use Thinkific to create affiliate programs that incentivize others to promote your courses.


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How to Integrate Thinkific with Paperform Using Zapier?

Integrating Thinkific with Paperform is a straightforward process when using Zapier, a tool that allows you to automate workflows between different apps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Thinkific with Paperform using Zapier:

Step 1: Create a Zapier Account

If you don’t have a Zapier account yet, sign up for one and create a new Zap.

Step 2: Choose Paperform as the Trigger App

In the Zap editor, select Paperform as the trigger app and choose the event that will trigger the Zap, such as a new form submission.

Step 3: Connect your Paperform Account

Follow the prompts to connect your Paperform account to Zapier.

Step 4: Set Up the Thinkific Action

Choose Thinkific as the action app and select the action you want, such as adding a new student to a course.

Step 5: Connect your Thinkific Account

Follow the prompts to connect your Thinkific account to Zapier.

Step 6: Map the Fields

Map the fields from your Paperform form to the corresponding fields in Thinkific.

Step 7: Test the Integration

Test the integration to ensure that it’s working correctly.

Tips for a Successful Integration

  • Ensure you have the correct permissions and API keys for Paperform and Thinkific.
  • Test the integration thoroughly before launching it.
  • Keep your forms and courses organized to make mapping the fields easier.

Common Issues and How to Resolve Them

  • Error messages: If you receive an error message during the integration, check your settings and try again.
  • Missing fields: If fields are missing in either Paperform or Thinkific, make sure to map them correctly.
  • Authentication issues: If you have authentication issues, double-check that you’ve entered the correct login information for both apps.

Following these steps and tips, you can easily integrate Thinkific with Paperform using Zapier and streamline your workflows to enhance your users’ experience and grow your audience.


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Best Practices for Using Thinkific and Paperform 

Now that you know how to integrate Thinkific with Paperform using Zapier, it’s time to explore how to make the most of the integration. Here are some best practices for using Thinkific and Paperform together:

  • Use Paperform to gather leads: Paperform is a powerful form builder that you can use to gather leads and add them to your Thinkific courses automatically.
  • Create custom forms for each course: To ensure you’re gathering the right information, create custom forms in Paperform that map to the correct fields in Thinkific.
  • Use conditional logic: With Paperform’s conditional logic feature, you can show or hide questions based on a user’s previous answers. This can help you gather more targeted information from your users.
  • Automate enrollment: With the integration, you can automatically enroll users in Thinkific courses when they submit a Paperform form. This can save you time and effort by eliminating the need for manual enrollment.
  • Personalize your courses: Use the information gathered in Paperform to personalize your Thinkific courses by tailoring the course content to the user’s interests.

Examples of a Successful Integration

A fitness instructor uses Paperform to gather information from new clients and automatically enroll them in the appropriate Thinkific course based on their fitness level.

An online course creator uses Paperform to gather feedback from students and automatically add them to a Thinkific course on the topic they’re interested in.


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Integrating Thinkific with Paperform can help you streamline your course creation process and gather more targeted information from your users. Following this article’s step-by-step guide, best practices, and examples, you can create a seamless integration that saves you time and effort while improving the user experience.

Remember to consider the integration’s benefits, such as automating enrollment, personalizing your courses, and gathering leads, as you implement the integration. And if you encounter any issues, refer to the tips for a successful integration and the common issues and solutions section.

Overall, integrating Thinkific and Paperform using Zapier is a powerful tool for boosting your marketing and sales efforts, and it’s worth exploring for anyone looking to improve their online course creation process.

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