How to Integrate Discord Server with Thinkific: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Zapier


Thinkific is a powerful platform for creating and delivering online courses, while Discord is a popular communication platform widely used in online communities. Integrating Discord with Thinkific via Zapier allows you to streamline your student communication, improve engagement, and enhance the overall learning experience. 

This article will walk you through setting up a Discord Server, creating a Zapier account, and connecting Thinkific and Discord using Zapier. Get ready to take your student communication to the next level!


Why Connect Discord with Thinkific?

Integrating Discord with Thinkific can significantly enhance the student experience by creating a streamlined communication channel between you and your students. Here are some key benefits of integrating Discord with Thinkific:

Real-time Communication

Discord enables real-time communication through text, voice, and video channels, providing an efficient way to communicate with students, answer their questions, and provide support. Doing so can help reduce confusion, save time, and increase engagement.

Community Building

Creating a Discord server allows you to build a community around your course, foster student collaboration, and encourage peer-to-peer learning. This opportunity can help create a sense of belonging and increase student motivation.

Centralized Communication

Integrating Discord with Thinkific can centralize communication, making managing and tracking student interactions in one place easier. You can use Zapier to automatically send Discord messages when specific events happen in Thinkific, such as when a student enrolls in a course or completes a lesson.

Personalized Communication

Discord provides an opportunity to personalize communication with students. You can create separate channels for different courses or modules, host Q&A sessions, and provide personalized feedback to individual students.

Setting Up a Discord Server

To integrate Discord with Thinkific, you’ll need to set up a Discord server. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create one:

1. Sign Up for Discord

Go to the Discord website and sign up for a free account. You must provide a valid email address and choose a username and password.

2. Create a New Server

Once you’ve signed up, click the “Create Server” button to create a new Discord server. Give your server a name and choose a region closest to you.

3. Configure Server Settings

After creating your server, you’ll need to configure some essential settings, such as creating text and voice channels, setting up roles and permissions, and adjusting server settings like notification preferences, server moderation, and content filtering.

4. Customize Your Server

You can customize your Discord server by adding bots, emojis, and custom themes. Bots can help automate tasks like sending welcome messages to new members or moderating chat channels.

5. Invite Members

Once you’ve set up your Discord server, you can invite members by sharing the server invite link. You can limit who can join your server by setting up invite permissions and adding a verification system.


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Creating a Zapier Account

To integrate Discord with Thinkific, you must also create an account on Zapier on top of establishing a Discord account. Zapier is an automation tool that connects different apps and services to help you automate tasks and streamline workflows.

1. Go to the Zapier Website

Head to the Zapier website and click the “Sign Up” button.

2. Create an Account

You must provide your name, email address, and password to create a Zapier account. You can also sign up using your Google or Microsoft account.

3. Verify Your Email

After creating your account, Zapier will send you a verification email. Click the link in the email to verify your account.

4. Connect Apps

Once you’ve verified your account, you can start connecting apps. In this case, you must connect Thinkific and Discord to Zapier.

5. Set Up a Zap

A Zap is a workflow that automates a specific task between two apps. To set up a Zap, you’ll need to choose a trigger app (Thinkific) and an action app (Discord), then set up the trigger and action steps.


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Connecting Thinkific and Discord via Zapier

After creating a Discord server and a Zapier account, the next step is to connect Thinkific and Discord via Zapier. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

1. Choose a Trigger

In Zapier, a trigger is an event in Thinkific that starts the Zap. Choose a trigger that fits your needs, such as a new enrollment or course completion.

2. Connect Your Thinkific Account

You’ll need to connect your Thinkific account to Zapier. This involves providing your Thinkific API key, which you can find in your Thinkific account settings.

3. Choose an Action

The action is the event that happens in Discord due to the trigger. Choose an action that makes sense for your workflow, such as sending a message to a specific channel or updating a member’s role.

4. Connect your Discord Account

You’ll also need to connect your Discord account to Zapier by providing your Discord API key, which you can find in your Discord server settings – the same way you would Thinkific.

5. Test Your Zap

Once you’ve set up the trigger and action, test your Zap to ensure it’s working correctly. You can customize the Zap further by adding filters, delays, and other conditions.


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Testing the Integration

After connecting Thinkific and Discord via Zapier, it’s essential to test the integration to ensure that everything is working correctly. 

In Thinkific, create a test enrollment in the course you used as the trigger in Zapier. Go back to your Discord server to see if the action you set up in Zapier has occurred. For example, if you set up Zapier to send a message to a specific channel, check that the message has been sent.

Troubleshooting Issues

If the integration isn’t working correctly, check the Zapier dashboard to see if there are any errors. Common issues include incorrect API keys, misconfigured triggers or actions, and other technical problems. Zapier provides helpful troubleshooting resources, including articles and support forums.

You can refine the Zap further to improve its functionality if the integration works. For example, you can add more filters, actions, or delays to make the integration more robust.


Integrating Discord with Thinkific via Zapier can be a game-changer for your online courses. By connecting these two platforms, you can provide your students with a seamless and engaging learning experience.

In this guide, we walked you through integrating Discord with Thinkific via Zapier. We discussed creating a Discord server, setting up a Zapier account, and connecting Thinkific and Discord using Zapier. We also provided tips on testing the integration and troubleshooting any issues.

By integrating Discord with Thinkific, you can use Discord’s features, such as voice and video chat, screen sharing, and community building. Additionally, by automating certain tasks using Zapier, you can save time and streamline your workflow.

Integrating Discord with Thinkific via Zapier is an excellent way to improve the student experience and create a more engaging learning environment. With the help of this step-by-step guide, you can start integrating these platforms today and enjoy the benefits of seamless integration.


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