How to Disable Retakes in Thinkific


Retaking a course on Thinkific can be a useful feature for some learners, but it may not always be desirable for course creators. For instance, creators may want to ensure that students who failed to complete the course are not able to keep retaking it. Therefore, in this article, we will explore how to disable retakes for Thinkific courses and the reasons why it may be important to do so.


Why Disable Retakes?

If you are a course creator on Thinkific, you may be wondering why anyone would want to disable the ability for students to retake a course. However, there are several reasons why disabling retakes can be beneficial for certain types of courses.

Overview of Reasons Why Course Creators Might Want to Disable Retakes 

For example, some courses may have limited availability or be time-sensitive, and allowing students to retake the course multiple times could cause issues with scheduling or course completion. Additionally, some courses may have a limited number of spots available, and allowing students to retake the course could prevent others from having the opportunity to take it.

Benefits of Disabling Retakes for Certain Courses 

Disabling retakes can also benefit the course creator by helping to ensure that students are fully engaged and committed to the course. If students know that they only have one chance to take the course and pass the assessments, they may be more likely to pay attention and take the course seriously. This can lead to higher completion rates and better outcomes for both the students and the course creator.

How to disable retakes on Thinkific

If you want to disable retakes on Thinkific for specific courses, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Thinkific account and select the course you want to disable retakes for.
  2. In the course dashboard, click on the “Settings” tab.
  3. Scroll down to the “Course Player” section and click on “Edit”.
  4. In the “Edit Course Player Settings” popup window, select the “Completion” tab.
  5. Under the “Completion Settings” section, toggle off the “Allow course retakes” option.
  6. Click on “Save” to save your changes.

Congratulations, you have successfully disabled retakes for your Thinkific course!


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Considerations when disabling retakes

When considering disabling retakes on Thinkific, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure the best experience for both you and your students.

Course Content

Before disabling retakes, ensure that your course content is comprehensive enough to provide your students with everything they need to know to pass the course. Without the opportunity to retake, students must be confident in their knowledge and understanding of the material.

Learning Objectives 

Consider the learning objectives of your course and whether they align with the option to disable retakes. For instance, if your course is designed for a one-time certification, disabling retakes can help maintain the credibility of the certification.


When disabling retakes, it’s essential to communicate the policy clearly and effectively to your students. Provide clear instructions and let them know how many attempts they have to pass the course.


Consider if there are any exceptions to the retake policy. For instance, in the case of an extenuating circumstance, a student may need to retake the course.

By considering these factors, you can create a policy that works best for you and your students.


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Alternative options for disabling retakes

Sometimes, completely disabling retakes may not be the best option for course creators. In these cases, there are alternative methods for limiting the number of retakes a student can make on a course.

One method is to use Thinkific’s quiz settings to limit the number of attempts a student has on a quiz. Course creators can set the number of attempts allowed for each quiz, and once a student has exhausted those attempts, they will not be able to retake the quiz.

Another option is to set a time limit on quizzes or course modules. This way, students have a limited amount of time to complete the quiz or module and cannot spend unlimited time retaking the material.

For some courses, completely disabling retakes may not be ideal, as it could impact the student experience negatively. In such cases, the above methods may provide a better solution to limit the number of retakes while still providing an optimal learning experience.

It is important for course creators to consider the nature of their course and their students’ needs when deciding which method is best for their particular course.


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Disabling retakes on Thinkific can be an effective way for course creators to improve the student experience and ensure that their courses are being completed to the best of their ability. 

By limiting retakes, students are forced to pay closer attention to the material and retain more information, leading to better outcomes for both the student and the instructor. However, it’s important to consider the needs of each individual course before deciding whether to disable retakes or not. 

By taking the time to weigh the pros and cons, communicating clearly with students, and exploring alternative options when necessary, course creators can ensure that their courses are set up for success. We encourage course creators to consider whether disabling retakes might be the right choice for their courses and take action accordingly.

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