How to Credit Affiliates on Thinkific


Explanation of affiliate marketing and its importance in promoting online courses:

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves creating partnerships with third parties (affiliates) who promote your products or services in exchange for a commission. It is an effective way to increase the visibility and reach of your online courses, as affiliates can help to drive more traffic and sales to your website.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s important to ensure that you are properly crediting your affiliates for their efforts. Properly crediting your affiliates will help to ensure that they receive their commissions, which will also encourage them to continue promoting your product or service. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can credit affiliates on Thinkific.


Setting up an affiliate program on Thinkific

Overview of Thinkific’s built-in affiliate program feature:

Thinkific offers a powerful and easy-to-use affiliate program feature, allowing you to create a custom affiliate program for your online course. With the built-in tools, you can easily manage affiliates, track sales and earnings, and pay out commissions in just a few clicks.

Step-by-step guide to setting up your affiliate program on Thinkific:

  1. Log into your Thinkific account and navigate to the “Affiliates” tab.
  2. Click the “Create Program” button to get started setting up your affiliate program.
  3. Enter details such as commission rate, payment threshold amount, and payout information for affiliates.
  4. Generate unique tracking links for each affiliate by clicking the “Generate Link” button next to each name in the Affiliates list view page (or assign existing links if needed).  
  5. Set up additional details such as email notifications for affiliates when new enrollments occur or when payments are made (optional).  
  6. Lastly, enable the global switch at the top of the page to activate your new affiliate program!


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How to credit affiliates on Thinkific

Overview of the Different Methods for Crediting Affiliates on Thinkific:

Thinkific offers several different methods for crediting affiliates, including manual commission tracking, coupon codes, and affiliate links. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand how each works before deciding which one is right for you.

Manual Commission Tracking:

Manual commission tracking is a simple way to track affiliate sales and referrals on Thinkific. All you need to do is manually enter the details of each sale into your dashboard in order to properly credit affiliates. This method does not require any additional setup or configuration and can be used with both free and paid courses.

Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes are another option for crediting affiliates on Thinkific. By creating unique coupon codes for each affiliate, you can easily track their sales and give them credit where it’s due. Coupon codes can also be used in combination with manual commission tracking if desired.

Affiliate Links:

Finally, affiliate links are an easy way to track affiliate sales and referrals on Thinkific without needing any additional setup or configuration. By providing affiliates with unique links that they can share with potential customers, you can accurately track who made the referral as well as how many people clicked through from the link provided by that particular affiliate.  

How to Track Affiliate Sales and Referrals:

Once you have chosen which method of crediting affiliates is best suited for your needs, it’s time to start tracking their sales and referrals using that chosen method. Depending on which method you choose (manual commission tracking, coupon codes, or affiliate links), this process will vary slightly but should overall be relatively straightforward once configured correctly.  

Tips for Properly Crediting Affiliates and Avoiding Errors:

When it comes to properly crediting affiliates, there are a few tips that may help make things go more smoothly while avoiding errors in the process:

  • Carefully review all data entered into your dashboard before submitting it – double-checking everything ensures accuracy during the payment process
  • Ensure all information regarding payments (amounts owed/received) is correct before sending out invoices/making payments
  • Use automated systems whenever possible – automating certain processes such as payments helps reduce errors caused by human mistakes
  • Monitor activity regularly – keep an eye on incoming data so any discrepancies or errors can be quickly identified
  • Document everything thoroughly – document all changes made throughout the process (including commissions tracked manually) so there is a clear record of what was done when/by whom
  • Communicate openly with partners/affiliates about any issues/concerns that may arise throughout the course of working together – being transparent helps build trust between parties involved in transactions involving money
  • Lastly – always make sure everyone gets paid!


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Managing your affiliate program on Thinkific

Thinkific provides a range of tools and reports to help manage your affiliate program. Here are some tips for keeping your affiliates engaged and motivated:

Overview of the Different Tools and Reports Available for Managing Your Affiliate Program on Thinkific:

Thinkific offers various tools to help you track and manage your affiliate program, such as the ability to view detailed reports, set commission tiers, create custom links, and more. These features can be found in the ‘Affiliates’ section of the platform. Additionally, you can use third-party integrations with networks like LeadDyno or Tapfiliate to automate tasks related to creating custom links and tracking performance.

Tips for Keeping Your Affiliates Engaged and Motivated:

Your affiliates are key partners in helping promote your course, so it is important to keep them engaged and motivated. Some tips include providing regular updates about new features or promotions; offering incentives such as higher commission rates; hosting webinars or Q&A sessions; setting up contests or challenges; sending out personalized messages; recognizing top performers publicly; and thanking them regularly for their efforts.


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In this article, we discussed how to credit affiliates on Thinkific for maximum success in your online course business. We outlined the steps for creating an affiliate program, setting up commissions and bonuses, and tracking referrals. Additionally, we looked at some tips for managing your affiliate relationships and offering incentives for better performance.

By properly crediting affiliates on Thinkific, you can increase your course sales and generate more revenue from your online business. Make sure to communicate clearly with your affiliates about expectations, commission structures, and payment cycles. Additionally, offer incentives such as bonus payments or rewards to motivate them to promote your courses more effectively. Finally, track all referrals carefully so that you can accurately assess their performance and make adjustments as needed.

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