6 Best-Selling Thinkific Courses to Take Your Career to the Next Level


Thinkific is a powerful online platform that enables people to create, market, and sell courses. It provides users with the tools to share their knowledge and expertise. 

Having used Thinkific for some time now, I understand the importance of best-selling courses on the platform—they are the most impactful and provide an opportunity to make a statement about your skillset. Speaking of sharing your skillset, I have found six spectacular Thinkific courses that will change your way of life in more ways than one. 

These best-selling courses shine in their own right, and they have everything you need, no matter your niche, whether you want to improve your guitar rizz or gain extra knowledge of dentistry. This article discusses these highly recommended Thinkific courses that can help take your career – and future – to the next level. 


Best-Selling Thinkific Courses

#1: Key to Picture with Katie Evans – Key To Photography 101: The Workshop

Katie Evans is an award-winning photographer with over 10 years of experience in the photography industry. She has been featured in dozens of publications, such as The New York Times and Forbes, and she is the author of several books on photography. 

Course Overview

The Key To Photography 101: The Workshop course offers comprehensive instruction on the fundamentals of digital photography. 

You will learn the basics of setting up a DSLR camera, taking amazing photos, combining multiple images to create stunning works of art, and more. In addition to that, you’ll also be able to master your post-processing workflow so you can produce consistent results every time you shoot. 

This course comprises over 8 video lessons plus downloadable resources like cheat sheets, templates, and more! It’s designed for photographers at any level who want to take their skillset to the next level. Plus, it includes access to an exclusive private Facebook group where students can interact with Katie for additional support throughout their journey. 

Student Reviews and Ratings

The Key To Photography 101 course has consistently earned 5-star reviews from its students, who are raving about how valuable this course was for them! Most praise Katie’s instructing style, which makes complex concepts easy to understand.

#2: Olive Knits – Cast-On, Bind-Off: Exploratory Workshop

The next best-selling Thinkific course is brought to you by Olive Knits, a new knitting and crochet learning platform founded by knitwear designer and book author Marie Greene. In this Cast-On, Bind-Off: Exploratory Workshop, participants learn about the basics of casting on and binding off in knitting. 

Course Overview

The seven-hour workshop contains nine ways to cast on your knit works and five ways to bind them off. The first parts cover several fundamental methods of creating sturdy and beautiful knits, while the latter dive deeper into more complex ways to knit and finish works. 

This comprehensive workshop includes over 50 video demonstrations covering various techniques for cast-ons and bind-offs, plus bonus tutorials on specialized methods like cable cast-ons. Furthermore, downloadable PDF patterns demonstrate each technique, allowing learners to practice their skills at home before returning to class with questions or feedback. 

Student Reviews and Ratings

Those who have taken this course from Olive Knits have had nothing but glowing reviews! Many students have found the Cast-On, Bind-Off: Exploratory Workshop to be “excellent” in teaching them how to easily create professional-looking finished products. 

From beginners looking for an introduction to the world of knitting to experienced knitters seeking new knowledge—this course has something for everyone! 

#3: Coastal Drone – Basic Pilot Certificate

Coastal Drone Co. is a Canada-based collective of experienced pilots of airplanes, helicopters, and – rising high in popularity – drones. The team aims to provide drone enthusiasts across Canada and around the world with informative and engaging online courses. These can range from fundamental drone-flying skills to advanced, military-grade training with in-person training. 

Course Overview

Its “Basic Pilot Certificate” program is no different. This course provides users with all the essential information they need to become certified drone operators. It covers flight controls, safety protocols, regulations, and more. The lessons are delivered through lectures, interactive quizzes, and simulations designed to ensure participants can understand the content easily. 

The main benefits of taking this course include operating drones safely and efficiently while following all applicable laws. Furthermore, students will learn how to identify potential safety risks associated with flying drones and will be able to get an understanding of different types of flight operations that are available for them. 

Student Reviews and Ratings

Past participants have given excellent reviews about this Thinkific course—with most praising its comprehensive nature and easy-to-follow lecture style. It also has high ratings on Google Reviews, another testament to its quality as a learning tool for aspiring drone pilots. 


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#4: DAMA Yoga – Hatha & Vinyasa Program

Founded by certified yoga instructors Dani McLean and Marie-Ève Gauthier, DAMA Yoga is a Quebec-based yoga studio aiming to uplift and empower women and men with various warm and hot yoga classes, each in different styles. 

Course Overview

If you live around the Longueuil area, you may stop by its large, cozy studio and be amazed by its welcoming environment. But if you’re not around there and live far away, or you just want to practice yoga at home with zero judgment, then DAMA Yoga has your back with its interactive online courses! The DAMA Yoga school offers guaranteed best-seller courses, each with instructions and moves that share the same charm as in-person.

The Hatha & Vinyasa program is one of its recommended best-sellers! It is designed to teach you everything about Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, such as postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditation practices. It includes 8 modules with video lectures and PDFs that students can access online or offline. In addition to this, there are 3 bonus modules for those who want to take their practice further. 

Student Reviews and Ratings

Unlike the rest of our picks in this list, DAMA Yoga is 100% in French. However, its courses, like the Hatha & Vinyasa program, have received welcoming reviews. Many have found it useful in gaining a deeper understanding of yoga and improving their practice overall. The overall ratings for this program are 4 out of 5 stars. 

#5: GuitarZero2Hero – GuitarZero2Hero Premium

GuitarZero2Hero provides guitar learners and enthusiasts from all walks of life with fun, informative, and engaging video lessons. Its founder, Dave Tran, runs the GZ2H YouTube Channel, which has earned over 1 million subscribers and hundreds of millions more – and counting – in total views. 

Apart from uploading newly-updated lessons daily, GZ2H also offers free ebooks that users can download and read anytime they learn to play the guitar. While its impressive library of free resources makes it a sight to behold, its premium membership program has offerings that go above and beyond!

Membership Overview 

The GuitarZero2Hero Premium membership provides the fundamentals to start learning guitar from scratch and the advanced-level lessons that aim to take one’s guitar-playing skills to the next level. It includes lessons on basic chords, scales, rhythm and strumming styles, tablature reading, improvisation skills, and more. 

GZ2H Premium offers interactive quizzes and games that help reinforce the concepts being taught in the video lessons. It also has downloadable PDFs of all the material covered in the course, so you can easily review what’s been discussed in class or take notes while watching the videos!

Student Reviews and Ratings 

GuitarZero2Hero has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from its students, with many praising its comprehensive approach to learning guitar basics. Students especially appreciate Dave’s ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand pieces, making it easier for them to grasp even difficult concepts quickly and effectively. 

#6: Dunbar Academy – Top Dog Academy Bundle

Dunbar Academy, one of America’s leading dog training institutions today, is founded by Dr. Ian Dunbar, his wife Kelly, and their son Jamie. Dr. Ian has a Ph.D. in animal behavior and is an animal behaviorist, veterinarian, author, and dog trainer with over 40 years of experience in the field. 

Bundle Overview

Dunbar Academy’s Top Dog Academy bundle offers two comprehensive courses for dog owners who want to dive deeper into their canine companion’s training needs. These are Puppy Training: The Fundamentals Course and Advanced Dog Training: Problem Behavior Solutions Course. It provides valuable insights on how to get started with housebreaking and potty training, effectively communicating with your pup, and proper socialization for puppies at different stages of development. 

This jam-packed bundle offers expert advice from a renowned professional in the industry and provides interactive online lessons that allow students to ask questions directly to Dr. Dunbar himself! Plus, supplemental materials such as eBooks, videos, and worksheets further enhance the learning process. With these resources at your fingertips, you can easily build upon your knowledge base while having access to real-time support when needed!  

Student Reviews & Ratings 

Students can’t stop raving about this bundle! They have found it helpful to understand their dogs better and provide effective solutions for common issues like barking or destructive behavior at home. Many have experienced positive results within a short period after taking this course – no wonder it has earned high ratings all around! 


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This article discussed the top six best-selling courses on Thinkific that will take your career and future to the next level, from Key to Picture’s basic photography lessons to Dunbar Academy’s comprehensive training bundle for dog trainers. 

Learning new skills can open up doors for meaningful opportunities. Not only does taking online courses allow you to gain knowledge without leaving your home or office, but it also provides access to a wide range of topics and experts worldwide! Furthermore, Thinkific’s easy-to-use platform allows you to easily create, market, and sell your course and manage multiple customers at once—all while offering excellent customer service! 

If you’re looking for an efficient way to take your career or business venture up a notch, these best-selling courses on Thinkific are ideal! Don’t hesitate any longer—go check them out now so you can start learning today and achieve success!

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