Ms. Youngberg’s Blog | Sept. 4

Dear Families,

I hope you all had an enjoyable week. We have had a busy short week! This week we continued to work on practicing our class rules and expectations. This week I introduced our recognition system for students following the expectations. As a class we are working towards filling in a 100s chart. Students earn acknowledgements for following our class rules and going above what is expected. When I see someone doing that, I put a stamp on our hundreds chart for them. This also has some wonderful tie-ins to math. At the end of the day we have been counting how many acknowledgements we have earned. We then count how many more we have to earn till we reach 100. We are practicing counting efficiently by 10s and 1s. Then we write an equation to match the numbers we have counted. The kids have enjoyed seeing the progress they have made. The wonderful part of this is that the class is working together to fill in the 100s chart; they are genuinely excited when one of their friends earns an acknowledgement.

The week we also began beginning of the year assessments. Students will be working one-on-one with me to complete math and reading assessments. This information allows me to learn what they already know. We will be working on math and reading assessments throughout the next few weeks. Please make sure that your children are coming to school fully rested so that they are ready to do their best work. The kids did a wonderful job not interrupting and staying quiet while their friends were working with me!

In reading this week we have continued to practice taking books out of our classroom library, finding spots in the classroom to read, and reading to ourselves. All the students got a reading box. This is where they will store books that they are working on reading either independently or that they are reading in a reading group.

This week students wrote and illustrated their hopes and dreams for school this year. These will be displayed on a bulletin board in the hallway just past our classroom. Everyone in the school will be displaying their hopes and dreams on the same bulletin board.

Being sent home is a sheet for you to sign and date every week verifying that you received the Friday Notes.

Next Thursday, September 11th at 6 p.m. will be Open House. Please come check out our classroom! I look forward to seeing you all and showing you around our room!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Scott MarshiaMs. Youngberg’s Blog | Sept. 4