Vermont Rural Partnership/Vermont Rural Education Collaborative

Peacham School is again participating in the VRP Project. The 4 VRP core values of student voice, place based learning, community partnership and telling you story is now in the planning process in what that could look like for our school this year. Ms. Gray and Ms. Lyons have coordinated a group of 4 students from the 5/6 classroom that display qualities of having strong leadership skills. Our team meets twice a week with Ms. Lyons to discuss and plan our proposal based on the 4 core values of VRP. This team will be representing Peacham School at a Fall meeting at the Barnet School on Thursday, November 17, 2017. Our team will casually present their vision, hear past experiences from others, and attended workshops.

A grant will then be written by Ms. Gray and Ms. Lyons to fund this project. Our project team has decided that they would like to plan and organize the construction of an outdoor gathering place made from willow branches, that is a living and growing natural structure that both the school and community can enjoy. 



Ashley GrayVRP 2017-2018