Road Crew Teaches Geology

Why does Vermont have mud season? What kind of soil do we have? What materials help keep the roads easy to drive on? And what does heavy machinery have to do with the water cycle? We traveled to the Town … Read More

Scott MarshiaRoad Crew Teaches Geology

Fractions are beautiful

We put the “A” for art in STEAM when Ms. Kaldor and I teamed up to make fraction paper quilts. Students used squares of colorful paper and folded them into equal pieces. Then they made symmetrical designs, determined the denominator … Read More

Scott MarshiaFractions are beautiful

Science is taking over the building!

Waves. Frequency. Amplitude. Circuits. All of that science learning really clicked in music class when Mr. C led us in a musical scientific bonanza complete with lip buzzing, amp set-up, and theremin playing. Thanks for making learning fun, Mr. C!

Scott MarshiaScience is taking over the building!

Science Fair–go big or go home!!

     This is what learning looks like! I like to describe the state of my classroom right now as a “joyful mess.”  We are gearing up for the science fair and as a result, there are wires and lemons … Read More

Scott MarshiaScience Fair–go big or go home!!

Water power

  We took on an engineering challenge to create a water wheel that can lift different loads of washers. Some of the things we learned were: More paddles made the wheel turn faster Shorter paddles stayed stuck on better Sometimes … Read More

Scott MarshiaWater power

Electrifying presentation

Galvanometers, hand-crank generators, and a bicycle-powered light board were some of the cool toys brought in by the Vermont Energy Education Program to help the 5th and 6th graders get an understanding of how electricity works. We’ll keep exploring the … Read More

Scott MarshiaElectrifying presentation