PTF Minutes December 2, 2014

PTF minutes for December 2, 2014 6:30-7:45

Present: Cornelia Hassenfus, Jen Burchell, Kerryanne Downer and Jen Surat.

Wreath sale
We checked over order forms and numbers to get an accurate count to fill wreath orders. The PTF will be making more wreaths this Saturday Dec. 6 10-12ish at the school. We are asking for volunteers to help make and decorate wreaths, more decorations and ribbon and lots of soft boughs! For those of you who ordered wreaths they will be available for pick up Monday at the school…don’t forget to bring payment!!

Email list
We have an email list going and want to make sure that everyone is included! If you are not on it and want to be, please let us know. Also, if you are on it and don’t want to be, we can adjust that too!

Ice Rink
Set up has begun! We are trying to set up a volunteer maintenance schedule. If interested in helping out, please let the PTF know. Also needed: milk crates, helmets, skates-also the ones we do have need to be sharpened.

Winter clothing bank
Please send in any extra or out grown winter clothes and outerwear! Thank you!

Auction intro
Mud and Muck auction: tentative date March 28, 2015

Next meeting: January 6, 2015 at 6:30

Respectfully submitted,
Kerryanne Downer

Scott MarshiaPTF Minutes December 2, 2014