In attendance: Cheryl Stevenson, Jen Burchill, Eric Kaufmann, Heather MacDonald,

Cornelia Hasenfuss, Laura Heath, Jen Surat

Auction re-cap and THANKS!!!!!: Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Final tally: including donations, final income from Auction is $6495.00

To do for next year: We discussed how to secure items from walking away with the

incorrect bidder; the BUY IT NOW options needs to be streamlined. With a few more

volunteers actually monitoring the process and items, hopefully a better checkout system

will be in place next year. Unfortunately, a few items were mixed up. We will change

Action Donation form to include a line for Thelma While Scholarship bake raffle. We

need to start some online and far away requests earlier.

Playground fund fundraiser:

Tree print sales and order update: we had made two prints– one was sold at the auction,

and the other given to Senturia’s in thanks for all their support. 11 out of 18 of the final

numbered prints have been reserved. All funds from this will go to Playground Fund.

Flower Power fundraiser update: Forms due on April 24th. Jen B will collect checks

and forms after the break, and Cornelia will tally and send in by May 1st deadline. PTF

gets 50% of sales, not including shipping.

T-shirt update- design by the kids in guidance class: no new news. Cornelia will ask

Judy and Rose about this. Erik is ready to print them, once he gets a design.

Finances (Jen Burchell)

Jen presented a summary of budget so far. Funds raised last year are used this year, and

this year’s fund are used for next year. Remaining balance this year is $1524. PTF voted

to donate $1000 to Playground fund, donate money to get the School Piano fixed and

keep some in reserve. Next year’s budget will be discussed April 30.

Teacher appreciation: Week of May 4th: We created a daily schedule and will honor all

those who work so hard for our kids.

Graduation: June 10th. PTF will order a cake, order flowers and provide beverages

Other Business

Thelma White Scholarship fund: PTF will donate $100 toward the fund, as we have in

years past.

Seedling Sale: Laura and Cornelia will spearhead this inaugural year of a seedling sale on

May 16th or 23rd at the school. Cornelia will talk to Melissa to see if ELO program can

grow some. We welcome teacher/classroom and parental donations. Plants and soil need

to be labeled as organic or not.

Auction Thank You Notes: Jen B and Eric will make some cards, including the tree icon.

We will divide the list, and send out notes…

Next meeting: Thursday April 30th 7 PM

Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM