Peacham Elementary School Welcomes New Head Administrator

Caledonia Central Supervisory Union is proud to announce that Ashley Gray has been hired as the new head administrator for the Peacham Elementary School. Ms. Ashley GrayGray’s official title is Head of School.  She will carry out all duties and responsibilities of a building principal.

Ms. Gray grew up locally in Lunenburg, Vermont, a graduate of St Johnsbury Academy.  Ms. Gray earned a Bachelor’s degree from Clarks University in 2009, a Master in Teaching also from Clarks University in 2010 and is currently working on a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership at St. Michaels College.


Ms. Gray quickly rose to the top of the candidate pool impressing the search committee and school board with her professionalism, commitment to children and her passion for her practice. Ms. Gray possesses strong leadership skills and a desire to work with the community and parents to build on the successes of the Peacham School. Ms. Gray has a strong work ethic, and a proven track record of being a collaborative team player. We are very fortunate to have found such a strong talented educator to fulfill this important position.

Scott MarshiaPeacham Elementary School Welcomes New Head Administrator