Pardon The Intrusion, But…

#1. The School Board will be having a discussion about what a relationship could look like with the Barnet School District. We will talk about the pros and cons of this model but does not represent a commitment to a change . It will be facilitated by a community member. We will be having pizza and daycare available for this important discussion.

#2. We will also be talking about the discussions to date with neighboring school districts as it relates to the new Act 46 and how we might comply with it.

Please check out the Town website for our minutes where we are now posting as part of the new Public Open Meeting Law revision.
Also the School website is in the process of being made more user friendly and Judy is putting more and more things there:

We appreciate any comments both positive and constructive any time about the School please contact us.

Scott MarshiaPardon The Intrusion, But…