Where do books live?

Books are like houses; they all have an address. You wouldn’t want to walk into the wrong house would you? Everyone would be so confused!

This week, pre-k through second grade read Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System. Here is a video to go along with it.


We also took time to review how books are shelved. We asked: How do we put a book on a shelf? How do we know where it goes? What if we forget? Ask your child these questions and see if they can remember. This week we had a surge in requests for dragon books!

Third through sixth grade have been doing research on various topics to present to the class in a few weeks. They are mostly now in the “script writing” stage and planning their presentations. I am looking forward to the final projects, which range from slide shows, to stop-animation.



Scott MarshiaWhere do books live?