Musical LEAP

It would seem we have some future composers in the current LEAP rotation here in the library. Two separate groups are working on musical projects. This first one is an Arduino project:


After wiring the board, the girls played the default song that comes in the example program and wanted to write their own. They then had to research the notes to the song they wanted to create and then the different frequencies for the additional notes they required and in order to reprogram the board. Keep your eyes on us for a song clip when it is complete.

Here we have another cool musical application of our new technology using the Makey Makey (recall the banana piano). In this project students drew a picture and, using the graphite from the pencil as a conductor, were able to create a program that plays notes when you touch the drawing. I’ll have to get a video of this one up soon for you to see the awesome result.



And another fruity version using oranges and a cucumber!

20141208_124940 20141208_124912


The fun just keeps on going here in the Library Lab! (now with 100% more lounge).

Keep it geeky,

Scott MarshiaMusical LEAP